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Help me decide: cuben vs. silnylon for Skyscape upgrade
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Ron Moak
(rmoak) - F
Skyscape X goes back on sale on 7/17. on 07/16/2012 23:10:07 MDT Print View

We're getting in a batch of Skyscape X's tomorrow. So I'll be resetting the webpage so they can be ordered. We like to wait until we've got them in hand just to make sure all is well.

We won't be able to ship tomorrow. We've still have to finish the final production phase. This includes taping the seams, applying the re-enforcement patches and sewing on all of the tie outs. This will take us several days to complete. So hopefully we'll be shipping out tents by the end of the week.

I also wanted to make a couple of comments about some of what I've read in this thread. Pardon me if I don't cover all of the topics, I've only been loosely following it so I've not read all of the post.


For those who are wondering, there are no changes in this release of the X. Our goal was to begin increasing the volume of tents we make in a single run and iron out some production issues. This will be the first of the Skyscapes cut with the CNC machine. It provides for very accurate cuts at a fraction of the time.

We're going to wait until probably sometime this winter before deciding if we'll make any changes in the tent.

Floor Style:

I know many have questioned the use of cuben fiber as the floor material. Especially the lighter version we're using. I appreciate the concerns, but have no plans for changing at the time being. Sometime ago I wrote an article about my thoughts on Bathtub floors ( ). I can't say that my feelings have changed on the subject matter overtime.

I will say that I think that the cuben floor is quite superior to using no-see-um netting as a floor material. But then maybe that's just my personal prejudices. Still lots of people buy that kind of shelter thinking nothing about it. Go figure!

Seams & Waterproofing:

John noted that we don't tape the floors (that would be the corners of the floor where the floor material is folded to form the bathtub). The entire floor is a single piece of material so the only seams are at the corner. It's true we don't tape those seams. In fact the only seams we tape are the ones that are structural in nature.

We don't tape the tent to make it waterproof. Any degree of water resistance in the seams is a byproduct of the making the seams strong and not a designed feature. After using Cuben on numerous projects and products over the last 5 years, the weakest characteristic of the material is the joining of multiple pieces together. A fact that most on this list are well aware of. Either by their own CF projects or using products made by others.

To that extent, we decided not to release another CF product until we were sure that our seam technology created seams that were stronger than the underlying fabric. This is something that isn't even true with silicon nylon products.

While I've noted that we tape our seams. I should clarify that our taping is nothing like you've read about from other CF DIY'ers or CF producers. We don't use transfer tape, it's simply not strong or reliable enough for serious use. We make our own glue and have specialized machinery to apply it. It's fairly complex and laborious process and we're working to simplify it.

A number of people have noted that our CF prices are high, which is true. Though they are no higher than most comparable products. I should also note that a significant portion of labor used in the construction of our tents is not currently factored into their cost. We're still in the learning phase and we're working to lower the production cost as we ramp up the production.

Future CF Products:

We do have drawings and plans in place for future CF products. Which one will be the first the appear only time will tell. Right now we're concentrating on the X and Cuben Haven. After that, who knows!


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Brian Johns

Locale: NorCal
From the OP: Thanks Ron! on 07/17/2012 01:15:50 MDT Print View

I appreciate your input and am stoked that the CF Skyscapes could ship as early as next week. Watched the video on your high tech cutting process, very impressive. When I get the call, I will happily forward funds. I think I can respect that I need to keep aware of my site conditions and prepare my site accordingly. The reward? As John has noted, the lightest one piece, one man fully enclosed shelter on the planet.

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