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Headlamp with a Long distance Beam????
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Matthew Bowler
( - M
Headlamp with a Long distance Beam???? on 05/20/2012 22:21:11 MDT Print View

Can anyone recommend a headlamp to me that has a really good long distance beam?


christopher smead
(hamsterfish) - MLife

Locale: hamsterfish
Black diamond storm on 05/20/2012 23:18:35 MDT Print View

100 lumen spot light, or selectable 26 lumen floods.
Bummer is that it weighs 4 oz and takes 4 aaa batts, so not quite ultralight.

Mark Fowler
(KramRelwof) - MLife

Locale: Namadgi
You may like the Petzl Tikka XP2 on 05/21/2012 05:00:21 MDT Print View

Not the brightest (80 lumens max) but it has a series of features which I find excellent when looking for a light for night use other than camp. In particular 88g with batteries, selectable narrow/wide beam, low power red led for night vision, compatible with the Core rechargable lithium battery system.

I find this gives plenty of light for night walking. The real issue for a long distance beam is a narrow beam which concentrates the light vs the wide beam which spreads the light.

Jamie Klein

Locale: Louisville
Storm on 05/21/2012 06:33:49 MDT Print View

I have a Black Diamond Storm also. Kinda heavy but a very bright spot. I wish it's red light was a little brighter like my friends Petzl.

Kevin Babione
(KBabione) - MLife

Locale: Pennsylvania
Headlamp with a Long Distance Beam on 05/21/2012 06:36:42 MDT Print View

My solution was to split it into two parts:

I have the Petzl e-Lite headlamp (less than an ounce) for around camp - it has multiple brightness levels and a red LED for reading or doing chores without killing your night vision.

For spotting I carry a Fenix LD01 (1 AAA Lithium battery) that pumps out 85 lumens. It weighs .8 ounces.

So, for under two ounces I have both my headlamp and long distance beam covered. I usually do not hike at night so the e-Lite is sufficient for me. If I had to hike at night I'd probably use a combination of both. The e-Lite would clip nicely to my belt and I'd keep the Fenix in my hand.

Tom Kirchner
(ouzel) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest/Sierra
Princeton Tech Remix on 05/21/2012 17:16:36 MDT Print View

Throws a beam 70 meters, weighs ~2.6 oz with lithium batteries, advertised good for 28 hours on high beam.

Thayne N
(teethless) - MLife

Locale: Boston
lights on 05/21/2012 17:46:01 MDT Print View

I like my petzl tikka xp2. I have no problem really seeing what's out there when night hiking or looking for the things that go *bump* in the night... sorry I can't weigh in with anything real technical though!

Similar to the idea that Kevin presents, this baby ( is light and powerful, but lacking in long run times. (maybe carry extra batteries appropriate for your mission?)

Mark Verber
(verber) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: Headlamp with a Long distance Beam???? on 05/21/2012 20:36:32 MDT Print View

I have been very happy with the non "floody" version of the Zebralight H51. I don't remember which specific model… there are several depending on color of the white. The H51 replaced a PrintonTec EOS which was good, but not really as good as the Zebralight for my purposes. The other thing that has worked well is to use a regular flashlight combined with a micro headlamp that you use in camp, or a flashlight that is small and light enough to clip to you hat like the iTP A3 EOS Upgrade, Fenix LD01, etc. I have some notes on recommended flashlights.

Quick comment on the remix… that light is unregulated. The intensity drops off pretty quickly, so while the headlamp with provide some light for the times they list, a fair bit of the time it won't be so bright.


Edited by verber on 05/22/2012 16:25:28 MDT.

Aaron Sorensen
(awsorensen) - MLife

Locale: South of Forester Pass
Re: Re: Headlamp with a Long distance Beam???? on 05/21/2012 21:38:17 MDT Print View

Spark headlamps have an amazing distance with a sweet beam. Most of the models last a good time. There is a nice spread of light with a good distinguished beam in the center.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Headlamp with a Long distance Beam???? on 05/21/2012 21:59:19 MDT Print View

Princeton Tec Eos.

I have had one for years. If I plan on night hiking that is the one I take.

