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Fire-starting supplies in a carry-on bag?
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David Patterson
(davidp80) - F
Fire-starting supplies in a carry-on bag? on 02/20/2007 14:28:26 MST Print View

Hi everyone,

I'm just wondering whether the firestarter and Tinder tabs sold here at BPL would be permitted to be carried on to a plane in a carry-on bag. Does anyone have any insight into or personal experience with this?



Kirk Beiser
(kab21) - F

Locale: Pic: Gun Lake, BWCA
Re: Fire-starting supplies in a carry-on bag? on 02/20/2007 15:34:45 MST Print View

I'm not even sure if you can have them in your checked baggage. I know that esbit for example has to be shipped by ground only (in the correctly labeled boxes).


David Patterson
(davidp80) - F
Re: Fire-starting supplies in a carry-on bag? on 02/20/2007 18:31:21 MST Print View

Thanks Kirk.

This could definitely be a problem. I'm planning a long trip in the Himalayas beginning this July, and I'm having some trouble figuring out how I'm going to get what I need there - i.e. a good knife, firestarting supplies, etc. I guess I could always ship them ahead....if I could find a reliable source to hold on to what I'm sending.

I guess the tabs are definitely impregnated with something that is considered flammable, otherwise they probably wouldn't be of much use. Would this require them to be shipped via ground only as well? I don't remember seeing anything on the BPL website saying that tinder tabs don't ship to Alaska or Hawaii.....

I wonder about the firestarter itself?

Thanks everyone,


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Eric Noble
(ericnoble) - MLife

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: Re: Fire-starting supplies in a carry-on bag? on 02/20/2007 22:54:37 MST Print View

I would be surprised if there was a problem. Airline regulations have surprised me in the past however. The Spark-Lite should be fine because it is not flammable or pointy. The Tinder-Quik tabs are essentially cotton with some petroleum jelly. I don't think they will be a problem either and if they are you can make some at the other end. If I recall right, the Spark-Lite kit was initially designed for the Air Force. There has to be a Home Land Security or FAA web site that would clarify this question for you.

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David Patterson
(davidp80) - F
Re: Fire-starting supplies in a carry-on bag? on 02/21/2007 06:45:04 MST Print View

Thanks Eric - I was thinking the same, but wanted to get some confirmation from others. I have been allowed to check tinder tabs and a firestarter, but the two combined essentially equal a lighter which aren't allowed in carry-on luggage - I wonder whether airport staff would use the same logic. That would be my only concern.

Any other insight?



Gene .

Locale: New England
Re: Re: Fire-starting supplies in a carry-on bag? on 02/21/2007 13:37:33 MST Print View

Dave, Just pack them in separate ziploc bags in different areas of your pack, then check the whole shebagan. Unless you want to be strip searched at every airport you go to....

DHL pretty much can put a package anywhere on the Planet. Why not leave a big package of 'iffy gear' with someone you can trust to ship it to you when you arrive at your destination? You would be 'there' to get it, and it would be easier for you to figure out where/when the package will get to you.

Any of the outfitter/adventure co's that do tours should be able to give you the skinny too.