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searching for a light alcohol stove
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Hex55 Meyer
(hex55) - F

Locale: Germany
searching for a light alcohol stove on 06/12/2012 09:21:42 MDT Print View

Hi. i am searching for a light alcohol stove. I dont know if I should choose the Evernew Titanium Alcohol Stove DX Set or just the Titanium Stove + a Titanium Clikstand. The Clikstand Combo will be some grams lighter, but I could use the Evernew Set as a wood burner, that might be usefull.
Or are there any other options with a simular weight I should have a look on?
Friend of me is in the States for the next 10 days, so I could easily some special equipment from there.

Regards from germany, hex55

kevin smith
light alcohol stove on 06/12/2012 09:27:07 MDT Print View

i dont think they get much lighter than this and you can make it yourself for cheap

simple easy and super light


Mike D.
(mpd1690) - F
Cat Stove on 06/12/2012 09:27:11 MDT Print View

I would just make a cat stove. Extremely cheap and works well.

Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: searching for a light alcohol stove on 06/12/2012 09:46:18 MDT Print View

Kevin's link on making a cat can is easy cheap and light,but if you don't want to make one there are a lot of choices

more make your own and info

kevin smith
great post anna on 06/12/2012 09:54:15 MDT Print View


great post on the different alcohol stoves that are out there

sooo many choices now days

i just got a new zelph venom stove for a gift im itching to try it out on a trip
this weekend but preliminary test burns have show it to be pretty efficient with
my antigravity gear 3 cup non stick cookpot

i had suggested the supercat only because i think it is one of the lightest options and easy to make/use

plenty of other great options out there though


Barry P
(BarryP) - F

Locale: Eastern Idaho (moved from Midwest)
Re: searching for a light alcohol stove on 06/12/2012 10:29:39 MDT Print View

“Or are there any other options with a simular weight I should have a look on?”

Mechanic Mike makes some excellent stoves. My cousins use these and they are similar to what I use. They don’t need wicking or priming. I know they work great from 0F on up.
One tip is to put a ~3”x3” foil underneath to help reflect heat back up.


Don Abernathey
(OldGuysRule) - F

Locale: PNW
Sideburners are problematic on 06/12/2012 10:35:46 MDT Print View

The only decent sideburner I've used (and still own) is the WhiteBox. I've built a lot of "cats" and they're just not a very robust design. They work fine on the kitchen stove, where most stove testing occurs. Outdoors, in real weather, they require a lot of fiddling - they will work but there is a large fiddle factor.

The Trangia burner is the very best all-around design except for weight. In harsh weather I would gladly carry a few extra ounces of Trangia knowing that it will always work with no fiddling. Evernew's version of the Trangia looks interesting, but it doesn't appear to be self-storing - am I wrong?

Hex55 Meyer
(hex55) - F

Locale: Germany
searching for a light alcohol stove on 06/12/2012 11:04:57 MDT Print View

I visited all the links, but the only who could be a candidate is the Ti-Tri ULC or maybe the "Top Jet ALCOHOL STOVE with a Pot Stand & Windscreen - Kit Weighs Only 1.6 ozs", but I am not excited about both.

I see, my question wasn't specific enough. First, I dont want to make one by my own, I want to buy a good working and tested stove.
Second I dont want only a stove, I need a stand and a windshield, too. And I want to use the stand to burn wood, too. Stove and Stand should be made from titanium and the stand should be stable, not a "amateur handicraft". Maybe this is more precise and you can suggest me some stoves/stands.

I have a Trangia, but I am searching for a lighter one.

Thank you!

Richard Cullip
(RichardCullip) - M

Locale: San Diego County
Re: searching for a light alcohol stove on 06/12/2012 11:15:29 MDT Print View

I've tried a few, inclucding a do it yourself super cat stove, and the one I've settled on is a Fancee Feest stove from Zelph Stoveworks Fancee Feest Stove . At 24 grams it's pretty lightweight and it reliably, at least for me, boils water.

EDIT - disregard my suggestion as it doesn't fit your specifications on burning wood.

Edited by RichardCullip on 06/12/2012 11:17:18 MDT.

Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: searching for a light alcohol stove on 06/12/2012 12:15:08 MDT Print View

backpackinglight did a comparison report on many stoves(you must be a member to read the full report.Here is some of what they had to say about the evernew

Evernew Titanium DX Stove Set Below Average

The DX stove set consists of two circular sets of titanium that slip together, forming a fire cavity. The small diameter of the stove makes it unstable, and its small fuel chamber makes fuel stoking difficult. There are gaps at the stove base that allow bottom-up ignition, but ignition still proves difficult because of small size and lack of stability.

Evernew Titanium DX Stove Set Pot fell over once. Extremely unstable. Poor chimney effect.

I have several Traildesigns stoves and they are great,if you do a search on this sight you will see they are highly regarded ,very efficient and well designed stove system;Traildesigns is also great to deal with ,fantastic customer service.The stove(firefly) is newer and made by Rob Kelly who is a member here, it weighs about 2.3-2.5 ounces, I have never used one but I am sure he would answer any questions you might have.

Edited by annapurna on 06/12/2012 12:28:17 MDT.

Hex55 Meyer
(hex55) - F

Locale: Germany
searching for a light alcohol stove on 06/12/2012 13:24:20 MDT Print View

This looks almost perfect for me, but its also very small (to small to burn wood? In the video they do) and one side is always open, so it maybe will use more fuel.
The is very simular, looks a little bigger (better to make a fire), but also more fragile, more heavy, more expensive.

But the Evernew Titanium DX Stove Set doesnt look more unstable to me than the other two. Maybe a little because its round.

The Ti-Tri from looks very stable but they didnt fit in a small pot like the MSR Kettle Titanium, only in wide pots?

Edit: Ok, found out that they build it custom, so it will fit. But the wight is a lot compared to the others.

Edited by hex55 on 06/12/2012 13:36:56 MDT.

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: searching for a light alcohol stove on 06/12/2012 13:59:33 MDT Print View

The Ti-Tri system weighs more than some people think it should, but it burns wood, alcohol, or Esbit. It is its own windscreen and pot support. Also, you can use the clear plastic caddy or find a lighter weight substitute. It is a good choice if you are heading somewhere and you don't really know which fuels are most practical or legal.


Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: searching for a light alcohol stove on 06/12/2012 14:45:46 MDT Print View

Bob Shaver
(rshaver) - F

Locale: West
TrailDesigns too heavy? on 06/12/2012 15:25:41 MDT Print View

I can't believe the TD stove setup is much heavier than other alky setups, but if it is, the things that make it a tiny bit heavier are worth the weight to improve functionality. The wind screen makes it stable plus immune to any wind, and the Ti lets you burn wood inside the windscreen. Those features are worth 2 oz.

Richard Scruggs
(JRScruggs) - MLife

Locale: Oregon
Re: searching for a light alcohol stove on 06/12/2012 19:53:17 MDT Print View

RE: Hex55 saying: "Edit: Ok, found out that they build it [Caldera] custom, so it will fit. But the wight is a lot compared to the others [e.g., Clikstand?]."

Considering just bare-bone basics (ignoring pot, firestarter, fuel container, fire starter, and other elements beyond just what-it-takes-to-boil-water-in-a-pot, since both basic setups have to have those other things, too), here's a comparison for a Ti-Tri Sidewinder Caldera cone w/Trail Designs 12-10 burner & 2 stakes (all fit inside 1.3L Evernew Ti pot) vs Clikstand T-2 w/Evernew Titanium burner & Ti Windscreen (all fit inside 1.3L Evernew Ti pot) --

Ti-Tri Sidewinder cone (for 1.3L Ti pot) 1.41 oz
Trail Designs 12-10 burner 0.57 oz
Titanium stakes (2x) 0.42 oz

Total: 2.40 oz

Clikstand T-2 stand 2.00 oz
Clikstand Ti Windscreen 0.70 oz
Evernew Titanium burner 1.20 oz

Total: 3.90 oz

Difference: the basic Sidewinder setup is about 1.5 oz lighter than the basic Clikstand setup (per wts of my Sidewinder vs wts @ Clikstand website).

Price of the above basic Clikstand titanium setup: $125.85,
which includes Clikstand T-2 @$59.95, Ti Windscreen @ $19.95, and Evernew burner @ $59.95 (per Clikstand website).

