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bugnet/ storage bag
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Tim Garner
(slowhike) - F

Locale: South East U.S.
bugnet/ storage bag on 02/28/2007 19:15:18 MST Print View

the following is a post from a friend, hammock engineer, on

I got this idea from talking to Doctari at our RRG trip. There were not any bugs to speak of, but he was telling me of one of his AT experiences where a head net would have been nice. I also have a couple hikes where the gnats (noseeums) drove me crazy. Looking at my gearskin, I was thinking about adding a netting stuff sack to hold my rain gear. This would also work for tarps in place of snake skins.

So the noseeum stuff sack that doubles as a head net was born. I took a couple measurments and put a stuff sack I made over my head. I came up with 10" in diameter and 20" long before seams in drawstring. For the 10" circle I have a kicten pot that is about perfect.

Sewing the circle is not too hard. This is my second circle bottom stuff sack. I do not pin, put the rectanglar piece on the bottom, put the circle piece on top, and rotate the circle piece every couple of stitches. Doing this, circle bottoms are not too hard. I like the look a lot better.

It came out at .7 oz before adding a cord lock. I like it like this. It sits really well without having to close it around my neck. I hate things tight around my neck. I could have probibly made it a little smaller and get it close to .5oz.

Here is a pic with my rain coat in it.

Here is a pic over my head.
Is that too much to ask? Girls with frikkin' lasers on their heads?

Edited by slowhike on 02/28/2007 19:29:07 MST.

Michael Mangold
(mkmangold) - F
Delicious but deadly sea bass on 03/08/2007 22:58:43 MST Print View

Tim: very suave! Just the right touch of art and practicality. If you made it an origami project, you'd conquer the world with that idea.