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Grand Canyon in Novermber
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Daniel Micelotta

Locale: PNW
Grand Canyon in Novermber on 06/22/2012 16:08:09 MDT Print View

I'm seeking suggestions for a 3 to 4 night backpacking trip in the canyon.

Back in the 90's I had a great canyon trip and I wouldn't be opposed to the same itinerary but a new experience would also be welcome. That trip was with a buddy experineced in the canyon. This time around my hiking partner is my brother. We're in our fifties, but still pretty tough old birds (we did a Rainier summit attempt 2 years ago. Alas we had to turn back.)

The 90's trip we went down the Hermit Trail and spent the first night at Hermit Rapids.

Second night was at Granite Rapids.

The third was spent at Monument (originally scheduled for Salt Creek) changed at the Ranger station due to lack of water.

The last night was a Indian Gardens and out the next morning via Bright Angel.

Some parameters for the upcoming trip. I do want to spend at least one night in the inner gorge. Hermit and Granite Rapids were great but I think a little redundant. I want to stay off of the corridor trails for the most part, but I did find some value in the convenience of coming out the canyon right there at the Village. The highlight of the last trip for me was the time spent on the Tonto between Monument and Indian Gardens.

Anyone have suggestions for a similar 3 to 4 nighter involving other threshold areas and maybe out via Kaibab? Grandview? New Hance?

Suggestions please, application time is upon us.

Thanks All,


Steven Thompson
(stevet) - M

Locale: Northeast
Grand Canyon Routes on 06/23/2012 15:15:25 MDT Print View

Along the east rim drive New Hance to S. Kaibab or the Tanner to New Hance (Escalante Route) both might satify your interests. Tanner to New Hance the more difficult.

New Hance to S. Kaibab. Stay a night at the Beach. Then over to camp at Hance Creek, atop Horseshoe Mesa, or at Cottonwood Creek (or dry camp out along the Tonto on a river overlook). 3rd night, probably Cremation (give advice on water), and then up the S. Kaibab.

Escalante. Tanner Beach, Papago, Red Canyon (about 1.5 miles up from the Colorado where the spring is running (and before the trail starts the climb out). If you are big milers then can stop at Tanner Beach or Cardenas Creek, the beach at the base of the New Hance trail, then over to Hance Creek or Horseshoe Mesa and out the Grandview.

Out "west" give the Boucher to Hermit Loop a look. Camping-wise would stop at Boucher Creek, and then Monument. If you want to make a 4 day trip out of it layover and explore around Boucher.

Elliott Wolin
(ewolin) - MLife

Locale: Hampton Roads, Virginia
RE: Grand Canyon in Novermber on 06/23/2012 16:37:00 MDT Print View

Two years ago my wife and I (both in our mid-50's) did a three-night trip in early Nov. It was the perfect time of year, cold and dry up top, mild and dry at the bottom, and the hike down and up couldn't have been more pleasant.

We stayed overnight at the Mather campground at the South Rim, maybe 15 degF that night. Next morning we caught the bus and took the South Kaibab trail down to Bright Angel campground. The following day we day-hiked up the Bright Angel trail towards the North Rim and just turned around when we felt like it. Next morning across the river up the Bright Angel trail towards the South Rim. We stayed overnight at Indian Gardens, a bit cooler that night than at Bright Angel. Next morning up to the South Rim and into Maswik Lodge for showers, a good dinner at one of the restaurants, and long sleep on a soft bed.

Edited by ewolin on 06/23/2012 16:37:47 MDT.

Carl Zimmerman
(CarlZ993) - MLife
3-4 day BP in Grand Canyon on 06/25/2012 12:40:39 MDT Print View

You could do a loop or point-to-point hike going down Boucher Trail. Be advised, that's a tough trail. Went down it on two different occasions (Apr 2009 & Mar 2012). In April 2009, our campsites were: 1) Boucher Creek; 2) Monument Creek; 3) Indian Gardens; and, 4) Bright Angel; hiked out S. Kaibab. [This point-to-point hike would give you some corridor trail hiking, though] Or, you could do the Boucher / Hermit Trl Loop. It's typically done with two nights (Boucher Creek & Hermit Creek camps). You could add an additional night at either location or at Hermit Rapids.

Another possibility would be to hike to Clear Creek. Corridor trails to Bright Angel camp and then hike 9M to Clear Creek camp. From there, you can day-hike in some slot canyons. No water on Clear Creek trail.

On my to-do list, Grandview TH to S. Kaibab TH. Not too long, distance wise (27M or so), but very little water. Another hike I've got planned for the future is going down Tanner Trl and hiking over to the Little Colorado River. Probably going to do that one next March (w/ Boy Scout Venture Crew; assuming we can get a permit).