Cesar Garcia
(crgowo) - F

Locale: Desert SW
eos on 05/22/2012 13:08:39 MDT Print View

Ill second the Eos. Its for a head lamp its pretty darn bright

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
zebralight on 05/22/2012 13:22:39 MDT Print View

I think the H51 (AA) or the H31 (CR123) would both fit the bill pretty easy and they aren't overly portly

I have the 31 as a I use a Steripen, so made sense to go w/ CR123's- I've used it several times at night, more running than walking which is even a little more challenging

options for .5 to 220 lumens (I find the medium 43 lumen setting more than adequate for night travel) , weight 2.4 oz w/ battery and headband

Richard Fischel
eos is my go-to headlamp also on 05/22/2012 13:46:09 MDT Print View

3 brightness levels, falsh mode and regulated. i have one in the house, one in the car and one in the top pocket of my pack. i'm very happy with them.

Barry Cuthbert
(nzbazza) - MLife

Locale: New Zealand
Re: Headlamp with a Long distance Beam???? on 05/22/2012 16:50:28 MDT Print View

You don't say why you need a really long throwing light as lights that are good for night hiking along good trails, night hiking off trail in rough terrain, running/orienteering/rogaining and mountian bike riding are all different in light output, bean profile, weight, cost etc.

My experiences with night hiking are almost exclusively 80/20 night hiking off trail in rough terrain/night hiking along good trails. I've have used over 30 different headlamps over the past 20 years and my current favourite is the Zebralight H51w, primarily for its range of outputs, very high efficiency and runtime using one AA (I always use eneloops with energizer lithiums as a backup) and good beam profile with enough throw and good spill, nice colour tint and its pretty light weight (althrough its no Photon, the extra capability more than makes up for the wieght increase IMO).

The Priceton Tec Eos is also a good headlamp as others have mentioned but heavier than the H51wn and the beam doesn't have the same throw.

If you want to go big, headlamps such as the Zl H600, Princeton Tec Apex or BD Icon may be better.

For UL trips, i've used a single aaa torch (4Sevens Preon Revo, no longer available) to good effect.

When hiking at night i've tried handheld lights, head mounted lights, lights around the waist, two lights etc, I keep coming back to a single head mounted light so I can point the light where I want to look and I have both hands free. I found while waist mounted lights and and handheld lights are better for definition of rocks and roots, my waist (hence light) was often pointing another way when I needed to see what was up ahead to the side or above or below my current position, and handheld lights I jsut found awkward.

Thats my 2 cents worth, if you had a specfic use in mind let us know.

Another forum worth checking out for headlamps is

Thayne N
(teethless) - MLife

Locale: Boston
Looks nice! on 05/28/2012 12:41:59 MDT Print View

James Connolly
(jamespjc) - MLife

Locale: TX
Surefire Minimus AA on 05/28/2012 13:20:16 MDT Print View

Its pricey with a MSRP of $200 (but you can fine them for around $145 on Amazon for example), but the Surefire Minimus AA is a fantastic little headlamp, and its made in the US to military specs. It has a regulated output, and also has completely adjustable output from 1-100 lumens. Check it out -

Note: I have no affiliation with Surefire or Amazon. I'm just a fan of surefire products.

John Coyle

Locale: NorCal
Headlamp with a Long distance Beam on 05/30/2012 06:39:45 MDT Print View

Another vote for the Zebralight H51. I bought one after reading Mark Verber's review. 200 lumens on the brightest mode. I can't imagine needing any more than this on a normal backpack. My friends think I am an airplane coming in for a landing.

Jeffs Eleven
(WoodenWizard) - F

Locale: Greater Mt Tabor
Re: Black diamond storm on 05/30/2012 10:39:23 MDT Print View

I'm down with the BD Storm, also.

Four batts is ok w/ me cause I'm not sweating my batt life.
More waterproof than most -(I live in PNW so I need that)


I've had Laughing Rabbits, and I have the e+, Petzls, Princeton Tecs, and other BDs. THis is my fave as I've decided that I like a lot of light.

I sell the Minimus and I'm not impressed with it, personally. The Fenix ones leave something to be desired, IMO

And in a fit of nerdyness- to keep my lamp lens from scratching I got a baby sock to store my light in. (while in pack)

Baby socks!!