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PCT gear list update
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clint gorbett
(ClintG) - F
PCT gear list update on 04/12/2012 13:15:35 MDT Print View

Hey all, I figured I would post my updated gear list for my sobo pct thru this year. It has changed a lot and I still need some opinions on a few pieces of gear.

Zimmerbuilt backpack:He is still in the process of making it, will upload pictures when he is done of course.
MYOG 5.0 apex quilt(already made, will upload some pictures if anyone is interested. It is just standard 1.1oz sil nylon with apex and a ray jardine style foot-box.
GG nitelite 3/4 pad(going to use this folded into a cylinder as the packs frame)
GG polycro groundsheet
MYOG ray way tarp, its pretty nice so far, its extra big as it is fitting 2 people.
MYOG alcohol stove and a 1.3L aluminum pot, looking to get a good deal on a large titanium pot however.
Clothing system-
Straw hat
Patagonia Merino 2 Long underwear top/bottom.
North Face Venture jacket
Montbell Alpine light vest
merino myog knitted beanie
Shorts-light weight running shorts, brooks.
Pants-Montbell Dynamo wind pants, love them.
Hiking shirt-Not sure, I need something super breathable.
Black Diamond carbon trekking poles
Bic lighter
Snowpeak Ti spoon.
Platypus 3.0L bladder, 2x platypus 1L bladder, various random plastic bottles based on need/want, bleach for treatment when needed.
Yogi's town guidebook
Headlamp-undecided whether or not i'm going to bring one, night hiking so much has made me re-evaluate how often I will use it.
Iphone 4, small clip on solar charger.
First Aid kit-not entirely sure what I am going to put in here besides some anti-blister stuff and some dr.bronners, needle.
Mosquito head-net.
Footwear-Altra Lone Peaks, love them and trail run in them every day. Most likely going to go with 2x drymax socks and my pair of neoprene socks for the beginning of my trip in the snow.
Any help would be great! Edit(I'm currently sitting and just under 8lbs without food or water if anyone is curious)

Edited by ClintG on 04/13/2012 10:10:08 MDT.

Nicholas Martin

Locale: SoCal-High Desert
Re: PCT gear list update on 04/13/2012 08:18:59 MDT Print View


Dirk Rabdau
(dirk9827) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: PCT gear list update on 04/14/2012 00:47:37 MDT Print View

Bear canister? Food bag (for other times)? OP Sacks help cut down on food/garbage odor. I liked them.

I'd carry some small light - people like Lint only carries a tiny clip lamp. It can be done. The only disadvantage to the photon or eLite lamps is they don't throw that great of a beam. In camp, they are fine. On trail, they work, but not particularly well. If you don't night hike, it's a non-issue. But I tended to night hike when my lousy planning resulted in extra hours on trail to get to a post office before it closed for the weekend.

clint gorbett
(ClintG) - F
PCT gear list on 04/18/2012 20:14:05 MDT Print View

We actually night hike 4-5 days a week in Southern Oregon and have gone from using our lamps full time to forgoing our headlights completely. My brother is going to carry a large-keychain style light.