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Florence Lake loop, which options?
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Drew Jay

Locale: Central Coast
Florence Lake loop, which options? on 06/26/2012 21:22:49 MDT Print View

Hello all. I am tagging along on a 40 mile loop near Florence Lake next week (supposed to be the midpoint of the JMT.) This will be my first backpacking trip with real mileage and that is not focused on fishing. The URL of my minimum gear list is below. I have put all items I consider (somewhat) optional in the "Optional Weight" category at the bottom. My question is, which options would you take on the trip? If I took all optional gear from the first group, base weight would be 10lbs 3oz. Note that the listed food weight is for two days, and I will be carrying somewhere between 96 and 128 oz of food.

Eileen Duncan
(eileensd) - MLife

Locale: The Sierra or the SF Bay Area
Re: Florence Lake loop, which options? on 06/29/2012 19:12:38 MDT Print View

Hi Andrew,

I'm new here and definitely no expert, but I looked at your list and thought I'd add some thoughts. Maybe it'll spark more input!

Some of your optional items:
iPhone - no
Sunglasses - absolutely (unless you have another pair)
Glove liners *and* merino gloves - well, don't bring both. Personal choice. I have poor circulation, so wouldn't go without a pair. I'd choose the merino ones because they'll actually keep you warm if it's cold and they'll work for mosquitoes too. Plus, I don't know about you, but I've had zero luck treating my clothing (socks, pants, shirt, hat) with Permethrin.
Snowpeak 1400 - how many people in your group? You already have the 600 and a bowl w/lid, so this sounds excessive.
SteriPen - I love mine and would probably bring it for 40 miles.
Stuff sacks/dry bags - no/no - I just stuff everything loose into my pack. Maybe a ditty bag or zip lock for little stuff.
Windshirt - not if I also had long sleeves + rain jacket.
Rain Pants - no, you're covered with the hefty rain wrap (which I'd probably leave behind too).

BTW - I know you didn't ask about the rest of your list, but in my opinion your first aid, emergency, and repair kits are excessive. There's not only what looks like a decent amount of overlap, but there's also a whole lot of stuff you won't use. If you leave a bunch of it behind (which I would) the trip is short enough you'd probably be okay (maybe a little less comfy) even if you ended up needing something you didn't have.

I realize you will be fishing, so maybe that dictates some of your gear. I know nothing about fishing, so I'm coming from a non-fisher perspective... but why bring a pocket knife AND your Leatherman squirt? I know they have different functions, but I still can't imagine they are both necessary. Also tenacious tape and duct tape? Waxed string, needle & thread, AND floss? Ditch the emergency blanket. You've got shelter, a sleeping pad, and plenty of warmth in your pack - that's what you'd use in an emergency. JB weld, super glue, AND seam grip (plus the tenacious tape and duct tape)? Soap? Please leave it behind. I know many folks are under the impression biodegradable/dr. bronners is "okay," but it's really not (unless you're planning on using it 200-300 feet from any creek, stream, lake, etc.).

Your trip sounds like a nice distance... and your list is impressive. Have fun!