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Cheap, Light, Compact Sleeping Bag Options?
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Elijah Ziemann
(MrBlondyable) - F
Cheap, Light, Compact Sleeping Bag Options? on 07/30/2012 07:02:02 MDT Print View

I've been looking for a cheap sleeping bag recently. I need something that's below 70 dollars, and that has a temperature rating of 45 or warmer. But most of all, it needs to be compact. I only have a 55 liter backpack, so maybe somewhere around the range of 7 by 12 inches when in its stuff sack. Thanks in advance!

By the way, I'm kind of a backpacking rookie, so this is my way of getting tips from the pros, I guess.

Erik Basil

Locale: Atzlan
Cheap, Light, Compact, Super-Warm, Pure Titanium, Vegan on 07/30/2012 07:17:31 MDT Print View


Okay, so what you're after is the Kelty Down Cosmic-20, and you have to find it on sale. When you do that, you will have the light, compact and under $70 dollar sleeping bag. MSRP is higher, but sale prices at places you may not expect, are often 69.99...

Search "Cosmic Down 20" on this site, to read about it.

Elijah Ziemann
(MrBlondyable) - F
Re: Cheap, Light, Compact, Super-Warm, Pure Titanium, Vegan on 07/30/2012 07:22:49 MDT Print View

Dang it. Saw it on Steep and Cheap last night for 60 bucks, should have bought it. I'll look for deals on it. But until then, any others I should keep my eye out for?

Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: Re: Cheap, Light, Compact, Super-Warm, Pure Titanium, Vegan on 07/30/2012 08:32:00 MDT Print View

Watch gear swap,someone just sold a new one for $65 shipped

Cesar Garcia
(crgowo) - F

Locale: Desert SW
sac on 07/30/2012 08:35:23 MDT Print View

If Steep and cheap didn't sell out most likely they will have it on again soon.

Elijah Ziemann
(MrBlondyable) - F
Lafuma Extreme 800 on 07/30/2012 09:35:39 MDT Print View

What about the Lafuma Extreme 800 +40 bag? It's under 2 pounds, packs to 6 X 12, and only costs 60 bucks. Anyone have any experience with it?

Steve Meier
(smeier) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
I have that bag on 08/02/2012 15:19:01 MDT Print View

Elijah, I have that bag, haven't used it in a long time, and would be willling to selling it to you. Interested?

Dena Kelley

Locale: Eagle River, Alaska
+1 on Kelty +20 Cosmic Down on 08/02/2012 15:45:01 MDT Print View

+1 on the Kelty +20 Cosmic Down. I have the women's version and it's a great bag for the price- it's got decent loft and keeps me warm. I picked mine up for $90-something on Amazon, but I agree that if you just keep an eye on Steep and Cheap it'll come back around. It packs down pretty small but you'll have to supply the compression sack. It comes with a standard stuff sack but not a compression sack. I used my compression sack off another bag.

Dena Kelley

Locale: Eagle River, Alaska
Kelty Cosmic Down is on Steep and Cheap now on 08/03/2012 18:16:45 MDT Print View

The Kelty Cosmic Down +20 is on Steep and Cheap right now.

Tyler Newton
(tallhiker) - F

Locale: DC Metro Area
Kelty Bags on 08/03/2012 19:12:15 MDT Print View

There are some Kelty bags on The Clymb right now.

Here is an invite link if you aren't already a member.

David Palmer
(djpfive) - F

Locale: Arizona
Not 40 degree on 08/03/2012 23:00:18 MDT Print View

I wouldn't get a 40 degree bag for your only one--it's not versatile enough.

Backpack Jack
(jumpbackjack) - F

Locale: Armpit of California
Kelty Cosmic Down is on Steep and Cheap on 08/03/2012 23:21:25 MDT Print View

You can also check here. SAC Attack deal tracker. This is where you go when you miss it on SAC. It won't be the big discount, but it will still be about 40% off retail. I would post a link but my internet is really slow tonight.

Got it. Here it is

Edited by jumpbackjack on 08/03/2012 23:26:03 MDT.

Noel Tavan
(akatsuki_the_devil) - MLife
Lafuma on 08/03/2012 23:58:41 MDT Print View

Go with Lafuma: cheap and light

chris Nelson

Locale: San Francisco
Re: Lafuma on 08/06/2012 18:53:26 MDT Print View

Check out It is one of those discount sites. They have different stuff on the site everyday. It takes some patients but sometimes you can get a really good deal. Expect a long wait though, sometimes 4 weeks

Jim L
Cheap, Light, Compact Sleeping Bag Options? on 08/06/2012 19:30:28 MDT Print View

or take a look at the Enlightened Equipment Prodigy or Prodigy X Quilts. Not sub $100 but lighter and still reasonably priced.


Harald Hope

Locale: East Bay
fake ratings on 08/06/2012 21:05:13 MDT Print View

Elijah, be very careful of stuff like Lafuma, they claim certain temps but those are technically the lower EN comfort rating, and those are not comfortable for actual sleeping. Lafuma was the first mistake I made when starting to go light but not wanting to spend a lot of cash. Total waste of money. Make sure you learn the difference between the real EN comfort ratings and the fake claims some companies are making now, based on the lower discomfort EN rating levels their bags actually are.

that means that a bag advertised as 40 degree can easily be 50 or even more in the real world. Sadly, it's buyer beware now, it didn't used to be like this, but now it is. I was burned on 3 bags before I learned that things really have changed in the United States.

When you look at an actual EN rating thing, it's a bar that is rated from actual comfort to mild discomfort to basically you won't die but you will be miserable. Lower end consumer stuff is now trying to use the middle value as the bag rating, which is totally not true.

