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sourcing technical fabric broadcloth?
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Jeff Twerdun
(westcoasthiker) - MLife

Locale: Vancouver Island Canada
sourcing technical fabric broadcloth? on 04/01/2012 12:29:41 MDT Print View

Is there anywhere that a DIYer can source ripstop nylon(coated and uncoated) and any other "outdoor" material/fabrics in broadcloth? You know, the stuff that they make bedding with(cotton). Most all fabric for the DIYer is approx. 55-66 inches in width. it would be nice to have something in the 72"(6ft.) to lets say 96"(8ft) range. want to try to make other gear (tent) and such. Does it exist? Any info would be helpful! Thanks-westcoasthiker

David Scheidt
(dscheidt) - F
Re: sourcing technical fabric broadcloth? on 04/01/2012 13:10:53 MDT Print View

I doubt it exists. Most fabric is made on 190 cm looms, which produces finished fabric of around 55 to 65 inches, depending on the fabric, and the finishing. that width fabric gives pretty high allocation percentage (how much ends up in the product, versus scrap) and is about as wide as is practical to deal with. Weaving on wider looms is more expensive (looms cost more, cost more to run, and are slower); dealing with wider fabric costs more (rolls are heavier, harder to ship, you need wider cutting tables and material handling equipment), so it's not done except where it really needs to be done.

I suppose that someone who was making large tents or something like that might have had some made, since there are 340 cm wide looms that can work with the material, but I doubt any of that would end up on the retail market.

David Olsen

Locale: Steptoe Butte
70" 30 ripstop on 04/01/2012 14:12:47 MDT Print View

olive uncoated

also have some silver grey in 64+ inches that is not shown on the web site.