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4.2oz Cuben/M50 Bivys
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John West
(skyzo) - M

Locale: Borah Gear
4.2oz Cuben/M50 Bivys on 05/09/2012 17:40:15 MDT Print View

As many of you know, I've been selling our Standard Bivys for quite awhile. They've been selling quite well, and over 70% of those go to members here on this great site, so I first wanted to say thank you for that!

Since the beginning of the year, I have had probably about 8-9 people ask me about possibly making these with a cuben floor. I was hesitant at first, having never sewed cuben before. I had heard stories of how hard it was to sew, and so for the longest time, we decided not to venture into the world of cuben. A few weeks ago, I decided I would try it. I ordered a few yards and put together some stuff sacks, and it really wasn't too bad. Just takes patience.

Joe Bernier contacted me a couple weeks back asking about the possibility of making a cuben floored bivy. I decided to go for it this time.

As of this morning, the finished result is in. Joe's was a standard length/standard girth, side zipper model. It came in weighing 4.4oz on the dot. Not too shabby. A standard chest zipper model weighs only 4.2oz. I was hoping to break the 4oz barrier, and make it into the high 3's, but by trimming it down to get it that low, it would sacrifice the roominess that has made these bivys popular.

The top on these is black Momentum 50, with a nanoseeum(.7oz) netting hood.

These are now posted up on the website, and are available for purchase:




stuffed cuben

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Chad "Stick" Poindexter
(Stick) - F

Locale: Wet & Humid Southeast....
Re: 4.2oz Cuben/M50 Bivys on 05/09/2012 19:42:29 MDT Print View

Very nice! I wish I had seen this a few days ago as I sure would have ordered one... And while I sure do love my cuben...even those silnylon bivys are nice...I will definitely keep these in mind and have bookmarked your site!

Tell me though, how does the M50 do with very much spray/splash?

Samuel Kau
(Skau) - M

Locale: Southern California
Re: 4.2oz Cuben/M50 Bivys on 05/09/2012 20:08:51 MDT Print View

A question on sizing:
I use a regular length neoair xlite with a 20 degree quilt. Would regular sizing be fine? I had a titanium goat bivy before but felt it waay to constricting so I am more conscious about giving myself more room for my next bivy.

John West
(skyzo) - M

Locale: Borah Gear
Re: Re: 4.2oz Cuben/M50 Bivys on 05/09/2012 21:23:47 MDT Print View

I'm really a big fan of the M50. I've found it to be just as water repellant as M90, and possibly even better. I used to own an M90 bivy, but after I saw how good the DWR was on the M50, I moved to it for the weight savings.

It depends on how much you weigh, but as long as you are under ~200lbs, a regular width would work just fine with that combo. Maybe an inch or two extra on girth to make sure, but the weight gains on that would be negligible, maybe .05oz at most. These are roomy bivys compared to some others out there (especially the footbox), so you would have lots of room.

Susan Papuga
(veganaloha) - M

Locale: USA
Re: Re: Re: 4.2oz Cuben/M50 Bivys on 05/10/2012 03:43:02 MDT Print View


I sent you an e-mail about a bivy.


Joseph Clark

Locale: Mohave Desert
Bivy on 05/25/2012 16:10:07 MDT Print View

John, i just ordered one of your M90 bivvies the other day and am looking forward to its arrival. I was under the impression that Cuben was pretty fragile...why not use it as the top half of the bivvy instead and something more durable on the bottom? Thanks.

John West
(skyzo) - M

Locale: Borah Gear
Cuben on 05/27/2012 15:59:57 MDT Print View

Hi Joseph,

The reason why the cuben can't go on top is because it isn't breathable. This would cause condensation to get trapped inside, getting everything wet.
This .74oz cuben is surprisingly tough. With reasonable care in site selection, its no problem to take care of.

Backpack Jack
(jumpbackjack) - F

Locale: Armpit of California
TARP on 05/27/2012 16:39:04 MDT Print View

John pm inbound