Price of the Ti-Tri Sidewinder "system" (w/o inferno) -- $79.95,
which includes the Ti-Tri Sidewinder cone and Trail Designs 12-10 burner, and also a titanium GramCracker solid fuel kit, a fuel bottle kit with measuring cup, a Tyvek sleeve to protect pot, and two titanium stakes for wood burning mode (per Trail Designs website).

The above "extras" that come with the Ti-Tri Sidewinder add weight beyond the basic Sidewinder setup, but some of those extras are needed with either of the two setups (e.g., fuel bottle & sleeve for cone or Clikstand).

Adding the inferno and floor to the T-Tri would increase the weight, too. But those are options specific to using fire with the cone, and are not needed for purpose of the above weight comparison of the two basic setups in alcohol mode.

Recalling that the weight for the basic Ti-Tri setup as described above assumes that it's the cone designed for a 1.3L Evernew pot, the weight of the "basic" Sidewinder setup would probably be lighter if the cone was one designed for a .9L Evernew pot to the extent less titanium would be required for the cone. A smidgen less, maybe?

Using that same smaller .9L pot with the basic Clikstand setup wouldn't result in any weight reduction -- same Clikstand, same windscreen, same burner.

Looks to me like the basic Sidewinder setup weighs significantly less than the comparable basic Clikstand setup.

PS -- the Sidewinder cone for the 1.3L pot is nice because the same cone can also be used with an Open Country 2 qt pot (requires the addition of two pair of stake holes to prevent the taller 2 qt pot from extending too far down, snuffing the burner). Can also use a smaller pot (e.g., .9L Evernnew) with the 1.3L/Sidewinder cone by inserting the stakes in the holes for the "fire" level, or maybe having another set of holes added to accomodate the .9L pot -- specifically requested when ordering the Sidewinder (more holes make the cone even lighter ;>)

The rolled-up 1.3L Sidewinder w/burner fits inside the Open Country 2qt pot just as well as it fits inside the 1.3L Evernew pot, but the same rolled-up cone does not fit inside the .9L Evernew pot :>(

However, the Clikstand w/burner & windscreen can fit in all three of those pots, and its windscreen can apparently accomodate any of those pots, too (per specs at Clikstand website).

Edited by JRScruggs on 06/12/2012 20:57:48 MDT.

James McDaniel
searching for a light alcohol stove on 06/12/2012 22:27:43 MDT Print View

+1 Ti Clikstand combo. I absolutely love mine. Works perfect every time and so predictable it cracks me up.

Steven Thompson
(stevet) - M

Locale: Northeast
Re: searching for a light alcohol stove on 06/12/2012 23:12:04 MDT Print View

My lightest setup is the Thermojet stove for my one liter Evernew pot. But i prefer the slightly heavier caldera cone for the better windy conditions performance and stability.

Hex55 Meyer
(hex55) - F

Locale: Germany
searching for a light alcohol stove on 06/13/2012 00:56:30 MDT Print View

Of course the Ti-Tri looks like the most efficient / wind stable stove system. But if its custom made for one special pot I can't take another pot later. Could be a problem. And if I want to burn wood I need the inferno, make it heavy and expensive and it will need more space in my backpack. But ok, seems to be a real wood burner then, not like the others.
Now I dont need a 1.3 liter pot, but maybe later I want to use the stove for two persons, so the system should be ok for 0.8 and 1.3 liter pots. This let me think the clikstand, "" or the Evernew Titanium DX Stove Set would be a better option, because I would be a lot more flexible for the future.
Am I wrong?

Robert Kelly
(QiWiz) - MLife

Locale: UL gear @
Re: searching for a light alcohol stove (that can also burn wood and accommodate multiple pots) on 06/13/2012 09:01:42 MDT Print View

My 2 cents:

If you plan to usually burn alcohol but want to be able to burn wood occasionally as a backup, I'd recommend a Caldera Cone Ti-Tri to fit whatever pot will meet most of your needs. It is stable and very fuel efficient and very wind-resistant.

If you plan to usually burn wood but want to be able to burn alcohol occasionally in bad weather, above tree line, or in fire ban areas, then I'd recommend a wood burner that has the option to add an alcohol burner AND a windscreen. One example of this is the FireFly, but there are others. Each one has their devotees, critics, and defenders. That's what makes it so much fun. ; )

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: searching for a light alcohol stove on 06/13/2012 13:14:37 MDT Print View

"And if I want to burn wood I need the inferno"