Old REI bug headnet/ bivy w no bottom
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Tim Cleary

Locale: Lost
Old REI bug headnet/ bivy w no bottom on 08/03/2012 18:53:44 MDT Print View

About 15 years ago, I bought a bug netting system from REI. It was basically a mini dome with crossing poles. When I say mini, I mean it was a 4 sided pyramid with maybe 18" of head room and 20" square. The mosquito netting covered the dome and then had a drape of maybe 3 feet to cover your sleeping bag. The poles were about the thickness of chopsticks, maybe just bendable plastic bits.

We had a fire at home and lost stuff including this. I am wishing I still had it. Anyone have any idea what I am talking about or knows of something similar? I am guessing it weighed maybe 6 oz or less...

michael levi
(M.L) - F

Locale: W-Never Eat Soggy (W)affles
. on 08/04/2012 00:16:48 MDT Print View

Not if it had 2 cross poles it didnt weigh 6 oz. You could MYOG.

Steven McAllister
(brooklynkayak) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic North East
Mantis bug net on 08/04/2012 04:32:01 MDT Print View

Equinox Mantis Bug Net 4.5oz, but you need to hang from trekking poles, tree branch, shelter rafters, ...


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Steven McAllister
(brooklynkayak) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic North East
A little heavier on 08/04/2012 04:53:36 MDT Print View

A little heavier, but has a frame:


Steven McAllister
(brooklynkayak) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic North East
Summer on 08/04/2012 04:58:05 MDT Print View

I prefer a full length bug bivy in the summer so I can sleep on my sleeping instead of in it on hot summer nights. A full length bug bivy has more air flow and so cooler as well.

My summer choice:

Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: Old REI bug headnet/ bivy w no bottom on 08/04/2012 10:20:17 MDT Print View

I have one of these still in great shape that I used when I was going through Asia,it weighs 10.7 oz on my scale.It has an open bottom where elastic crosses to hold the poles in place,it has maroon trim and a maroon colored stuff sack.

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Sean Rhoades

Locale: WV
bug net on 08/04/2012 14:04:00 MDT Print View

www.simblissity.net Inner Peace 4oz bug net. Doesn't have a frame, but is quite light.

Tim Cleary

Locale: Lost
That was it on 08/04/2012 14:17:48 MDT Print View

The maroon one you mentioned. Surprised it is that heavy, I remember the 2 ft poles being super flimsy.

I will look at the other ones, snks for the suggestions.

Stephen Komae
(skomae) - MLife

Locale: northeastern US
REI Bug Hut on 08/05/2012 16:05:24 MDT Print View

They still sell it. It is called the REI Bug Hut

Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: REI Bug Hut on 08/05/2012 18:12:40 MDT Print View

Stephen,The REI bug hut is bigger and almost twice as heavy at 21oz

John McAlpine
(HairlessApe) - M

Locale: PNW
I got one you can have. on 08/05/2012 20:48:31 MDT Print View

Tim, I have had several of those around for what must be 20 years. I just went to my gear closet and found one buried deep. I'll send it to you for free. PM me your address.

It is called Sleep Screen by EPCO Design.

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