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got a month on the pct.. where's the best stretch of trail?
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TJ Jones
(TranscendingWalden) - F
got a month on the pct.. where's the best stretch of trail? on 04/08/2012 18:53:06 MDT Print View

I've got one month now to get away and go trekking.. what's the best stretch of trail for someone to hike around 7 to 15 miles a day around the beginning of may? i want to take some time to fish the streams and lakes. i also need it to be remotely close to a greyhound station. any info will be appreciated.

TJ Jones
(TranscendingWalden) - F
thanks on 04/14/2012 16:37:59 MDT Print View

thanks guys

Luke H.
(Scraps111) - F
PCT on 04/14/2012 18:21:36 MDT Print View

May is pretty early for much of the PCT. Although there should be less snow than usual this year, I suspect that there is still a significant amount up there. So it kind of depends on how much snow you are comfortable dealing with. I haven't been on the southern portion of the PCT from Mexico to the Sierras, so I'm not sure what that section is like this time of year, but I would think that it might be your best bet.

Brian Lewis
(brianle) - F

Locale: Pacific NW
tough to hit all the criteria on 04/14/2012 19:53:22 MDT Print View

I suspect that the reason this got no feedback is that it's a bit tough to hit all the requested items together. The southern-most 700 miles or so are about all I'd be inclined to try in the first part of May, though maybe parts of northern CA would work fine then (? dunno). Even in the first 700 miles, depending on snow year, some places such as Fuller Ridge, Mt. Baden-Powell etc might be dicey.

The problem is that in those first 700 miles there are precious few "streams and lakes" to fish in. Apart from the artificial canal at one point, the first real well-flowing water I recall seeing was heading in towards Kennedy Meadows. Amazing how wonderful it was to see that after 700 miles of taking care in mostly quite dry country between water sources.

And I have no idea where greyhound stations are; I think this is something you'll need to look up yourself in the context of where the PCT shows up on some map that might also show such data. Google Earth, perhaps, or something like that. But hitch-hiking can eventually get you to a bus regardless of where you get off trail.

Piper S.
(sbhikes) - F

Locale: Santa Barbara (Name: Diane)
Re: tough to hit all the criteria on 04/19/2012 10:53:36 MDT Print View

Well, you can fish Deep Creek and Silverwood Lake. I'm not sure if you can keep what you fish in Deep Creek. I think it's steelhead. But yeah, not much in the way of lakes for fishing on the southern part of the trail. It would still be a great trip, though, with the wildflowers and the varied climate zones.

Tyler H
(ctwnwood) - F

Locale: The Palouse
re: got a month on the pct on 04/19/2012 12:37:42 MDT Print View

Hey TJ-

You don't have PM set up yet, otherwise I'd have done that. I'm looking to do a hike of a similar duration at a similar time. Maybe we could work out a shuttle or some such thing.

Any interest in the Hayduke? Where are you located?

TJ Jones
(TranscendingWalden) - F
thanks on 04/21/2012 20:33:32 MDT Print View

thanks for the feedback. i'm probably gonna wait til late may.. i'd rather start in the southern portion of the sierras to increase my odds of hitting up some streams and lakes.

tyler, send me an email..