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TR: SUL Sespe Backcountry and Beyond Loop
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(jhaura) - F

Locale: Trail
TR: SUL Sespe Backcountry and Beyond Loop on 04/14/2012 10:56:26 MDT Print View

On March 23-24, fellow BPL member Nick Bobroff and I did a fun two day trip covering ~40 miles in the beautiful Sespe Wilderness and beyond into other drainages. On night 2, we decided to hike out in the dark as a snow storm blew in which dropped 12-14" of snow. By midnight we were off the mountain. The 'good pro' photos are by Nick :-)

View the full album here:

Happy Trails,


Edited by jhaura on 04/26/2012 12:02:52 MDT.

Andy Duncan
(bluewater) - M

Locale: SoCal
SUL Sespe Backcountry and Beyond Loop on 04/19/2012 00:34:49 MDT Print View

Thanks for posting your Sespe pxts Jhaura. I have been planning a similar loop in Sespe for this spring. Good to see you made it out before the storm.

Hk Newman
(hknewman) - MLife

Locale: Western US
Re: TR: SUL Sespe Backcountry and Beyond Loop on 04/19/2012 09:44:30 MDT Print View

I enjoyed the pictures. What were the temps like? Does it follow the southern coastal California model of greening up in winter?

Nico .
(NickB) - MLife

Locale: Los Padres National Forest
Fun Trip! on 04/19/2012 09:57:07 MDT Print View

Thanks for posting the photos Jhaura; had it been left up to me, I'm not sure when I would have got around to posting something up on BPL.

@Andy, this route was great; you could easily squeak another day or two out of it with some detours to other places along the way like Little Mutau or the Fishbowls, or continue west from PML area toward Haddock and/or Reyes Peak. Good Sierra warm-up terrain...

@HK, the river valley and south slopes green up nicely in the spring, say Feb to May. The rest of the year, everything is pretty dry and brown. The high country gets a little greenery in the spring, but the vegetation is a lot more sparse (other than the trees). This year was pretty much a dud around these parts for spring colors and wildflowers. No rain for most of the winter and then some late season snows really confused everything.

Erik Dietz

Locale: Los Angeles
Bear canister on 04/26/2012 11:34:27 MDT Print View


I'm heading up there tomorrow after work for the weekend. I called the Ojai Ranger Station and they said bear canisters weren't required but they are recommended. I noticed that you guys hung your food. What would you recommend?

I'm going from Piedra Blanca trail head to Willett hot springs but was considering just going all the way to Sespe hot springs as I've heard they're better. Is the trail easy to follow from Willett to Sespe?

Thanks and great pictures!


(jhaura) - F

Locale: Trail
Re: TR: SUL Sespe Backcountry and Beyond Loop on 04/26/2012 12:02:00 MDT Print View

Hi Erik,

We hung our food and always have. A bear canister in these parts is not necessary. The Ursack is a good middle ground if you are very cautious.

I recommend you go all the way to the Sespe HS because the whole trail is like a freeway, super easy hiking. Plus Willet was badly damaged in a fire and is not what it used to be.

Have a great trip!