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Crazy Golite Sale
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ugh on 05/11/2012 13:04:57 MDT Print View

Someone snagged 1 season quilt right under my nose. I added it to the cart, browsed for another item and by that time it sold! Mad... Went for RS1+ quilt for $75 instead...

Tim K
(CFDTim) - F

Locale: PNW
recent quilt order ML? on 05/11/2012 18:39:07 MDT Print View

Did they have some in-stock for a short period of time? My wife had decided she wants a quilt!

Alan henson
(355spider) - F

Locale: DFW
Incredible sale on 05/13/2012 08:01:20 MDT Print View

I ordered a Shangri La 5, two bags, two pants. Woohoo! This is really high quality stuff for the price.

Matt Heyward
(OutandAbout) - F
Coupon code? on 05/13/2012 19:50:31 MDT Print View

I'm about to pull the trigger on a Rush 10 pack. Does anybody have an extra coupon code they're not going to use?

Brett Peugh
(bpeugh) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
yeah on 05/13/2012 20:53:24 MDT Print View


Matt Heyward
(OutandAbout) - F
Code on 05/13/2012 21:40:03 MDT Print View

Thanks a lot.

Paul Hood
(sirisaac) - MLife
some info on the golite story... on 05/15/2012 11:57:56 MDT Print View

I am not sure if this was already mentioned or not.. but I found this link interesting. It details some of the story of how golite has transitioned to online and lower prices, etc. I am happier to support them after reading. (they have great products from my experience also)

Drew Jay

Locale: Central Coast
Anybody have a 20% code? on 05/26/2012 05:59:22 MDT Print View

Does anybody have a 20% code they aren't using? I reviewed a couple of things I bought previously while logged in but didn't receive a code.

Ian Schumann

Locale: Central TX
Re: some info on the golite story... on 05/26/2012 12:58:35 MDT Print View

Thanks a lot for posting this! That interview gets me excited about the whole GoLite brand again. Neat to hear their story and motivations.

Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: Re: some info on the golite story... on 05/26/2012 13:04:34 MDT Print View

Alan henson
(355spider) - F

Locale: DFW
Re: Anybody have a 20% code? on 05/26/2012 17:55:26 MDT Print View

You should receive it instantly. It's computer generated. Make sure they have your correct email address. I've already used two.

Jesse Newmark
(jnewm) - F

Locale: NorCal
Coupon code (NEVERMIND) on 06/11/2012 14:27:04 MDT Print View

Nevermind! Just went ahead and ordered. Can't figure out how to delete the message :)

Edited by jnewm on 06/11/2012 23:28:43 MDT.

Jason Ham

Locale: Ventura
Any More Coupon Codes?? on 08/04/2012 20:32:47 MDT Print View

I know this is old news, but are there any more unused codes around? If you could send me one I would appreciate it! Thanks.