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Seaking a Plush Pad
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Ron W
(Miles2go) - F

Locale: White River National Forest
Seeking a Plush Pad on 03/28/2012 18:18:36 MDT Print View

My SO is a few months out from having a hip operation to repair torn cartilage. We have a pretty big trip planned before that operation and I want to buy her the one of the most plush sleeping pads I can that is reasonable to carry.

How about this one:

What else is out there that's known to be a solid choice?

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Angus A.
(mangus7175) - F

RE: Nemo Astro/Cosmo Pad on 03/28/2012 18:23:01 MDT Print View

One of the guys I went on a trip with had the Astro and swears by it. It looked pretty plush from the looks of it.

You might want to also checkout Exped if you don't mind the weight

Ron W
(Miles2go) - F

Locale: White River National Forest
Re: RE: Nemo Astro/Cosmo Pad on 03/28/2012 18:39:18 MDT Print View

Thanks the Astro looks like it's about 1" thinner than the Q-Core but lighter so I'll consider Nemo.

The Exped Synmat UL 7 looks interesting too. About 3" thick and only 15.2 oz for the small, according to the info on REI.

Anyone tried these?

Mary D
(hikinggranny) - MLife
Plush Pad on 03/28/2012 18:43:38 MDT Print View

With KookaBay gone, it looks to me as though Exped might your best bet. Too bad REI doesn't carry their new Downmat UL7--you could use the 20% off coupon! For me, Exped's Synmat UL isn't warm enough.

Brian Barnes
(brianjbarnes) - M

Locale: Midwest
RE: Exped Synmat UL 7 on 03/28/2012 19:59:49 MDT Print View

The Exped Synmat UL 7 is a great pad. The pad alone gets me to down to 30F. I've slept on it plus a full length 3/4" Gossamer Gear Nightlight pad down to 5F (on top of snow). I think that is pretty much as cold as I'd want to go with it without an additional layer of CCF below my torso.

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Ron W
(Miles2go) - F

Locale: White River National Forest
Re: Plush Pad on 03/28/2012 20:03:14 MDT Print View

Hey Mary: So do you know anything about the BA pad I mentioned? It's supposed to be insulated and is 3.5 thick.

I'm indeed looking to use one of our 20% opportunities if possible. I'll consider the other Exped pad too though.

Daniel Cox
(COHiker) - F

Locale: San Isabel NF
BA pads on 03/28/2012 20:23:21 MDT Print View

I've been using a BA 'Sand Mountain' Insulated Air Core for a while now, while not a Q-core, its similar, so I might have some input that's relevant. Mine is only 2.5" thick, but I've never had any issues with my hips touching the ground (I'm a 180lb. side-only sleeper)I'm sure 3.5" thick is plenty thick for anyone. I leave mine about 60% inflated so I don't feel like I'm sleeping on top of a bundle of air tubes.
The Insulated Air Core and Q-core have the same 4.1 R-value: It's rated at 15*F, and I've slept fine into the 20's with a 30* bag and a down sweater. The pad was not the weak point.

All in all, It's pretty much as plush as they come.

It's also proven durable so far. It better be, it weighs about 50% more than a NeoAir or Exper UL 7.

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Steven Paris
(saparisor) - M

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Seaking a Plush Pad on 03/28/2012 20:28:04 MDT Print View


The Q Core line of pads is fairly new; I suspect nobody is going to have much experience on them. However, they look really comfortable with the alternating "quilted" beams.

REI has them and the 20% coupon is still going on now. That might be the best way to try one at home, with their good return policy.

Ron W
(Miles2go) - F

Locale: White River National Forest
Re: Seeking a Plush Pad on 03/28/2012 21:53:40 MDT Print View

Brian: Thanks for the feedback on the Synmat UL 7. It looks great for the weight.

Daniel: I'll take a look at the Air Cores too.

Good point regarding the newness of the Q-Core pad.

Time to look at them a little closer and find the balance.


Andy Mullaly
(apmullaly) - F
REI Stratus on 03/30/2012 00:21:24 MDT Print View

You may want to check out the REI Stratus air pad which is new this year too. Very similar specs to the Exped. 3.0R, mine weighed 19.6 oz, 20 is the quoted weight. Same size as the Exped 7, for half the price. I think it was like $80.00. I'll be taking it out in two weeks so I can't speak for performance, but testing it on the hallway floor I was pretty impressed.

Diana Michaels
(DonnaL) - F

Locale: Australia
BA insulated air core on 03/30/2012 02:17:46 MDT Print View

Hi, I have the BA mattress with the 4.1 R value. I find it not warm enough and also wish it was wider. When lying on back, my arms are on the ground. It is soft though! But also slippery and makes an annoying crunchy sound when I move around. Best is to cinch a ccf mat on top, then it's warm, but that's all a bit heavy (getting up around 830g I think that's 29 ounces.) At least with the extra foam mat you have some protection in the event of a difficult-to-repair leak. I'm looking into replacing mine with an Exped UL downmat to reduce weight... but cost and fear of puncture/leak is making me delay... It would save me around 300 grams though (I think that's 10 ounces...).

Warren Greer
(WarrenGreer) - F

Locale: SoCal
Andy on 06/28/2012 22:14:39 MDT Print View

How'd the Stratus work out for you? Seems a good option and allot easier on the wallet.

Chris Scala
(Scalawag) - F
UL 7.5 SynMat on 06/29/2012 12:13:46 MDT Print View

The SynMat is awesome. It is so comfy. I'm a side sleeper and couldn't imagine anything better. A huge factor in why I love it is that it is QUIET. The NeoAir is so crinkly it drives me crazy. In those 15 minutes before falling asleep, I don't want to feel self-conscious about readjusting myself because I might wake up everyone in the campsite.

Another option is the AirMat Basic UL. It is 12 oz, but only has an R value of .7, meaning it is almost purely cushion rather than insulation. But it is a lot cheaper, smaller, and lighter, so if you're warm-weather camping, then you'll probably be fine!