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new ribzwear front pack
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Joshua Billings
(Joshua) - MLife

Locale: Santa Cruz,Ca
new ribzwear front pack on 04/20/2012 20:02:30 MDT Print View

So i picked one of these up a few days ago and i think it will be sweet! Really well made(cordera). I was resently hiking in a rainstorm and was thinking how a front pack would be nice to put my hat, glasses, map, snacks, knife,sun block, chap stick and maybe my windshirt. I think it could be really convenient while hiking. Might also balance the weight out alittle. Kind of like an aarn pack. I wonder how i will like it when it is hot? It has a vertical zipper on the chest with a velcrow strap to hold it from flopping when the zipper is open, so it might breathe with zipper open. I'm going to use it next weekend so i'll report back. If anyone wants to buy one of these, the people of ribzwear sent me a code for $20 off anypack so shoot me a pm and i can pass out a few codes. They asked not to post on a public forum but i could tell a few friends, so let me know if you're interested. Peace out.

Daniel Cox
(COHiker) - F

Locale: San Isabel NF
Interesting. on 04/20/2012 20:15:25 MDT Print View

That concept has been around for a while in the military. Not knocking it, it's actually pretty similar to a FLiC (fighting load carrier) that warfighters wear over their ballistic body armor.
For most of my Army service as a medic I carried 'the ABC fixers' and some tools in pouches strapped to a vest on my chest.

My personal experience is that it's unbelievably handy to have pockets on your stomach, but can get pretty hot unless they are pretty loosely worn, then they tend to bang around when you walk.

Probably a better concept for winter mountaineering than hiking.

Richard Lyon
(richardglyon) - MLife

Locale: Bridger Mountains
RIBZ front pack on 04/21/2012 08:42:13 MDT Print View

The new version is now being tested by I tested the original a couple of years ago, and I think it's great for skiing inbounds (don't have to take it off to ride the lift) and in the backcountry, and as a fishing vest. Does get a bit hot in bright sunshine, but a very useful pack. The new version rides a bit lower on the torso, low enough for a water bottle affixed to your backpack's shoulder strap can sit above it. The new version is considerably lighter than the original.

jeffrey armbruster
(book) - M

Locale: Northern California
"new ribzwear front pack" on 04/21/2012 16:44:46 MDT Print View

I wear a fanny pack--Gossamer Gear's, I think--turned around front,just above my pack's hip belt. The fanny pack weighs just a few ounces and is large enough for lunch, sunscreen, bug net, and a few other things. Wish it was big enough for my water bottle too.

Christopher May
( - F
Re: new ribzwear front pack on 05/23/2012 13:11:21 MDT Print View

Hi Joshua,
Wondering if you still have the $20 off code? Can't PM you so if you can email to me that would be
How do you like the ribzwear front pack now that you've tried it for a while?

Tony Mull
(tonymull) - F

Locale: Western Washington
ribz pack on 06/10/2012 15:58:23 MDT Print View

I've only used my ribz once but I think I'm gonna be a fan. I altered mine to make the straps longer (I have large back/chest and it was confining. Simple splice of some more webbing and now it fits well and is more comfortable. Moving 10 pounds or so to the front lends to a much more natural stance and balance. Best thing about the ribz is that you can see your feet as you pick through rocks and such. I love it!

Luis Velasco
(RNfrog) - MLife

Locale: Costal, dry warm climate.
Always in use on 06/16/2012 00:22:19 MDT Print View

I purchased a ribz several months ago and now go without it. After using it for over a month (3x/week) I hiked w/o and immediately sensed how much an affect it made on my gait position and balance.

Experimenting with it over time and conditions I now have it set to carry all my tioletries, emergengy gear,nav kit, e-reader,camera, and comm kit-- Total weight varies between 8-10 lbs all of which is outof the main pack easily accable, and sets my balance perfectly centered when carrying anequally wighted pack.

Natural stance and gait (flat orsteep gade climbs)
Abs and lower back stress dramatically reduced (for me)
Light construction (military grade? No)

Warm but acceptable (85 and above)
Straps cand be tangle if stored without care (not difficult)
The longer variation can be a better choice since it can be adj for shorter torsos
No internal padding, you'll need to experiment and keep loads with hart edges away from your torso.

Bottom line, really pleased with the product and its possibilities. I plan to purchase another (longer version.

- Lu

Luis Velasco
(RNfrog) - MLife

Locale: Costal, dry warm climate.
CorrectIon on 06/16/2012 00:26:37 MDT Print View

Sorry about that, I meant to say that "I never go without it when I carry a pack."

- Lu

Joshua Billings
(Joshua) - MLife

Locale: Santa Cruz,Ca
Update on ribz pack on 06/18/2012 00:04:29 MDT Print View

So I have used the ribz front pack about 4 times now in different kinds of weather and i really like it. I haven't used it in the heavy rain yet but i have used it in 95 degrees weather and a light rain. When it is hot i leave the front zipper open. The pack doesn't flop around. I feel more balanced like an aarn pack. It is very handy to access stuff while i hike. I will be using the front pack permanently.