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AT Springer to Neels Gap April 13-16
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Joslyn Bloodworth
(JoslynB) - F

Locale: Southwest
AT Springer to Neels Gap April 13-16 on 03/29/2012 22:43:21 MDT Print View

So I've got my first AT section hike planned and all my gear bought and ready, but so far I've only found one other person to go with me. I had originally posted this on the Hammock Forums site a while ago and while initial interest was high, it seems to have dwindled to one person and I was really hoping for a few more. The only reason I didn't post it here sooner was I felt like I had enough people who said yes a month ago but since that doesn't seem to be the case I know there has to be at least one or two of my UL friends who would love to come, right?

This is the itinerary and basic details that I had posted on HF:

Those who are driving to the Neel's Gap parking area to leave their car for the weekend and anyone who is willing to shuttle the people back to Springer can all meet up at the Springer Gap Parking lot around 12pm and that should give us enough time to get back to Springer Parking in time to meet up with the rest of the group between 1pm and 1:30pm.

At that point I will be hiking the .9 miles back to the Official start of the trail. Anyone who is not interested in hiking every inch of the first section like this can wait at the Springer Gap parking or even choose to meet up with us a bit later the second time through the parking area. I'm expecting to leave to go back to the trail head no later than 2pm and be departing from the Springer Gap Parking no later than 3pm. The Springer Gap Parking is listed as off of USFS 42. I am hoping to get a chance to scout this out or at least call the rangers before the trip but if anyone who has been there can give directions that would be great.

Since there are one or two places that might be easy to miss for evening camp if we get split up, I am going to make up some signs identifying our group and put them on some low impact yard sign stakes to stick at any point we get off the AT. Also designating a "last person" who stays in the back with a good map to make sure no one gets lost would probably be prudent.

Day One:
Mile 0 - Start at Springer Mountain at aprox. 2pm
Mile 4.9 - Meet up at the blue blazes to hike up Long Creek and make camp at aprox 5pm
Total - 4.9 miles

Day Two:
Mile 4.9 - On Trail by 10am
Mile 7.6 - Stop for Lunch at Hawk Mountain Shelter at aprox 12pm
Mile 14.9 - Make Camp at Gooch Mountain Shelter at aprox 6pm
Total - 10 miles

Day Three:
Mile 14.9 - On Trail by 9am
Mile 19.9 - Stop at Woody Gap for Lunch 1pm
Mile 23 - Make Camp at Lance Creek 6pm
Total - 8.1 miles

Day Four:
Mile 23 - On Trail by 9am
Mile 30.5 - Arrive at Neels Gap 4pm
Total - 7.5 miles

I'm thinking for those that want to we will take some time to poke around Mountain Crossings and then go to Helen for dinner before heading back to Springer for the last of the cars.

Chris Muthig
(cmuthig) - M

Locale: Georgia
Re: AT Springer to Neels Gap April 13-16 on 04/01/2012 07:12:21 MDT Print View

The trip sounds pretty fun. I wish I could head out on it, but I start my first real job on the 16. So I will be moving from SC back to GA that weekend.

I'd definitely be interested in trying to get trips together some other time though. Have you tried the Facebook group yet? There is a wonderful Southern Appalachian BPL group that is pretty active. You may be able to find some people through that. This is the link:

Sorry I can't make it on this trip, but hopefully this will help.

Joslyn Bloodworth
(JoslynB) - F

Locale: Southwest
Re: AT on 04/01/2012 07:51:55 MDT Print View

Too bad! Welcome to GA, it's a great place to live and hike! This is the hardest I've ever had at getting a trip together and it's my only weekend in April to do something big. Just running into some bad trip-luck I guess!

I am familiar with the group and am on their FB page but normally they hike way too fast for my current level and I'd forgotten to even ask them! Good reminder!

Ryan Smith
(ViolentGreen) - F

Locale: Southeast
Close on 04/01/2012 16:04:02 MDT Print View

Myself and a couple friends are going April 27th from Springer to Dicks Creek Gap, otherwise I would go on this trip. If your plans are flexible feel free to go with us later on in April.


Joslyn Bloodworth
(JoslynB) - F

Locale: Southwest
Re: Close on 04/01/2012 17:32:30 MDT Print View

Due to lack of interest and a speeding ticket that is causing me to be in court on the 13th. I'm moving the trip back to the 20th thru the 23rd.