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Hiking in Kansai, Japan. Specific info request
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Andrew Dolman
Hiking in Kansai, Japan. Specific info request on 05/18/2012 12:38:01 MDT Print View

Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience hiking in the Kansai region of Japan? I and some colleagues will be in Kyoto for a conference in July, and we plan to spend a few days hiking afterwards. I have the Lonely Planet "Hiking in Japan" 2nd edition (2009) and the following routes from the Kansai section are shortlisted:

11. Odai-ga-hara to Osugi (p185)

7. Yatsubuchi-no-taki (p172); possibly paired with

6. Buna-ga-take (p171) with an overnight stay in a mountain hut,

I've heard that the suggested routes in the LP can be a bit 'sub-optimal' but that the destinations themselves are sound.

Camping is also a possibility - but that might be just me on my own.

Any route or hut recommendations? Or good places for info in Kyoto? Maps etc ...



David Drake
(DavidDrake) - F

Locale: North Idaho
Re: Hiking in Kansai, Japan. Specific info request on 05/18/2012 13:11:58 MDT Print View

I did Yatsubuchi-no-taki as a day hike. Excellent hike. Found the LP guide accurate, including public transport directions to trailhead. Looking at the time stamp on my photos, it looks like it took us about 5-5.5 hours, including lunch but not including transport.

This was in May--I expect conditions in July would be much more hot and humid.

Here's some pics (note ladders and chains in middle two):





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Miguel Arboleda
(butuki) - MLife

Locale: Kanto Plain, Japan
Re: Hiking in Kansai, Japan. Specific info request on 05/18/2012 14:15:54 MDT Print View

One of the best sources for hiking in the Kansai region is Wes Lang from Hiking in Japan. He also has a Facebook group called, "Hiking in Japan", where you can join and contact him directly.

p.s. (Wes is the author of many Lonely Planet articles on hiking in Japan)

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Andrew Dolman
Hiking in Kansai, Japan. Specific info request - thanks on 05/28/2012 05:52:22 MDT Print View

Thanks for the info guys. I've joined the Facebook group and will ask for specific info there.

David, Yatsubuchi-no-taki looks excellent - and 5.5 hours makes an easy day trip (timewise) so I'd say that's on hte list.

Rick M
(rmjapan) - F

Locale: London, UK
Go high on 05/28/2012 06:46:33 MDT Print View

My advise is to "go high", eg above 2500m into the Japan Alps on an overnight or two trip if you have a few days. Temps in Kansai during July will be pushing 40C with 80% humidity and typhoon season makes the rivers/gorges VERY dangerous with flash floods.

It is an easy express train ride from Kyoto to Toyama and from there by local train/bus to Tateyama, probably the most scenic alpine spot in all Japan. Leave Kyoto in the morning and be on the mountain before noon. Stay at one of the inexpensive Murodo lodges or in "luxury" at the Hotel Tateyama as base camp for day hikes up to the surrounding peaks.

general info;

Hotel Tateyama;

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