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Bob Marshall - Late July (advice needed)
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Gabe P
(Gabe) - MLife
Bob Marshall - Late July (advice needed) on 06/19/2012 14:41:42 MDT Print View

I'm planning a five day trip through the Bob Marshall, starting 10 miles south of Marias Pass through to Holland Lake. I'll be heading south from the Morrison Creek TH to Schafer and then atop the Trilobite Range (Dean Lake & Switchback Pass) and along the North Wall (CDT), turning west at the base of the Wall until I hit the South Fork. I'll then drop down to Big Salmon Lake on to Pendant Lakes, etc. Trail #s are: 154; 155; 173; 686; 241; 732; 174; 130; 111; 739; 112; 100; 80; 110; 35 416. Elevation will vary from around 5000 to over 8000.

At lower elevations I'm expecting temperatures between 80 and 45. In the higher elevations I'm expecting temperatures in the low 60s on down to the high 20s. Based on these numbers I'm planning to bring along a WM Caribou. I will of course bring along a synthetic jacket and bivy, which will boost the temp rating of my sleep system.

I’m hoping that a few of you who frequent the Bob will let me know if my sleeping system sounds adequate. I know the weather varies, with snow possible year-round.

I’m also wondering about the mosquito situation. Will a head net do the job in July? I’ve considered bringing along a Contrail or a Mid with inner net, but if possible I’d prefer to use a Bivy with a dog tarp (my current favorite).

Any other thoughts would be welcome, as would a critique of my gear list below. Thank you.

Insulation: BPL Cocoon hoody 80g 9.8
Pants: Arc'Teryx Palisade pant 10.5
Wind: M Tachyron jacket 2.4
Wind: M Dynamo pants 2.7
Raingear: Rab pulse 7
Shirt: Icebreaker Tech T Lite 3.7
Shirt: BPL Thorofare trekking shirt 4.12
Socks: Darn Tough Merino wool micro crew 2
Gaiters: Simblissity Grey 1
Base: P Active boxer briefs 2 2
Shorts: 3
Shoes: B Cascadia 6 28
Sub Total

27.02 oz. 21.2 oz.
1.68875 lbs. 1.325 lbs.

Pot Evernew 0.9 3.5
Windscreen Caldera ULC TiTri (mod) 1.3
Water Evernew 1
Water Nalgene 1.5 L 2.25

Sub Total
8.05 oz. 0 oz.
0.503125 lbs. 0 lbs.

First Aid: tums, tape, benadryl, bandaids, ointment, ibuprophin, pain, alt, sleep 2.55
Protection: Sunscreen/lotion, deet or permithin, chapstick, aquamira 2
Hygiene: Hand sanitizer, Dr. Bronner's, moisterizer 1.1
Repair: Thread, glue, tape, needle, safety pin, dental floss, patch 0.7
Survival: fallkniven U4, mini compass, firesteel & tinder, ACR whistle, cord and light 2.3
Documents Miscellaneous: I.D. / cash / credit / insurance 0.4
Journal: Rite in the Rain/Pencil 391-M and golf pencil

Sub Total
9.65 oz. 0 oz.
0.603125 lbs. 0 lbs.

Batteries: 1AA Spare 0.5
Light: Zebralight H51 (w 2 AA L B)
Watch: Timex IronMan 1.3
Sub Total
7.2 oz. 1.3 oz.
0.45 lbs. 0.08125 lbs.

Compass: Brunton (2) 7DNL 0.91
Headnet: BPL Ultralight Mosquito Headnet 0.33
Saw: David Thomas MYOG ul wood saw 0.49
Poles: TiG Two piece 7
Fishing: BPL Hane Tenkara 2.7
Fishing Fly: Simblissity & Kit UnSlack Pack & (flies, line, tippet, etc.) 1
Bear Spray: 10.7
Sub Total
12.43 oz. 0 oz.
0.776875 lbs. 0 lbs.

Backpack: GG Gorilla (2,400 to 2,800) 23
Food Bag: MLD Bear Bag System 2.9
Stuff sack: Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack - 8L (6.5x18) 1.1

Sub Total
27 oz. 0 oz.
1.6875 lbs. 0 lbs.

Tarp: MLD Dog tarp 5X5 5
Bivy: Rab Alpine lite Bivy 14
Ground Cloth: GG (2) Polycryo (med) 1.6
Stakes: Combo of V & Ti stakes 1
Pad: MYOG (combo) 11
Bag: WM Caribou (35) 22
Pillow: Montbell U.L. Comfort System 2.2

54.6 oz. 0 oz.
3.4125 lbs. 0 lbs.

Fuel: Esbit (12) Solid Fuel Tablet 6
Water: Average Carried 1 liter 34
Food: 5 day almost 16,000 calories 144
Sub Total
184 oz. 0 oz.
11.5 lbs. 0 lbs.

Weight Summary
1 Worn or Carried weight of items worn and carried 1.40625
2 Base Pack weight of pack w/o consumables 9.121875
3 Consumables weight of consumables 11.5
1 + 2 All Gear weight of all gear 10.528125
2 + 3 Loaded Pack weight of gear plus consumables 20.621875
1 + 2 + 3 Full Skin Out full skin out weight 22.028125

Edited by Gabe on 06/19/2012 14:48:57 MDT.

David Palmer
(djpfive) - F

Locale: Arizona
Re: Bob Marshall - Late July (advice needed) on 07/20/2012 18:24:56 MDT Print View

If you haven't left yet:

I did a packraft trip there a couple of Julys ago, and we walked out at Big Salmon Lake over Pendant Pass to Holland Lake.

I felt headnets were adequate for the mosquitoes. I think your sleep system will be warm enough.

After Big Salmon Lake, the trail goes through very thick rain-forest-like vegetation that's often dripping wet. You'll definitely want rain pants and gaiters there.

Richard Lyon
(richardglyon) - MLife

Locale: Bridger Mountains
Bob Marshall planning on 07/20/2012 20:06:31 MDT Print View

I completed a one-week service (USFS trail maintenance) trip in the Bob Marshall the first week of July, along the East side trail of the South Fork, and I've backpacked in and around Holland Lake may times. I have some advice for you. As with all free advice it's worth every cent you're paying for it.

1. Temperatures are likely to be warmer than you list. They were two weeks ago and are likely to stay high - 40 F at night, 90+F during the day. I'm a very cold sleeper and I was fine with a top quilt every night but one.

2. Take an enclosed shelter. That is if you want to get any sleep. The horseflies were just starting to hit, and the mosquitoes were in full force, and they are truly bloodthirsty in the Bob. They'll bite right through a head net.

3. I disagree with David on dampness, at least past mid-July. I doubt you'll need gaiters as things are dry in Montana right now.

4. Great country and gorgeous scenery. Have a wonderful time!