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Multi-tool (lightweight)
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(oyster_07) - MLife
Multi-tool (lightweight) on 04/13/2012 03:58:26 MDT Print View

Does anyone have any suggestions for a lightweight multi-tool? I don't want to scimp down to just a single blade because I want the versatility of the multi-tool. That said, weight is a critcal factor.

jacko vanderbijl

Locale: Shelley Western Australia
Leatherman CS on 04/13/2012 04:50:29 MDT Print View

Haven't seen this anywhere but REI but I have one purchased online (offset mail costs by buying an Icebreaker Tee at same time).
Functionality is not much more than the small Victrinox which I also have but it is a genuine Leatherman and in a different league for strength etc. Mine weighs 41gms.
The blade is short but deadly (you need to watch which side is sharp because both sides are curved (painful lesson). To give you a rather gross comparison with the little Victrinox, I often trim my nostril hairs with the Victrinox scissors, the Leatherman scares me too much to put the scissors in there. (Where do blowfies go in winter? Up old mens noses, if you look closely you can see their legs)


(oyster_07) - MLife
Pliers req on 04/13/2012 05:08:54 MDT Print View

Sorry, I should have mentioned that the key tool I am after (other than a blade) is the pliers. I'm seeing Leathermans at around the 120-170g (4-6oz) range, but I suspect that there are some lighter options available.

Andy Anderson
(ianders) - F

Locale: Southeast
Mini Buck on 04/13/2012 05:15:33 MDT Print View

I have a Mini Buck Multi Tool I bought about 10 years ago. Its tiny and light. I think it has been discontinued, but I'm sure you can find on ebay. It is a cool tool to carry in your pocket but don't expect to do any serious work with it. Here is a review.

Michael B
(mbenvenuto) - F

Locale: Vermont
squirt on 04/13/2012 05:32:52 MDT Print View

how about the squirt?

Dan Rimar

Locale: Florida
Squirt PS4 is Great on 04/13/2012 06:44:01 MDT Print View

The Squirt PS4 is what you are looking for. I just picked one up a week ago and love it. It is under 2 oz.

Mike Whitesell
(madgoat) - F

Locale: Ohio
squirt vs juice on 04/13/2012 07:58:38 MDT Print View

I have a squirt S4 with the scissors featured as the main tool. I like the tools on it, but stopped using because of the grind on the blade. They only sharpen one side of the blade, like a chisel. Thus, when I wasn't paying attention, I pushed my thumb up against the sharpened side and gave myself a nasty cut. I guess I could go ahead and sharpen the other side of the blade, but honestly, I prefer using my Gerber LST or my SAK Bantam instead of a small multitool.

I also have a juice S2, which I carry every day. It's a little robust for me to take backpacking with me, but I love all the tools on it. Good phillips driver, 3 sizes of standard screw drivers, good pliers, good scissors, good blade, bottle/can opener. I would take it backpacking with me, but the darn thing weighs 4.4oz and I just haven't found much of a need for pliers and screw drivers on the trail. Very functional for EDC though.

Emil Gazda

Locale: Southeast
Pliers req. on 04/13/2012 09:20:07 MDT Print View

I take the Gerber Clutch. Only 2.5oz I think. Doesn't have scissors though. Payed $9 for it.

Colin Krusor
(ckrusor) - M

Locale: Northwest US
PS4 on 04/13/2012 09:29:53 MDT Print View

I agree with Dan. I've had a Leatherman Squirt PS4 for about two years now. I had small Gerber and Sog multitools before that, and the PS4 is sturdier and has smoother mechanical movements. The Gerber was a folded sheet metal joke that had loose hinges and sloopy craftsmanship, and the little Sog seemed fragile.


Also, the PS4 has screws that make it easy to swap parts. If you don't want the screwdrivers but you want something else, it is a cinch to switch them. There are instructions online about how to do this. I got rid of the screwdrivers on mine and put in a saw blade and a serrated knife blade in addition to the straight knife blade. The saw blade, although short, works beautifully. I used it to cut through a wrist-thick hickory pickaxe handle and I've made long cuts in fence boards when I didn't have any other tool handy. I also find the scissors very handy for all kinds of tasks. They are tough and sharp.

As Dan said, it weighs something like 1.8 ounces.

