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5 Liter "Kitchen Sink"
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Thomas Knight

Locale: Sothern Nevada
5 Liter "Kitchen Sink" on 04/14/2012 12:57:54 MDT Print View

I have had a Sea to Summit "Kitchen Sink" for quite a while. Weighs a few ounces and is kind of a luxury item. I generally take it when i know im going to be camping further from a water source than i like. Its multi use-ness comes in as a rain hat. i drap my Hennessy Hammock tarp over my head, torso and pack and use the kitchen sink as a rain cap so water sheds off of it onto the tarp. it takes a bit of time to get it on right, but seems to work very well. i use the sink to transport water to my campsite, for washing, and for dousing a fire if we have one. A Myog version of this could weigh even less.


Cody Lebow

Locale: Orange County
Re: 5 Liter "Kitchen Sink" on 04/14/2012 17:06:47 MDT Print View

Check this out
18g and 1 gallon capacity. My dad has one of those sea-to-summit bags and it weighs over a 1/4lb if i remember correctly.

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Ray Bailly
(tempestv) - F
bucket on 05/02/2012 21:59:05 MDT Print View

I was looking at the sea to summit 20L folding bucket, and found that if you fold the top edge down over the outside of the bucket in order to make it shorter, it becomes much more rigid, and would probably work as a sink. It's about the same diameter as the 5L sink, and would probably work as a hat in the folded position as well. It's lighter than the sink, and holds way more water when fully unfolded. To add to the multi-use nature, I would tap in a piece of tubing in the bottom for use with a gravity feed water system.
If Sea to Summit made them in black instead of orange, you could use the bucket as a solar shower as well, just click a showerhead in where the gravity feet filter hooks up.

Ryan Dorn
New Sea to Summit bag on 06/22/2012 21:49:38 MDT Print View

I went with the NEW 10 liter folding bucket from Sea to Summit. Twice the water and only weighs a mere 23 grams.

Jen Churchward
(mahgnillig) - F
Folding bucket on 06/26/2012 13:58:10 MDT Print View

I love my S2S folding bucket! I don't have the super lightweight new one, but for me the utility of having it more than makes up for the ~3oz. It gets used on multiple occasions every trip... water carrying, washing up, washing clothes/items/people, carrying firewood etc.

Erik Basil

Locale: Atzlan
the bucket on 06/28/2012 07:39:45 MDT Print View

I love our S2S bucket, and we definitely use the folded-edge to stiffen it as a kitchen sink, too. I don't get multiple use out of it as something more than a water container, but we use it to scoop water, to haul water, to stockpile water, to wash gear and more --multiple uses per trip. There's surely a weight to it, but it's durable and worth it.

Russell S

Locale: Bay Area
Re: New Sea to Summit bag on 02/15/2013 11:13:48 MST Print View


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