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Clothing for Colorado Trail
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Michael Levy
(neweyes) - F
Clothing for Colorado Trail on 06/19/2012 14:57:48 MDT Print View

I'm thru hiking the CT starting early July, and I could use some help with the clothing. Here's what I have:

Running shorts - 4.4
Cap 2 long undies - 6.2
Driducks rainsuit - 9.0
Silkweight short sleeve - 3.8
Marino wool long sleeve - 7.0 --or--
Cap 3 zip long sleeve - 8.5
Nanopuff synthetic vest - 10.2 --and/or--
R2 fleece - 12.5 --and/or--
Running jacket/vest (convertible) - 9.9

Also a fleece hat, thin gloves (and bags and rubber bands for rainy hiking - good idea?), and maybe a scarf for sleeping(?). I have a 20F quilt, but I'm worried about my head getting cold at night without a hood. I'd love to get a down hoody jacket, but I've spent too much money on gear already. Is there a good combination among what I already have? I see a lot of items on folks' gear lists labeled wind pants/jackets... do I need the wind protection of a running jacket? Something for my legs? Would the Driducks work for wind? OK, you get my confusion. Thanks in advance.

Bob Bankhead
(wandering_bob) - MLife

Locale: Oregon, USA
Re: Clothing for Colorado Trail on 06/19/2012 16:38:13 MDT Print View

You'll want a wide-brimmed hat (cowboy-style, like a Tilley) to keep the sun off of you. Add a bandana for a neck cape.

A buff will do a lot more for you than a simple scarf. Get a merino wool one if possible.

You'll need a hooded windshirt and will use it virtually every day. Driducks are not robust enough to take that much use without failures - especially the crotch seams. You'll get plenty of rain use since you'll be hiking during the monsoon season.

I always carry a set of merino wool long underwear (base layer weight) and wool socks that are used ONLY for sleeping. They live in the waterproof sack that holds my sleeping bag. Only in the direst of emergencies would they get used on trail.

Susan Papuga
(veganaloha) - M

Locale: USA
Re: Clothing for Colorado Trail on 06/19/2012 17:20:49 MDT Print View


+1 for Bob's post. I did the CT last year starting in July and it was a higher snow year than this year as you know. You should expect to need substantial sun and rain protection every day.
I carried the following;

L/S Capilene 2 top and long bottoms
Montbell stretch wind pants
Montane Minimus rain jacket
Montbell Thermawrap vest
running shorts
S/S lightweight cool max running top
Sleep socks
lightweight knit sleep beanie

Wore daily:

Merrel Belay shorts
L/S Columbia PFG hiking shirt that also provided sun, wind and light rain protection
Patagonia wide brimmed sun hat
socks, etc.

Biggest item I regretted not having: Gloves! You will have a few snow and hail storms.

If I did it again, I would leave the Thermawrap vest and Capilene 2 bottoms behind. I never used the vest, and could sleep in my wind pants (cleaned and dried) at night when I needed more warmth than my running shorts provided. I used my Katabatic Gear Palisade 30F quilt and was plenty warm most of the time. I only supplemented my sleeping shorts with the capilene bottoms or wind pants a handful of times, and I do sleep cold. Also, since I would drop an insulation layer (vest), I would probably take a Cap 3 L/S top. So, with that and the short sleeve running top, the long sleeve hiking shirt and the rain jacket, that would be plenty of warmth when needed.

All that aside, you will need at least a rain jacket just about evey day, and many times rain protection for the bottom as well. So your driducks set up worries me a bit only because they can be a bit delicate and I don't think they're very breathable to hike in for an extended period. You won't be "bush whacking" by any means, but you may need to be prepared to fix holes or tears in them if you intend to use them, again, because you'll be using them a lot and I'm also not sure how much warmth they provide when needed. I have a driducks top, but I only use it when I expect light or intermittent rain without significant temperature loss.

So, if you invest in anything, it might better rain protection. But, if that is a no-go, then based on your options, I would recommend leaving the Cap 2 bottoms, R2 fleece and running jacket home, taking the Merino L/S shirt and the nano puff vest and perhaps using a L/S hiking shirt versus the short sleeve to help with sun, wind and light rain protection.

Hope this helps!

Edited by veganaloha on 06/19/2012 17:23:13 MDT.

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
WPB gear on 06/22/2012 15:52:25 MDT Print View

I'd never hike the Rockies without at least a good, light WPB parka and pants. Too many afternoon thunderstorms.

Like a down sweater, a WPB parka is not just a comfort item but a "safety item" to avoid hypothermia. "Windshirts" will never safely protect you in a downpour or snow (yes, in the summer).

WPB pants are nice but not absolutely required IF you have fast drying nylon or polyester pants.

Michael Levy
(neweyes) - F
Final-ish CT Gear List on 07/06/2012 13:04:45 MDT Print View

Thanks for the responses... I used them to get ready. I'm leaving tomorrow; here's where I'm at. Any thoughts would be great.

One other question: About how much do dogs' food intake increase on a thru hike?

run shorts 4
SS run shirt 3.8
sun hat w/neck cape 2.9
sunglasses 0.8
shoes 25.8
socks1 1.8
Hiking poles 14.7
Total worn 3.4

cap2 long undies 6.2
DD Rain pants 3.8
LS marino wool 7.1
windshirt w/hood 4.7
DD Rain shirt 5.6
down hoodie 11.3
Run gloves 2.3
bags & RBs for WP 0.2
wool hat 1.4
socks2 1.8
Total clothes 2.8

Big 4
4' Solite sleeping pad 8.4
EE 20F quilt 21
red stuff sac 2.4
TT Notch w/stakes 26.8
Flash 50 42.5
Compacter bag liner 2.3
Big 4 total 6.5

Water & Food
steripen 3.6
10L Cl backup treatment 0.2
2L platy 1.2
32oz soft nalgene 2
gatorade bottle 1.5
spoon 0.4
Odor-proof bag 1.2
Water/food total 0.4

Toiletries & 1st aid
1st aid 1.4
Travel bodyglide 0.2
Lip sunscreen 0.4
floss 0.2
brush 0.5
toothpaste 0.55
Dr. Bronners 1.25
Sanitizer 1.25
Toiletries total 0.4

headlamp & waste strap 3.6
camera 7.1
camera charger 2.4
phone 4.8
phone charger 1.6
Electronics total 1.2

p-cord 3.8
CT Databook 1.9
Mini-leatherman 1.8
Journal 1.4
Pen w/~8' duct tape 0.5
Matches 0.1
Ditty sacks 2.4
Accessories total 0.7

Packed weight 12.0
Skinout w/o F&W 15.3