Edited by hhope on 08/06/2012 21:07:10 MDT.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
en ratings on 08/06/2012 22:10:55 MDT Print View

en lower limit rating will generally be fine for the "average" male

to cut through all the intraweb bull on sleeping bag ratings go here ...

Harald Hope

Locale: East Bay
not my experience on 08/06/2012 22:47:24 MDT Print View

That wasn't my experience, no idea if I'm average, but I do know that older bags accurately rated felt just like they should, and these cheap thinner new bags left me shivering in temps 15 degrees higher than their alleged rating. And new honest bags from western mountaineering seem to be what they are rated at, that's why I got them.

I honestly wouldn't even try to sell the lafuma I bought, it's a joke. Experiences like this is why I went to real companies that make real products, like they used to do.

Old northface, sierra designs, pre corporate buy outs, those were accurate, and the new stuff, allegedly rated the same temp, has only half the loft. Do the math.

There probably are some good companies left that don't do this on their lower end stuff, but lafuma and northface at least are not two of them, if anyone really believes otherwise, I will happily sell mine to you. But nobody will buy them, because we know better.

It's a drag, in the 70s and 80s, maybe even up to the 90s, you could trust these ratings, but now you can't. Maybe some companies are still honest, I know the small ones tend to be, hopefully a few of the bigger ones still are. The actual EN ratings, at comfort level, however, are fairly accurate, the problem is the bags aren't advertising those, they are advertising the lower ones.

It's easy to tell, I can't sell these things for any price almost so far, not at 25% of what I paid. That says it all.

I'd be a bit leary of people suggesting these cheaper bags are good, most people here own really good gear, and there's a reason they use it. I still have old bags, and they are great, still, 30 plus years in one case, still would be ok. The trick is to find if there are any of the cheaper ones that are still good and honest, maybe Kelty, that would be nice.

Edited by hhope on 08/06/2012 22:52:21 MDT.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
consider on 08/06/2012 23:11:15 MDT Print View

did you consider that as you got older, you require more insulation ...

its fairly well documented that many american bag makers exaggerated their ratings badly years and years ago ... when companies such as TNF and REI finally went to en-ratings, they found their older bags were no longer up to snuff ... MB found the same thing, note the fill increase in this years models when they went en-rated

the en-rating is the MOST CONSERVATIVE of the common ratings systems used prior ... there is a chart which documents this in the mammut document

if you think that "cheap" bags such as kelty or others that use en-ratings are not up to snuff ... then companies such as WM, MB, RAB and other "quality" companies are cr@p as well ... as the bag are en-tested at certified laboratories regardles of the brand

insulation does one thing ... insulate

and we wont even mention the $$$$ valandre bags whose webpage advertises the SURVIVAL rating of the bag rather than the lower limit ... thats positive marketing for ya ;)

Harald Hope

Locale: East Bay
It's just loft on 08/06/2012 23:28:52 MDT Print View

Getting all caught up in the details gets confusing, needlessly. It's just how much loft the bag has, basically. Everything else is details. That's how every good article about warmth discusses temp, just by how much loft there is, and that's really all you need because that's an actual fact.

You may be younger so you don't remember when companies like Northface and Sierra Designs were real companies run by real backpackers and climbers, their gear sewn right here, in the SF Bay Area, back then they were great. And honest. I'm comparing bags and loft, it's not related to my age, I can see with my eyes that bags sold as 40 aren't, 20 most certainly aren't. My body merely confirmed this fact to me at night. And I can stick a new wm 20 degree bag next to the old nf 20 degree, and the new nf 20 degree, and it's self evident that the new one is falsely listed as 20, it's lucky to be 35. Not related to age, just related to companies lying and getting greedy.

I can show you a picture of two twenty degree northface bags, one from mid 90s I think, one from 2011. Half the loft in the new one, and the old one also had that warm fuzzy bag liner built in (so heavy, but oh soo warm and comfortable...), good for at least 5 degrees by itself, maybe more.

So really just pay attention to how much loft the stuff has, and don't worry too much about the complex math and all the testing. I have hopes that Kelty and REI are still somewhat honest in their practices, but generally optimism like that isn't warranted, but I do have hopes.

I bought a 50 degree lafuma bag which in a sense has no loft since the fill is so loose, that was before I realized how seriously things had changed here in terms of what was considered acceptable in advertising. Silly me.

It's a drag that you have to now learn a fair amount to actually get what you need, but that appears to be the case in almost every area of outdoor gear now. Maybe not backpacks or sleeping pads, not sure there. But he's already got a pack so he's set there.

However, rereading your posting, I realize I must have failed to communicate properly, both northface and lafuma sold their bags but did not list the actual comfort rating, they listed the mid rating, where you are kind of miserable but will survive the night ok. Western Mountaineering lists the actual comfort rating. That's why nf and lafuma are frauds and why the good companies like wm, ff, and a few others, aren't. And that's, again, about loft. And those good companies tell you precisely how much loft you are getting with each bag.

Basically, to put it into simple terms, its like a car company using its highway mileage for city mileage and pretending they didn't do that. Ie, it's fraud. Legal, somehow, no idea how, but legal nonetheless.

If you have access to the actual EN rating range chart, and if you understand what it means, and if you totally ignore the advertized rating, the top end rating is going to be reasonably accurate, only it's not related sometimes to what the company claims for the bag. Knowing this is a good way to avoid expensive mistakes. I wasn't aware of this change, coming from an old school where the numbers reflected reality, so I trusted those numbers, which was a mistake, a fairly expensive one.

Edited by hhope on 08/06/2012 23:47:06 MDT.