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Instructions for painter's plastic tarp?
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Mitch Chesney
(MChesney) - F
Instructions for painter's plastic tarp? on 06/08/2012 14:42:35 MDT Print View

I recently came across TheCheapBastard's video of his hammock setup with a painter's plastic tarp using packing tape to reinforce the stress points ( Anyone have instructions or dimension specs for this? I'm really interested in a <$25 tarp system.

Chris Muthig
(cmuthig) - M

Locale: Georgia
More videos on 06/09/2012 07:40:35 MDT Print View

He mentions some information about the dimensions and build method in this video. It seems like it is about 11x8.

I'd be curious about the durability of the material. Some members here have had luck using Polycryo for making tarps, but it would cost a little bit more. I've very little engineering knowledge, but even with the tape along the tie out points, it still seems like force will be put on the large panels between them, which is the difficulty with tarps. This could be an issue under strong winds or heavy snow. It could still be a good way to test out tarp dimensions though.

Tony Mull
(tonymull) - F

Locale: Western Washington
Cheap tarp on 06/09/2012 23:30:56 MDT Print View

Better to use window shrink material. The one for patio sliders is big. Tougher material, similar weight and less than $10 at HD or Lowes.

Dan Johnson

Locale: PNW
Cheap tarp on 06/10/2012 13:07:22 MDT Print View

I would totally go the window insulation route. The material is already pre-cut to a nice good size (I think some manufactures differ in size so be sure to check them all out). It includes double sided tape that you use to reinforce the perimeter edge and all you need is a couple of washers to put inside the tape tie-outs and you're done. I can make one of these in the time it takes me to drink a beer.

I've made a couple thread about this tarp setup in the past so may e check those out when you have some time. Mine are all holding up fine after many uses.

Happy tarping!