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Need a tougher tent stake
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Brad Abrahams
counterfeit groundhogs on 07/24/2012 12:35:13 MDT Print View

Jack, I would not be surprised. I purchased stakes off of amazon that were labeled as MSR Groundhogs and looked exactly like them. After an outing with them that left nearly all of them bent or broken, I re-visited the item on Amazon. They changed the description to say "Groundhog-like". I later purchased some genuine Groundhogs, and in the exact same circumstances that bent the fakes, these stayed true to form.

John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
Re: Gen-U-Wine MSR stakes on 07/24/2012 12:43:43 MDT Print View


I don't think MSR makes a 9" groundhog. ;-?

As far as I know these stakes come in 7.5" length and the Minis come in a 6" length.

As far as your stakes being Gen-U-Wine, do they have MSR or MSR Ground Hog Stakes printed or embossed on them like the picture below.

MSR Groundhog

Party On,


Edited by Newton on 07/24/2012 12:50:48 MDT.

Jack Elliott
(JackElliott) - F

Locale: Bend, Oregon, USA
Lacking Logo on 07/24/2012 12:50:23 MDT Print View

Logo? They don't have no stinking logo.

Obviously fake, then. Belay my OP -- I got junk here. Probably made from melted beer cans.

Charles P
(mediauras) - F

Locale: Terra
Re: Lacking Logo on 07/24/2012 13:22:38 MDT Print View

Wow, where did you buy them? Maybe you could edit your original post -- it would be a great service to others to know to watch out for counterfeits. I personally had no idea somebody might counterfeit TENT STAKES. Guess its a big market, who knew.

Edited by mediauras on 07/24/2012 13:26:30 MDT.

Jack Elliott
(JackElliott) - F

Locale: Bend, Oregon, USA
This would be the source on 07/24/2012 13:30:18 MDT Print View

Note they are not advertised as MSR Groundhogs, the error was mine, I forgot that I ordered these, so when I was on the trail I had it in my head they were the Real Deal. My apologies for the misdirection, misinformation, and general brouhaha over this matter.

Arthur Haskind
(Anubis) - F - M
Re: That's the problem, brother. on 07/24/2012 13:42:26 MDT Print View

Well today i'm stuck with 2.1 oz per peg pegs.
i'm just looking for something lighter and strong enough.
why the MSR Groundhogs are so popular? are they a good choice for a hardsoil lightweight peg?

jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
Re: Perimeter guys on 07/24/2012 14:28:35 MDT Print View

The other thing about the 6 inches (or 12) of line on each guy is that if along a 12 inch line from the tent, you can find a spot that you can drive a stake in without hitting a large rock, then you're good. Or you can go sideways a little.

Yeah, if you have to use just rock then there's room to put it without displacing the tent

Ben H.
(bzhayes) - F

Locale: So. California
Re: This would be the source on 07/24/2012 15:32:23 MDT Print View

Check out the date you purchased these. If you read the reviews they have changed the title over time. Initially these were sold as groundhogs (or un-branded groundhogs). You should be able to get a refund from Amazon, if they were falsely advertised at the time you purchased them.

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Need a tougher tent stake on 07/24/2012 16:59:30 MDT Print View

My take...
First I would suggest editing the original post to "I bent my Y stakes (similar to the MSR Groundhogs)...
Next , I have bent Ti Nail stakes (5-6mm thick) so those are not indestructible either.
Oddly I have never bent Y stakes (I have a few types none from MSR) but of course it is possible that if and when I bent the nail stake I had used the Y type I could have bent those too.

Jack Elliott
(JackElliott) - F

Locale: Bend, Oregon, USA
Thanks, Franco on 07/24/2012 18:40:27 MDT Print View

My OP edited as suggested. Good idea.

Mark Ries
(mtmnmark) - M

Locale: IOWAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Bent stakes on 07/24/2012 19:23:18 MDT Print View

I bought some of the coglan brand Y stakes 9" I bent one also they are not as tough

Edited by mtmnmark on 07/24/2012 19:24:07 MDT.

Brad Abrahams
Re: This would be the source on 07/25/2012 09:02:33 MDT Print View

Jack those were the same ones I bought, in 9" (which was another clue of their fakery). When I bought them they were definitely advertised as Groundhogs.

Jack Elliott
(JackElliott) - F

Locale: Bend, Oregon, USA
Not when I bought them on 07/25/2012 09:48:10 MDT Print View

They weren't advertised as MSR Groundhogs when I bought them, so it was my bad.

Arthur Haskind
(Anubis) - F - M
Bump on 07/27/2012 12:39:04 MDT Print View

I don't want to open a new thread about the same subject.

need to find tough and light pegs for alpine hiking/regular hiking no snow or sand . everthing would be lighter than my 2.1 oz pegs i have now.

MSR groundhog?

Dean F.
(acrosome) - MLife

Locale: Back in the Front Range
Re: Bump on 07/27/2012 13:15:31 MDT Print View

There was a review article of tent stake holding strength here on BPL a while ago.

I'm not sure if you need to be a member to view it, but here it is:

In short the winners, in no particular order, appeared to be:

1. MSR Groundhog
2. Easton Nano
3. Other aluminum Y-stakes

But these are all the heavier end of lightweight stakes, if that makes any sense. They weigh 0.5-0.6oz apiece. Simple wire skewer stakes or hook stakes will work in many conditions and weigh less than half of that.

So a lot of us use Groundhogs or Nanos for tarp ridgelines or the corners of a pyramid, but skewer stakes for guylines and other odd stake loops.

Predictably, the longer (and thus heavier) a stake is the better it holds, but the ones listed above also had good holding power for a given length.

This BPL article is one of the reasons MLD distributes Easton stakes.

Edited by acrosome on 07/27/2012 13:20:50 MDT.

Arthur Haskind
(Anubis) - F - M
Really? on 07/27/2012 13:26:18 MDT Print View

i broke all of my Easton nano except 1 on my GR10 thru hike last year i dont trust them at all! the head is coming off to easily when the ground become hursh.

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Bump on 07/27/2012 15:50:47 MDT Print View

Larry De La Briandais
(Hitech) - F

Locale: SF Bay Area
Re: Really? on 07/27/2012 15:58:28 MDT Print View

If you had problems with the new Easton Nano stakes you should read this thread.

Easton will replace them.

Edited by Hitech on 07/27/2012 16:00:23 MDT.

Arthur Haskind
(Anubis) - F - M
Re: Re: Bump on 07/27/2012 20:50:52 MDT Print View

better than Groundhogs? :o