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Grrrrr. GoLite raises prices on previously out of stock items. Boo.
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Bill Rose
(BRnPA) - F

Locale: Philly suburbs
Re: Grrrrr. GoLite raises prices on previously out of stock items. Boo. on 08/06/2012 08:58:49 MDT Print View

Took the weekend to review Tim's offerings and ordered a Revelation X this morning. Got the 30* with over-stuff. I think this will work for me in PA since I do a lot of "car camping" with my son's scout troop and can always add my Sea to Summit Reactor Plus liner if I need more warmth. Will definitely use it for Philmont next year! Thanks for everyone's help and pointing me to Tim. :)

Adam Klagsbrun
(klags) - MLife

Locale: Northeast US
what has the retail world become? on 08/06/2012 09:00:26 MDT Print View

Its so hilarious to see you all here looking for a deal on a long out of stock product. Its actually kind of funny. Given that an item was priced so well that it sold out for a long time, and then it took a lot of time for the company to make more and sell them, why would a single one of you expect it to be priced the same on its return to the market? When a company makes a product of quality, they can't just make endless amounts. There are manufacturing limits, shipping limits, investment limits, etc etc. Maybe many of you have never owned a business before. But what you can learn is that simple supply and demand is always something you can rely on. If the product is sold out for long periods, chances are that means they have trouble making enough. The logical response is NOT NECESSARILY to increase production. In fact the smart move that any company making quality goods would take is to raise the price enough to make people think twice about it. That will do a few things that are important for the company. First, it slows demand so that people who are not committed customers will not buy the products. Good move because then you, who have been waiting, can have one. Second, it allows said company to keep producing products in the same theoretically tried and true method, with the same suppliers, and with no need to increase supply to a level that may not be sustainable at the same level of quality. Third, it will allow the item to be in stock more often. Fourth, it will increase profits so that the company can then go out and try to source materials of the SAME or better quality at a higher rate but without compromising quality or the supply chain. Growth takes time, investment, and sometimes increasing prices. You should not feel special in any way or expect a deal, that's just plain ridiculous. These companies make a profit so that people can make a living, not so that you can get an underpriced item and then help them go out of business. I see so much of this kind of complaint on a daily basis especially now after the economy has been in the $&!tter and everything has been on sale. Get the point? NOT EVERYTHING IS ON SALE, and nobody owes you a price on any item. You should have called them and tried to backorder it and pay them ahead of time, always a smart move, and often the only way to get the "old" price. And I'd hate to see people speak this way about a cottage manufacturer. I guess golite can take a hit, but if everyone expected SMD or others to act this way they'd all be out of business. Why don't some of you try a MYOG quilt instead? Definitely will save some money if you can follow simple instructions from other forums here...