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TM RidgeRest 72" or 69" ?
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Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
TM RidgeRest 72" or 69" ? on 05/01/2012 17:44:36 MDT Print View

Because I have the time... I took it upon me to question some comments about a RidgeRest Solite at another forum.
The guy stated that his Ridgerest is 69" long and not 72"
My objection was based on the look of the RigeRest (no I don't have one and don't like it anyway, I tried a version of it years ago...)

So my question here is :
Does anyone have a "72" " Ridgrest that is 3" shorter or can anyone explain how that could be possible considering the pattern on them ?
(if it had shrunk, it should we also narrower, should it not ? )

There is an update. Apparently it is in fact 68" ....
And of course it is TR (Therm A Rest not TM)

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Sabine Funk
(SabineFunk) - F
Re. "TM RidgeRest 72" or 69" ?" on 05/02/2012 05:37:25 MDT Print View

Well, I have a Ridgerest and I am quite happy with it.
After sleeping some 100+ nights on it and all the tearing when you travel with it, it's still 72" long ;-)

No problems with it at all. Actually bought it after my airmattress was permanently leaking. No leaking anymore and it was a LOT cheaper!! =)

If you have any more questions about it, just ask me.

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
TR RidgeRest 72" or 68" ? on 05/02/2012 16:21:37 MDT Print View

The reason I am asking is that a guy does have a "RidgeRest SOLite" that IS 68" long however that is not a TR size (that I know of) and I cannot see how you can have a correct looking pattern (those diamonds) and the brand at both ends if the mat was cut short by mistake.(but it is 20" wide...)
I am thinking that there is something really fishy here but still not sure.

Sabine Funk
(SabineFunk) - F
... on 05/03/2012 06:21:43 MDT Print View

Wow, that really sounds strange to me...

Tommy Thompson
(wasser) - F

Locale: Northern CA
variabilty of RR on 05/03/2012 08:50:05 MDT Print View

I suspect it is related to a number of factors including:

Compression from rolling
Temperature of material

I played around with two old 72" long Ridgerests (non-solite). When laid flat they both measured just under 70". I took one outside in the sun for a few minutes and then compared them. The one that was in the sun had stretched another inch. This change and the difference between the two remained for all the hours they were out. I also noticed that if I simply laid on either mat that they would stretch a further .5" - 1".

The reason compression is lessened on the width may be due to greater strength from the ribbing and the lack of manual compression (it isn't rolled in that direction). The ribbing may also contribute to the compression of the mat like an accordion.

Also, I have a brand new 77" Solite that measures just under 77".

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Art ...
(asandh) - F
Re: TM RidgeRest 72" or 69" ? on 05/03/2012 09:17:49 MDT Print View

my 72" Ridgerest is only 54" inches long.
but I'm not complaining, even though I too have way too much time on my hands.