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Non - Ultralight - Lifestyles of The...
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John Nausieda
(Meander) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Non - Ultralight - Lifestyles of The... on 04/04/2012 19:47:54 MDT Print View

“Somebody’s got to live this life,” he says, gesturing to the pristine view from his penthouse villa. “God decided it should be me.”

Ty Ty

Locale: SE US
Re: Non - Ultralight - Lifestyles of The... on 04/05/2012 09:26:51 MDT Print View

That was an interesting article.

I was talking with a friend the other day about the big lottery, we were chatting about how most people loose everything within 5-10 years. We were both saying how that would never be us. He then proceeded to tell me if he won several hundered million he would ONLY buy 4 or 5 hunting properties across the US, ONLY a couple thousand acres each and he would ONLY have like one lodge and one or two staff to do all the maintenance, planting, etc. Then he said he would ONLY have a couple houses, maybe 3 or 4 at the most. I was sitting there kind of in aww wondering what he was thinking. I didn't feel like arguing so I let it sit.

If I won hundreds of millions I would like to think I would have 1 house, maybe 3000 sf (my house now is 2800) on a nice lake, dock, two boats (ski boat, pontoon boat), two cars (maybe 1 play vehicle). Anything else I would rent. The more crap you have, the more maintenance, problems, hassles, cost.

Keith Bassett

Locale: Pacific NW
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