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Big Sky International - Evolution 2P Tent (Why and How I Got One)
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Warren Greer
(WarrenGreer) - F

Locale: SoCal
Dave, agreed. on 05/11/2012 20:57:08 MDT Print View

Exactly what I thought. Neat tents. Just can't ever get one delivered. Too bad. Not sure why anyone would ever trust BSI to deliver. Pardon the pun.

Nathan Watts
(7sport) - MLife
Re: Dave, agreed. on 05/11/2012 21:10:06 MDT Print View

I purchased one a little over a year ago and received it within 2 weeks. Great tent for 2+ 2 dogs. . Just buy something that's in stock to avoid any drama.

Derrick White
(miku) - MLife

Locale: Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
Doubt is Wrong Sometimes on 05/11/2012 23:40:39 MDT Print View

Not sure who Chris Scala is honestly, but I can tell you that I am no advertisement for Big Sky. I have decided to take the risk with them And I am trying to engender a debate about their tents and not the political crap BPL is full of about Big Sky.

I am seeking a discussion of their tents and started a thread to which Chris Scala responded and said he had never heard if them and would check them out. He did and has a tent on the way, as he says. I still wait for mine, but BSI promised delivery date is weeks away. BSI has promised a loaner until my tent is manufactured. We will see how it goes.

The negative speculation toward BSI current business is extreme and twisted. The past has to give way to the present at some point. Give it a chance for Pete's sake all you nayasyers.


Christopher Yi
(TRAUMAhead) - F

Locale: Cen Cal
Re: Doubt is Wrong Sometimes on 05/11/2012 23:51:18 MDT Print View

I wasn't going to say anything, but Michael and Dave must've read my mind.

It just seemed awkward that both of you recently joined or started posting, and both ordered a BSI tent within a week of each other and started talking about.

Chris Scala
(Scalawag) - F
WTF? on 05/12/2012 00:26:44 MDT Print View

Guys, chill out. I do not work for this company, at all. I shouldn't even do this but I will lay it all out:

- I post on the r/ultralight board on reddit. Username: ANTI-PUGSLY. Go through 3 years worth of posts on that site and find a single thing that indicates I work for a camping gear company.

- I'm a photographer and designer. Here is my website:

- I live outside of NY. AFAIK, this company is based out of Wyoming?

- If you read my post history you can see I'm a 20-something dude hiking the JMT this summer. Just taking up an interest in UL and trying to contribute to the community the best I can. Forgive me for being thorough.

I seriously don't know some of you guys can spend so much time in the woods and still be so quick to get riled up. It's really a very negative energy.

drowning in spam
(leaftye) - F

Locale: SoCal
Re: WTF? on 05/12/2012 01:04:05 MDT Print View

Chris, when you get your tent, would you be up for sharing some important details? Doing it with good macro pictures would be awesome.

We already know Bob is a good tent designer, we don't know if his new tent factory is any good. I'd love to see how tautly it pitches so we can see if the cut is correct. Macro shots of the seams, corners and attachment points would show how the fabric is cut, if the seams are straight, how seams are ended and reinforced, and how attachment points are reinforced....I think interior shots of those would be best.

As to your last comment, this site has a history of dog piling onto cottage companies. I don't like it either.

Chris Scala
(Scalawag) - F
Macro on 05/12/2012 10:25:03 MDT Print View

Absolutely Eugene, that was my intent anyway. I just found it hard to come up with any information on these so I figured I could contribute my documenting it myself.

Still a little overwhelmed by the paranoia in here... :\

David Affleck
Weight? on 05/12/2012 10:48:33 MDT Print View

Maybe I'm just missing it, but I did just scan the thread twice looking - how much does this tent (Rev 2P) weigh?

- Dave

Michael L
(mpl_35) - MLife

Locale: NoCo
Re: Re: Doubt is Wrong Sometimes on 05/12/2012 11:28:11 MDT Print View

You BSI guys may be perfectly legit. But you can drop the paranoia - negative energy line of attacks.

Chris you showed perfect knowledge of BSI's previous BS yet pretended otherwise. So I have no problem calling you on it.

And I do not think it is the least bit unusual for some of us to hold to our principles. I don't care if Morlen is on time now. Somebody who has revealed low moral character in the past without apology doesn't deserve a second chance. I don't care what he's up to these days. It isn't just BSI. If somebody treats me or my aquantices poorly, I don't feel the need to later give them my money.

But welcome to BPL and I hope you will contribute a trip report with pictures from your JMT hike. It is great to have good quality images in a TR.

Raymond Estrella
(rayestrella) - MLife

Locale: Northern Minnesota
weights on 05/12/2012 14:55:17 MDT Print View

Why does yours have pole sleeves? You say it is an older model but you just bought it, right?

I really liked it but am on a waiting list for a Revolution 2P which will work better in all the rain I see now that I am full time in Minnesota.

By the way, somebody said the Revolution is a hybrid double-wall tent. That is not so. It is a double-wall tent, it just supports the inner from the fly with the poles on the outside, whereas the Evo has the poles between the two. (Poles support the inner and fly drapes over that.)

Edited by rayestrella on 05/12/2012 15:01:04 MDT.

Sam Farrington
(scfhome) - M

Locale: Chocorua NH, USA
BSI on 05/12/2012 21:50:43 MDT Print View

The BSI threads always suck me in because of the questions they raise:

If you think you have a shot at getting the ideal tent, should it matter to you that many other folks who ordered them got bilked?

