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Where can I find 1/8 in shock cord
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George Matthews
(gmatthews) - MLife
Where can I find 1/8 in shock cord on 02/18/2007 13:55:34 MST Print View

Where can I find 1/8 in. shock cord?

My wife and I are trying to finish up our first sewn gear project. We used the Controlled Exposure Shell Overmitts #75 pattern.

We bought the pattern and most of the material when we were on a trip in CO.

I need 80 in. of the cord. We're making two pairs of overmitts.

paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
Re: Where can I find 1/8 in shock cord on 02/18/2007 14:12:00 MST Print View

Try REI. That's where i purchased shock-cord, velcro, side-release buckles, etc.

Here's a link to a REI webpage with shock-cord and some other items you might require.

A different presentation of some (or all) of the accessories found in the previous link

They used to have velcro-by-the-foot (just like they sold the various diameter shock-cord), but i don't see it listed any longer, just small velcro "patches"/squares.

Here's some other accessories you may require at some point

Yet more accessories at REI*&cat=6915688&page_size=100&vcat=REI_SEARCH:C

(sorry, this last link is giving me some trouble, so i've just put the URL in instead of a HTML hyperlink - so, just copy it and paste it into your Browser's address bar.)

Hope this info helps.

Edited by pj on 02/18/2007 14:28:20 MST.

George Matthews
(gmatthews) - MLife
excellent link - thanks! on 02/18/2007 15:08:37 MST Print View

Thanks for your great link - went right to it but the item is on backorder.

But I started browsing around and see lots of stuff there.

DIY is new area for me. Fortunately my wife used to sew alot so she's helping me out and refreshing her skill. The pattern we're using is pretty tough. We've had the fabric for over a year so we were due to get 'er done

I'm still trying to learn about the fabrics, buckles, etc and where to find them. Embarassingly - I'm not 100% sure if we've put the right side of the fabric on the outside. Time for prayer : )

David Wills
(willspower3) - F
Re: Where can I find 1/8 in shock cord on 02/18/2007 17:38:38 MST Print View

these guys seems to have the best prices of the outdoor fabric industry on average. Great selection too. You have to call them to order though, which is inconveniant, but a painless process. Very helpful people too.

George Matthews
(gmatthews) - MLife
will call them tomorrow on 02/18/2007 18:02:00 MST Print View

thanks - i will call owf tomorrow

i'm getting 7 ft

rei is .15/ft
owf is .16/ft

back to the mitts - i gave one of them a quick sink test and the water beaded off. does this indicate that i don't have the material inside-out?

Denis Hazlewood
(redleader) - MLife

Locale: Luxury-Light Luke on the Llano Azul
Re: Where can I find 1/8 in shock cord on 02/19/2007 14:52:55 MST Print View

If you live near sailboating water try a ships chandlry. Out our way West Marine is a good bet. They even have 3/32".

Jason Turner
(headchange4u) - F
Ebay on 02/21/2007 09:02:14 MST Print View

I buy my shock cord from Ebay. You might try there.

George Matthews
(gmatthews) - MLife
owf - great $ & service, prompt shipment, on 02/27/2007 10:13:52 MST Print View is great source

i went with 3/32

"Great selection too."

They sent catalog (print off).

"Very helpful people too."

Now I'm going to make some stuff (if my wife has mercy on my poor sewing soul : )

Edited by gmatthews on 02/27/2007 10:15:20 MST.

Cameron Reed
(cameronjreed) - F
Quest Outfitters on 02/27/2007 13:03:09 MST Print View

Quest Outfitters is where I get my supplies. They have GREAT customer service and prompt delivery.
1\8" shockcord at QuestOutfitters (

Enjoy and Good Luck.
Be sure to post some pictures when you finish. :)

George Matthews
(gmatthews) - MLife
Finished on 03/02/2007 20:24:33 MST Print View

Finished the overmitts.

CE 75

Made from pattern: Controlled Exposure CE 75

Joseph Valesko
( - F
mitts on 03/02/2007 21:06:11 MST Print View

Nice looking mitts!

Cameron Reed
(cameronjreed) - F
well done on 03/03/2007 08:38:02 MST Print View

They look great. Where did you end up getting the shockcord?

George Matthews
(gmatthews) - MLife
owf on 03/03/2007 10:27:56 MST Print View

i went with 3/32