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Let's talk about cook pot lids
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Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Let's talk about cook pot lids on 08/03/2012 21:10:55 MDT Print View

Apart from when I need to melt snow , I use a 550ml pot with a CF lid.
That lid is lighter than the provided Ti version, stays on, and can be picked up with bare hands when the pot is boiling .
CF lid
Fits loose over a Snow Peack 700ml pot but still better than the one the SP comes with.
(it was a gift from Josh)

Simon Wurster
(Einstein) - F

Locale: Big Apple
Re: Let's talk about cook pot lids on 08/04/2012 13:07:24 MDT Print View

I used to use a lid for heat retention and as a cap to keep the contents in-place during transit. These days, I only use the lid for heat retention. It's a homemade folding lid that weighs 0.1 oz.:

SP600 with folding lid.

Here's a closer look, showing the underside:

SP600 lid, underside.

By loosening the screw, the three panels allow the lid to collapse. Then it can be inserted inside the pot:

SP600 lid collapsed.

For clarity, I removed the silicone lid-lifter made from oven-liner material that's looped over the screw post.

All of this fits inside the SP600 pot (lighter, scrub pad, Dr. Bronner's soap, and pot gripper not shown, but they too fit inside).

SP 600 contents with folding lid.

And for travel, I simply invert the SP 600 over the Foster's mug, and with the silicone lip band, the mug stays in place without a net bag:

SP 600 with inverted Foster's mug.

The lid is made from a 99 cent ice tea can (cut the top and bottom off, flatten). The center screw is a screw post used to hold together 3-hole punched documents--I pick them out of the garbage at work. Each third is cut a little wider so the panels overlap when the lid is fully opened. The lid was made with a protractor, a compass, and a pair of scissors.

Here's a family of pots with folding lids (SP 600, SP Solo Cup, SP Bowl):

Family of pots with folding lids.

Edited by Einstein on 08/04/2012 13:12:23 MDT.

John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
Re: 0.1 oz. Homemade folding cook pot lid on 08/04/2012 13:53:29 MDT Print View

Simon / Einstein,

That sound you hear is my applause for an outstanding application of form follows function.

Your cook pot lid solves the equation for weight, storage and venting.

It might be a slight bit heavier but I bet you could add a turned down rolled edge on the lid's circumference and address Jerry's issue of stuff falling on the lid.

I've got to try this with an empty Fosters can. The lid of my 2 cup flat bottom Fosters can cook pot weighs 5 grams or 0.17637 ounces.

Fosters 2 cup flat bottom aluminum pot lid

My lid is 3 1/4" in diameter and I believe your Snow Peak 600 is 3 7/8" in diameter.

I've got a couple of plastic "cord pulls" that could be re-purposed with a little work and threaded to receive a plastic or nylon screw.

No I probably won't see any decrease in weight but it will satisfy my need to tinker. LOL

BTW I love the material source! ;-)

Party On,


Sean Rhoades

Locale: WV
Re: Re: Let's talk about cook pot lids on 08/04/2012 13:54:58 MDT Print View

That is a very cool lid idea Simon.

Jason G
(JasonG) - F

Locale: iceberg lake
my lid on 08/04/2012 15:47:20 MDT Print View

I made my self a clone of a Caldera ti fissure (with a few slight design tweeks) and made a lid out of the remaining Ti foil. and then just made a small tab lid handle out of aluminum tape.

lid weighs 4 grams
entire set up weighs 5.3oz

kit1cone in pot1lid1lid in pot1cone1pot in cone1

Edited by JasonG on 08/04/2012 17:10:08 MDT.

Simon Wurster
(Einstein) - F

Locale: Big Apple
Re: Re: Re: Let's talk about cook pot lids on 08/04/2012 16:13:25 MDT Print View

Sean and John,
Thanks, happy to share. I got the idea a couple of years ago when I was trying to get the 11 fl oz SP Solo Cup to work with a Sea to Summit X-Mug (where the X-Mug serves as the travel lid). I needed a lid to fit inside, and the lid in the photo was born. The weight of the kit with the X-Mug was too heavy (the X-Mug weighs 2.4 oz., the Fosters mug weighs 0.8, I believe). Plus, boiling 16 oz. was kind of a drag... :-)

Another plus is you can rotate two of the panels slightly to create a slit: perfect if you want to place a temperature probe when doing dozens of stove tests.

I forgot to mention the windscreen, and yes, that fits inside with all the rest, but since it steps on Trail Designs toes a bit, I'm keeping that design private for now (it works like a cone, but fits neatly inside the pot without any fuss).

Getting the lid to fit the diameter of the pot lip is easy (trace with a finepoint Sharpie), but getting it to drop below the lip (thus the inside diameter) is a bit trickier, mainly because most pots aren't perfectly round. The SP Bowl is supposed to have a drop-lid, but at that diameter and with the thin material, it kind of wobbles a bit. If there's a way, I'll post a PDF of the templates under my profile so everyone can print, paste, and cut. Have to find them first...

Keep in mind these lids aren't completely airtight, and shouldn't the be used for straining pasta as their too flimsy.

Brett Rasmussen
(ascientist) - MLife

Locale: Grants Pass, Oregon
Jet boil 3 Liter plastic lid on 08/04/2012 22:40:44 MDT Print View

I use the Jet boil 3 liter pot with a white gas stove when I plan on melting large amounts of snow. The lid is warped, although not actually melted. I really don't like plastic as a lid material. After reading this thread I think it is time to start experimenting with a replacement.

Rob Daly
(rdaly) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
my 2 cents on 08/07/2012 08:02:15 MDT Print View

I've simply used a piece of tinfoil for my lid. The same lid will last for a couple trips. It weighs just a couple grams and it folds up for compact storage.