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We got our itinerary FIRST CHOICE!!!
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Mark Rash

Locale: North Texas
We got our itinerary FIRST CHOICE!!! on 04/03/2012 09:35:03 MDT Print View

Crew 626-A-02 is doing Itinerary #8 We loved this itinerary because it gives us the opportunity to shoot shotguns, rifle, black powder, and archery, as well as rock climb, horse ride, fish, and catch a couple of great campfires.

From Sawmill to Comanche Peak we are planning to side-hike to Cypher's Mine

On one of our two days at Beaubien we are planning to side hike to Black Mountain Camp.

What other side-hikes would you veterans suggest for us? Is it possible to side hike Hidden Valley after picking up food at Ute Gulch (or before)?

Larry M
(Maethros) - MLife

Locale: Mid South
Re: We got our itinerary FIRST CHOICE!!! on 04/03/2012 12:49:52 MDT Print View

My boys (Crew 621-B) picked #8 as their first choice as well, followed by 5 and 7. Lead advisor put in their picks last night, haven't heard the results, yet.

Sarah Kuhn
(SCKuhn) - MLife

Locale: Mountainous Ohio
Got our 1st choice as well.... on 04/03/2012 12:50:50 MDT Print View

@ Larry - trek selection just opened this morning at 11am est..... results are immediate - might want to confirm with your lead advisor.

617-D8 from Heart of Ohio will be doing Trek #21 - start at Kit Carson Museum, up through Bear Caves & Tooth, over Baldy and into Ponil..... Virtually the same as trek #25 I did in 2010.... A very nice cross section of the entire ranch!

74 more days of conditioning.....

617-D1 got Trek 20
617-D2 got Trek 25
617-D3 got Trek 25
617-D4 got Trek 27
617-D5 got Trek 5
617-D6 got Trek 8
617-D7 got Trek 23
617-D8 got Trek 21

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Mark Rash

Locale: North Texas
Let's meet at Ponil on 04/03/2012 14:01:42 MDT Print View


Are all your treks a Council Contingent? That's a lot of Scouts!!!

BTW, we are coming to Philmont from the NRA Whittington center and are planning to stop at Ponil on the way for Root Beer. We'll be at Ponil on 6-25... is that when your crew will be at Ponil? If so, I'd love to meet you... your posts have been a big help.


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John Myers
(dallas) - F - MLife

Locale: North Texas
Re: Us too on 04/03/2012 14:53:49 MDT Print View

608-S is going on #16.

North country, 3 resupply points, no dry camps, Baldy and a section of the Valle Vidal. Good selection of activities including black powder rifles and cowboy action shooting. Haven't seen that activity before, must be new?


david richardson
(drichi) - MLife

Locale: midwest
trail peak on 04/03/2012 20:08:50 MDT Print View

If you have the time Mark, side hike trail peak from Beaubien. Very interesting b29 airplane crash area. also nice view. dave

John Myers
(dallas) - F - MLife

Locale: North Texas
Trail Peak on 04/03/2012 21:00:26 MDT Print View

I agree, Trail Peak is worth the trip. But I think #8 hikes Trail Peak to their next camp so they will go there anyway.

Sarah Kuhn
(SCKuhn) - MLife

Locale: Mountainous Ohio
Itinerary choices on 04/04/2012 08:32:05 MDT Print View

Mark -
I won't make it to Ponil until the 27th. Hopefully on the 25th I'll be looking down from the top of Baldy!!! What a view - in 2010 just as we reached the top a fighter aircraft went flying by.... below us!!!!

Only chance to cross paths would depend on when you bus out of base camp on the 27th and when we bus back in from Ponil.

Yes, we are a council contingent of 98 scouts & scouters!! Makes for some crazy planning!! (But a craziness that I LOVE for some strange reason!!)

BTW - Crater Lake had a great campfire program in 2010.... did our Wilderness pledge there as the sunset over the Tooth before the campfire!!
crater lake
View from Crater Lake campfire ring.

Jay Lash
(jjlash) - F

Locale: Eastern Iowa
Woo Hoo on 04/04/2012 09:04:25 MDT Print View

We also got our first choice - #21 for crew 724-F. The guys wanted some shooting and some peaks but were really excited about taking the burros...go figure.

Larry M
(Maethros) - MLife

Locale: Mid South
Trek 5 on 04/04/2012 09:51:55 MDT Print View

My lead advisor didn't get the picks in until this morning, so we got trek 5. Of the three the boys picked, 5 was my favorite, so I'm happy.

Brian Barnes
(brianjbarnes) - M

Locale: Midwest
RE: "We got our itinerary FIRST CHOICE!!!" on 04/04/2012 11:28:22 MDT Print View

Lots of crews getting their first choices, nice! We did as well, Trek #33.

Christopher Brooks
Two of our three crews got first choice on 04/07/2012 16:45:09 MDT Print View

Troop 224 from Sherwood oregon (724-G-1, 724-G-2, 724-G-3) managed to get two first choices, one fourth choice. My crew will be doing itinerary 34. Plenty of mileage! 4 of our 7 crew are returning for second trip.

bill berklich

Locale: Northern Mid-West
T125 716-Q1 on 04/25/2012 14:27:53 MDT Print View

We'll be on our first choice too #20 Baldy and Valle Vidal.

Celeste Walz
(TravelingChick) - F
Sidehikes on 04/25/2012 16:06:43 MDT Print View

My crew 615D7 is on this itinerary. We are hoping to go from Comanche over Phillips to Clear Creek for black powder, and then on to Crooked Creek. We're also doing Cypher's, and over Trail peak to Crater.