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CT trail conditions
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brandon reynolds

Locale: Rocky Mountains
CT trail conditions on 06/07/2012 08:28:08 MDT Print View

I was reading segment 12 is impassable due to tree blowdown. Here is the actual message:

"SEG 12 IMPASSIBLE BLOWDOWN. 'Heads up,' please inform others, thanks. Inside Wilderness where chainsaws are prohibited (may take years to clear the CT) the Seg 12 blowdown is so extensive that it is impassible. PLAN YOUR DETOUR AROUND SEG 12. CT Guidebook is helpful as is MountainMaps "Sawatch Range," both available via the CT Store and elsewhere. As best detour routes become evident, the CTF will post more detour info on website and here."

I was wondering if anyone has reroute info to go around it, I actually am already going through hope and elkhorn pass on the cdt to miss some of segment 12 but was planning on jumping on pine creek trail back to buena vista and continuing on segment 12 from there. But still that part of seg 12 is impassable.

Also, I was wondering if anyone had info on the snow conditions high up like on the 10 mile ridge or other places that will still be snow. It has been a light snow year so I'm not that worried about it but I figured I'd ask.

brandon reynolds

Locale: Rocky Mountains
oh... on 06/07/2012 08:28:48 MDT Print View

and im planning on leaving June 15th or so if that helps on the timing.

Ben Wortman
(bwortman) - M

Locale: Nebraska
10 Mile on 06/08/2012 09:42:56 MDT Print View

I just was in the 10 mile range last week. There was not much show up there. In a few weeks there might not be any left.

Diana Nevins
(artemis) - MLife

Locale: Great Plains
Reroute info on 06/08/2012 16:40:39 MDT Print View

The Colorado Trail foundation has posted several reroute options here.

John D

Locale: CO
Alternative CDT route on 06/09/2012 12:27:22 MDT Print View

They've also posted this up on their facebook page:

"Detour around CT Seg 12 using CDT but returning to CT at first 'south of blowdown impasse' opportunity. Twin Lakes, CDT: Hope Pass, Lake Ann, Texas Creek; leave CDT; east on Trail 416; south on Tr 1442 Browns Pass; east on Tr 1448 Kroenke Lake & Tr 1449 North Cottonwood Creek; Rd 365 for 1.5 mi. to Silver Creek TH at CT Seg 12/13 division; resume CT Southbound. Big detour, it was highly recommended by one of the FS field guys who's highly experienced. I bet it's spectacular."

It looks to me that it adds about 10 miles to the total distance. I wanted to go up hope pass anyway, so this is a good opportunity. I'm leaving june 22.

brandon reynolds

Locale: Rocky Mountains
Re: Alternative CDT route on 06/12/2012 15:20:15 MDT Print View

yea so I just talked to someone at the CTF and they told me some people are going to do that reroute except on the brown pass trail keep going south to the mt yail trail and summit mt yale and follow the ridge to the CT. Apparently there is a trail there that isnt marked on my trails illustrated map.

Apparently it is 42 miles from twin lakes to cottonwood creek if you do this reroute, approx 16 miles longer than the actual CT

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Alt CDT Route on 06/18/2012 13:27:51 MDT Print View

Anybody considering taking the CDT trail from Twin Lakes all the way to Highway 50? I happen to be resupplying in Salida anyway and from my research the CDT trail through the Collegiate Peaks seems much more scenic and backcountry. I am curious about the condition of that section. I would think it is somewhat well traveled. Does anybody know if the trail is marked, water source availability, rate of difficulty, etc. Any information or advice would be well appreciated. I am starting my thru-hike on June 25.


Bob Bankhead
(wandering_bob) - MLife

Locale: Oregon, USA
CT trail conditions on 06/18/2012 16:27:59 MDT Print View

just posted to the CTF FB page:

SEG 12 NOW PASSABLE FOR SOME. Please spread the word. Volunteers Saturday cut a zillion branches and some smaller trees from the trail corridor. Hiker pass-through now possible (though arduous) involves climbing over MANY REMAINING TREES, straddling...and sap. Some hikers will want to stay on the CT through Seg 12, others will still want to detour...your choice. Still impassible for stock animals. Detour document here -->​BlowdownDetoursCTSegment12.pdf

WATER STRATEGY. This Summer streamflows are gonna be less than average. Probably best to pack extra water carrying capacity (like extra bottles) and each time you fill up, get more water than normal. Stay hydrated, and have fun on The Colorado Trail.

Edited by wandering_bob on 06/18/2012 16:32:05 MDT.

John D

Locale: CO
Re: Alt CDT Route on 06/19/2012 21:35:02 MDT Print View

According to the CT facebook page, the CDT detour was detailed by a Forest Service field ranger familiar with the area and conditions. Depending on where you want to rejoin the CT, conditions may vary. Between Twin Lakes and Mount Yale, the trail will be well marked and conditions should be good. Water is readily available for most of the north side of Hope pass, then the trail follows Clear creek up to Lake Ann. From there to Texas creek, the trail crosses some smaller creeks, but I'm not sure if they will be flowing well. From there, you could continue on the CDT down to hwy 50 at monarch pass or follow Texas Creek up to Browns pass near Mt Yale. In general, that section of the CDT is more difficult than the accompanying CT section.

brandon reynolds

Locale: Rocky Mountains
okay i finished... on 07/25/2012 17:56:00 MDT Print View

...and i did the CDT reroute over hope and browns pass and hiked yale. Water was fine the entire way, small streams the entire way. and it was one of the best parts of the trip. everything was marked well also. I definitely recommend it.