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Platypus bladder cap
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Doug Parker
(BuffaloSkipper) - F

Locale: Gulf Coast
Platypus bladder cap on 06/28/2012 08:37:15 MDT Print View

I just purchased a 3L Platypus for my son for Philmont. He will be using it as a water supply when headed into a dry camp (2 on his trek). It weighs 4 oz with the hose cap/attachment, but he has no interest in the hose, and only wants to use it as a 3L container (weighs 1.7 oz empty). Where can I find a regular cap to fit this? Is it the same size as a 2L soda bottle cap?

Clayton Mauritzen
(GlacierRambler) - F

Locale: NW Montana
Re: Platypus bladder cap on 06/28/2012 08:49:05 MDT Print View

You can probably get it from wherever you can get a Platypus reservoir. I use a cap for my 3L bladder some of the time. The soda bottle ones do not fit (they leak). Platypus sells a pack of two for $2-3.

It's silly because they ought to just be included, but it's only a couple of bucks. Not worth the time to complain, in my opinion.

EDIT: Here it is at REI just so you know what you're looking for. Listed at $2.95.

Edited by GlacierRambler on 06/28/2012 08:50:27 MDT.

Tad Englund
(bestbuilder) - F - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Platypus bladder cap on 06/28/2012 11:12:27 MDT Print View

Doug I would recommend getting the Platy push/pull top in is much more versatile than the plain cap- Here

Jason Klass did a neat attachment for it- Here

You don't need to make the string that long or that thick.

Edited by bestbuilder on 06/28/2012 11:21:42 MDT.

Sumi Wada
(DetroitTigerFan) - F

Locale: Ann Arbor
Re: Platypus bladder cap on 06/28/2012 11:20:54 MDT Print View

If you get the push-pull cap, be careful how you pack it. I had one get pulled open inside my daypack apparently from just being jostled inside the pack while hiking.

It's how I found out that my daypack is pretty darn waterproof and could be used as a water bucket in a pinch... :/

Edited by DetroitTigerFan on 06/29/2012 12:35:02 MDT.

spelt with a t
(spelt) - F

Locale: SW/C PA
smart water caps on 06/28/2012 13:19:53 MDT Print View

the caps from the large smart water bottles will fit. i've used them plenty of times with no leakage.

Terry Trimble
(socal-nomad) - F

Locale: North San Diego county
platy caps on 06/29/2012 09:58:52 MDT Print View

I always switch out my Platy push pull caps for small nalagene pill bottle caps that are stronger structurally wise and a prefect fit. You can get them at REI.