And, if the merchant has a history of dishonesty can you trust the quality of the merchandise, or believe the claims made about it? You can bet a decent product would be sent to a BP or BPL reviewer, but what about to ordinary folk, if sent at all.

I used to work for judges, who would regularly remind me that, 'tigers don't change their stripes," and "false in one, false in all." (loose translation from the Latin)
I'm not quite that callused; but definitely do not like the idea of supporting someone just because it will get me what I want, no matter the effect on others.
I suppose it's a matter of your own personal moral outlook. But they all add up to determine what kind of world we live (and die) in. I often read novels about life in Russia, and how people have coped in desperate straits.

A related note: The Limmer family of custom boot makers in NH have operated a business where there is a wait for several years. But you know up front approximately how long it will be, and when your time comes, they deliver.
Custom gear can be made and sold in an honest and upright fashion.

Derrick White
(miku) - MLife

Locale: Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
Ahem on 05/13/2012 05:41:37 MDT Print View

I have to digest all this with a bit of humor, and state for the record that I am in no way affiliated with BSI. I am a lawyer in the frontier of northeastern Canada (Labrador)who is prepared to give a guy (a company) a chance. As for those of you who now wrongly accuse of me of being involved with BSI because I speak positively of a company which you don't like, whatever your intent, regardless of how worthy, you have lost the moral high ground because what you are saying if false.

I just want to talk tents.

Derrick White
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Michael L
(mpl_35) - MLife

Locale: NoCo
Re: Ahem on 05/13/2012 08:04:20 MDT Print View

Don't know if anybody is even talking to you or about you (ive never addressed you) Derrick but feel free to keep your high ground.

Chris Scala
(Scalawag) - F
Update on 05/14/2012 12:02:05 MDT Print View

You guys will be happy to know I'll have detailed images for you on Thursday, when the tent arrives. It's on it's way across the country via UPS.

Regardless of what previous experiences were had (which I never pretended to deny... I think someone is reading far too much into my words), I had an exceedingly positive one. I can't think of any other seller I've been in touch with as much as this guy... My inbox literally has about 25 emails back and forth.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Re: Ahem on 05/14/2012 12:29:37 MDT Print View

Derrick - did you just post your phone number on the web?

@Chris - looking forward to the pics!

First Last
(snusmumriken) - F

Locale: SF Bay Area
Color me skeptical on 05/14/2012 13:12:44 MDT Print View

Two brand new users posting nothing but gushing endorsements of Big Sky's "customer service" even though neither of them have even received a tent yet. Hmmm...

It has been a long time since Bob Molen posted here himself with repeated promises: just six to ten more weeks and we'll have a handle on these temporary delivery / production problems. Then a flurry of angry posts as people who had ordered and paid started to realize that no tent would ever arrive.

Now five more years have gone by and even though the Big Sky web site has been up and they supposedly have been selling tents for all these years there are basically no reviews, no trip reports, and in fact almost no sightings at all of Big Sky tents.

And you two think we're being suspicious for no good reason?

Jeffs Eleven
(WoodenWizard) - F

Locale: Greater Mt Tabor
Re: Color me skeptical on 05/14/2012 13:28:05 MDT Print View

Well put, Kristin

Time will tell

Willie Evenstop
(redmonk) - F

Locale: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Big Sky International - Evolution 2P Tent (Why and How I Got One) on 05/14/2012 14:00:56 MDT Print View

I won't consider a BS tent until they are under new ownership, and, stocked at a third party retailer where they can be bought off the shelf.

This whole 'give a guy a chance' crap pretends all the people yanked around *for years* were doing something other than giving the guy a chance.

Chris Scala
(Scalawag) - F
Paranoid on 05/14/2012 14:03:23 MDT Print View

I never said you didn't have a right to be wary of the company, but you are being completely overly paranoid accusing two innocent posters of whether they are EMPLOYED BY THE COMPANY. Are you realizing how insane that is? You think that this guy has the resources to hire two random people to infiltrate a message board?

That is absurd. I posted ALL of my personal information on this site, for you skeptics to verify. The reception here is leaving such a terrible taste in my mouth I can barely take half of you seriously anymore. If you were so concerned, why not just warn us that WE might get screwed?

- I've lurked on BPL for over a year now. I have read Ray Jardine's books, Mike Clelland's book, topics from all over the web, and finally feel I have something to contribute.

- I'm in the market for a new tent, so I read everything on shelters on here. Find a recommendation for BSI.

- Do about a week's research, determine it's worth a shot. Contact Bob, post EVERYTHING on here for you all to see, since my experience seemed different.

- Now I'm getting accused of being apart of some ludicrous marketing scheme.

So much for welcoming, peace-loving, mellow backpacker types. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Here guys, want my address too? Let's all follow my tent across the US with my UPS tracking number OK?

Here: 1Z9X963X1292607391

Want my phone number as well? It's on my website. Feel free to call me up 24/7.

Edited by Scalawag on 05/14/2012 14:14:03 MDT.

Dave Heiss

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Time will tell on 05/14/2012 14:17:25 MDT Print View

I for one am looking forward to more info on the Big Sky tents you two have ordered. I really like BSI's design approach, although their prices do give me pause. If the tents rock, they may be worth the money. Time will tell, and in that vein I hope to soon see your opinions on the tents themselves - as opposed to more opinions/past experiences related to BSI's poor business practices. I already know PLENTY about that...