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How should I store compressible camping items?
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mik matra
(mikmik) - M

Locale: Allways on the move
How should I store compressible camping items? on 04/26/2012 04:48:55 MDT Print View

In between camping trips (we go twice a year) what is the 'best for longevity and keeping it in original condition' storage method for sleeping bags, sleeping pads (even the Exped air ones) and tent? Should it be wrapped up as if I am just about to shut the door on the car and head off into bush or should it be stored loosely in a plastic bag?

Many thanks.

Simone Zmood
(sim1oz) - MLife

Locale: Melbourne, Australia
How should I store compressible camping items? on 04/26/2012 05:02:51 MDT Print View

I would read the product instructions.

We leave our down sleeping bags in the supersized bags provided and only use compression bags if we have space issues when packing for a trip. Our Exped mattresses came with instructions to store flat with valves open and I’ve noticed that they seem to have a little air in them when I roll them up to put in their stuff sacks. Having said that, it probably wouldn’t matter with a straight air mattresses (that don’t have some sort of filling) and they are all stored rolled up while in shops.

It can’t hurt to follow manufacturer’s recommendations. I figure we’ve paid a fair bit for some of our gear so we look after it.

compressible on 04/26/2012 05:25:07 MDT Print View

store bags and insulting gear uncompressed, and where they can breathe.

I purchased a few of the really big plastic tubs from walmart , and put a sleeping bag in each so it has room to be uncompressed, and store those stacked up. more room than in the provided storage sacks.

my thermarest self-inflating type pads, stay rolled up . Yes they are recommended to be stored inflated, but I find it doesntreally matter. They might not self inflate as fast at first, but after being re-inflated once, they self-inflate again just fine. And even if they didnt its no issue to blow up.

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(annapurna) - MLife
Re: How should I store compressible camping items? on 04/26/2012 09:31:38 MDT Print View

David Thomas
(DavidinKenai) - MLife

Locale: North Woods. Far North.
Store sleeping pads inflated on 04/26/2012 10:17:37 MDT Print View

Sometimes I've kept my self-inflating sleeping pads stored flat, unsealed (hence inflated) on top of the gear boxes so there is no weight on them.

Other times, I've kept the pads in the closet on a pants-hanger clamped on the thin, sealed edge. Again, I store them with the valve open.

I've had a lot of self-inflating pads in my life and I rented out dozens while working in a BP store. One advantage of storing them non-compressed between trips is that they self-inflate faster on a trip. I find the difference most marked when they are cold and slow to inflate.

When I'm really on top of my game, I try to get them dried out when I can, which is most easily done in winter. Let them fill with cold (therefore dry) outside air, bring it inside to warm up to some moderately high temp (100F-ish) and then squeeze out the air that now contains some of the moisture that you'd introduced when inflating or topping it off by mouth. I just do 2-3 times, but better yet would be weigh it before each cycle until you see no change in weight.