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MYOG- Dinning Tarp Size
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Sean Breen
(Scout22) - F
MYOG- Dinning Tarp Size on 06/28/2012 19:33:57 MDT Print View

Hi all, so i am heading out for philmont on july 28th, on trek 26. So my gear is all set to go, and i am very happy with how it is all working out, but looking at the philmont issued dinning fly/ tarp i would really like to bring a lighter option. I just recieved 6 yards of 1.1 oz silnylon from quest outfitters, and was thinking about making a tarp, as well as some lightweight stuff sacks. So i know that the philmont issued tarp is 10 by 12, but was wondering if i could make one a bit smaller, around 8 by 10 or so. There are 12 members of my crew, if that has an effect on the tarp size. Any designs, or advice would be greatly appriciated. Thanks!!

Jay Klustner
(jklustner) - F
Re: MYOG- Dinning Tarp Size on 06/28/2012 20:19:58 MDT Print View

There are 2 main uses for the tarp at Philmont. First is to put your backpacks under at night. I am sure you can fit 12 packs comfortably under an 8 by 10 tarp. The second use is to cook and eat under when it rains. I don't know how many people can fit under it and still have room to cook. It all just depends how willing your crew is on this idea.


John Myers
(dallas) - F - MLife

Locale: North Texas
Philmont tarp size on 06/29/2012 13:11:54 MDT Print View

With the frequent August afternoon thunderstorms I would recommend the larger tarp.

It is really nice to have an area to huddle under, and you can't really fit 12 people and gear under that small of a small tarp.

I think I would rather carry a few more ounces of tarp and not need it, than need it and not have it.

bill berklich

Locale: Northern Mid-West
12 under a Tarp on 07/03/2012 05:10:41 MDT Print View

So can you realistically get 12 under a 10x12 tarp pitched with hiking poles? We are usually smaller crews so haven't tried it yet.

Sean Breen
(Scout22) - F
Tarp troubles on 07/04/2012 09:26:52 MDT Print View

Il had that same question/ concern how are you supposed to get 12 full sized guys under a 10 by 12 tarp in the first place? Does anyone have any tips or advice on that?

Peter Griffith
(petergriffith) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
Re: Tarp troubles on 07/04/2012 18:50:32 MDT Print View

We opted for a 10'x14' tarp for our crew of 13. We leave for Philmont today so I can't comment from experience, but from my back of the napkin calculations I couldn't see how we would fit 13 under a 10'x12' tarp. Smaller crews, maybe. Plus, the Philmont provided tarp is 12'x12' or 144 sq ft and a 10'x14' is 140 sq ft.

Curtis Ware
(ware_curtis) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
Dining Tarp Size on 07/05/2012 16:56:40 MDT Print View

In 2008 and again this year, the crew used a 10 x 12 tarp and used two trecking poles. No problem fitting 12 under.

To see setup, around 3 min 22 seconds, you can see tarp in "action"

Works great and has been on three trips with no complaints.


Sean Breen
(Scout22) - F
Dive on 07/05/2012 18:17:28 MDT Print View

Thank you all very much for the feedback, so i guess i will go with the 10 by 12 siltarp. now to make it...that will be another animal haha.

Thanks a ton for the video, i just used the same song in a video i made for a camp i worked at. I was just wondering where your packs where when you were under the tarp eating/ staying dry.

Again, thank you all

Jim Colten
(jcolten) - M

Locale: MN
Re: Dining Tarp Size on 07/05/2012 19:51:42 MDT Print View

Nice video. In 2010 we exited where you started ... brought back memories.

But had to smile at the crew shirts ... white when trail bound but I'm guessing gray when home bound:-)

Our troop has a 2013 slot but I won't be going (leaving room for dads with sons going ... plus there are other trips I want to do while still able)

Steven McDowell
(smcdindelmar) - MLife

Locale: San Diego
Re: Re: Dining Tarp Size, Use of a Tyvek Fly at Philmont on 09/01/2012 13:44:40 MDT Print View

Tyvek Dining Fly in use at Philmont

Tyvek Fly worked well during two big storms the group encountered.

Nothing special about the design. No real cutting, taping, sewing beyond using about ~12 feet from the ~10foot wide roll the stuff came on and adding 4 gromments on each side.\
Prior to adding gromments placed some clear duct tape at each spot for some reinforcement and put the gromments in about an Inch...

Also second time around using this Fly at Philmont.

wt on 09/01/2012 17:38:15 MDT Print View

what it the wt of the tyvek tarp?

I think the tyvek is 1.6oz/yd?

So 10x12 should be 21 oz + grommets and tape

Id guess 24 oz all together

Not bad for $30

Edited by livingontheroad on 09/01/2012 17:41:24 MDT.

Stephen Everson
(mrevets) - F
Re: Re: Re: Dining Tarp Size, Use of a Tyvek Fly at Philmont on 09/02/2012 18:39:04 MDT Print View

This should be called Dining Fly on Steroids. Did you pack separate poles for this or use trekking poles? Looks like you could put an entire village under that.....

Sean Breen
(Scout22) - F
WOW on 09/04/2012 13:18:08 MDT Print View

WOW that tarp is huge! This is the tarp that i ended up making, and bringing to philmont, it worked really well. Each tie out point had a 6 foot guy line, and we set it up most nights with three treking poles, which allowed us to get in and out easily, and gave our packs tons of coverage at night from rain. here is a link to the video of the tarp.

Steven McDowell
(smcdindelmar) - MLife

Locale: San Diego
Re: wt on 09/05/2012 23:18:21 MDT Print View

With the guide ropes it came out to 28 oz
Also my measurement was off. It is closer to 14 feet long.

I was surprised they let us use it...