Edited by ckrusor on 04/13/2012 17:16:25 MDT.

Drew Jay

Locale: Central Coast
Another option on 04/13/2012 09:48:33 MDT Print View

For a more conventionally shaped plier with more gripping force check out the Swiss Tech Micro-Plus EX. On sale at Radio Shack for like $6. If I could find mine I'd weigh it but I have another still in the cardboard/blister pack and that weighs just under 3 oz. So probably about 2.5 oz.

That said the Squirt has way more options so I have one of those on order.

Edited by drewjh on 04/13/2012 09:49:55 MDT.

Gary Rozanc
(grozanc) - M
Where did you find... on 04/13/2012 11:50:08 MDT Print View


Where did you get the saw blade from? Ando can you post a link to those instructions? I couldnt find them.


Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: Where did you find... on 04/13/2012 11:59:00 MDT Print View

Andy F
(AndyF) - M

Locale: Midwest/Midatlantic
Re: Pliers req on 04/13/2012 12:04:12 MDT Print View

"the key tool I am after (other than a blade) is the pliers"

OD, mind if I ask what you need pliers for? :)

G Watson

Locale: Uk
Scarab. ? on 04/13/2012 12:04:32 MDT Print View

True Utility Scarab @ 1.6oz. ?

Mary D
(hikinggranny) - MLife
Multi-tool (lightweight) on 04/13/2012 13:18:58 MDT Print View

I have an older Leatherman Squirt P4. It has pliers but not scissors. However, I find that the regular blade works just fine so I don't need the scissors. The model with both scissors and pliers came out later but I haven't felt the need to buy one.

I use the pliers more than any other part. I don't have a lot of strength or dexterity in my fingertips, so I need the pliers for gripping ends of straps and such when adjusting pack straps (mine or my dog's). I also use the pliers as a pot gripper, since my pot has no handle. The second most-used item is the file (used for fingernails and toenails, which split/break off easily if not filed daily.). The blade is a distant third. I also use the large screwdriver blade for prying (gently) and the littlest one to tighten the screws on my eyeglasses.

Edited by hikinggranny on 04/13/2012 13:23:55 MDT.

Colin Krusor
(ckrusor) - M

Locale: Northwest US
PS4 on 04/13/2012 17:15:53 MDT Print View

Gary, I describe the saw blade and the process for replacing parts a bit in the thread that Anna linked. There are also threads in various knife and multitool forums about how to do this.

Since that thread that Anny linked, I replaced the half serrated, half straight blade with one all serrated and one straight blade.

Heather Hohnholz
(Hawke) - M
SOG Crosscut on 04/14/2012 05:55:37 MDT Print View

1.6 oz/45g. Super strong, durable, and has pretty much everything I want.

Mark Primack
(Bufa) - MLife

Locale: Cape Cod and Northern Newfoundland
PS Review on 04/14/2012 06:03:02 MDT Print View

Here's the review I did here of the Leatherman PS. Fantastic little tool.

Bill Reynolds
(billreyn1) - M

Locale: North East Georgia Mountains
Multi-tool (lightweight) on 04/14/2012 06:28:25 MDT Print View

AT 3 1/2 ounces it is not ultralight but has a good blade and saw. It is made in China but the quality seems to be good.

I have the Buck mini, the PS4 Squirt and several others. I wouldn't take this on a thru but it is great for shorter trips or camping. And you can't beat the price.

Edited by billreyn1 on 04/14/2012 06:34:57 MDT.

John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
Re: Multi-tool (lightweight) on 04/14/2012 07:12:35 MDT Print View

O D,

My choice is the Leatherman Micra.


1.75 ounces on my digital scale. The Micra has scissors, a clip-point knife blade, tweezers, nail file / cleaner, flat Phillips screwdriver, extra small screwdriver, medium screwdriver, bottle opener, ruler (inch / metric) and a lanyard attachment.

I use the scissors on the Micra the most but the screwdrivers on this little multi-tool are handy to have also. I have trekking poles with the flick lock style adjustment. The screws in the flick locks do need to be tightened periodically to avoid slippage. The Micra is a lot handier than carrying a dedicated screwdriver, knife, tweezers etc. It is also much more compact and weighs less than my 4" Mora fixed blade knife.

Party On,