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GoLite Shoes?
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Daniel Cox
(COHiker) - F

Locale: San Isabel NF
GoLite Shoes? on 03/28/2012 13:20:14 MDT Print View

Anyone have any experience with any model? A forum search returned a lot of pack and quilt discussion, but nothing on footwear. I'm mainly curious about the Quest and Surge boots. There's also a few new styles that look interesting being released in the coming months, according to the GoLite footwear website.
My Merrell Chameleons (the ones with the shockcord laces) are showing their age. Or maybe I'm just a gear-junkie, either way. I particularly like the advertised zer-drop last in an over-ankle shoe. the reported sub 16 oz per shoe weight is attractive too.

Being that I've seen almost literally nothing on them anywhere outside of, it leads me to believe there's a major flaw somewhere. Anyone?

Edit: I could have sworn I posted in the GEAR subforum. Mah Bad. Sorry to make work for you admins moving or deleting this as necessary.

Edited by COHiker on 03/28/2012 13:27:33 MDT.

Brian Lewis
(brianle) - F

Locale: Pacific NW
re: GoLite Shoes? on 03/28/2012 14:30:28 MDT Print View

I used Golites for two thru-hikes, as they have --- or at least had --- a wide toe box.

For the CDT last year I looked for a new model of Golite that would work and found that pretty much all the 2011 models had just a slightly narrower toe box than in previous years. Still reasonably wide, just not (it turned out after doing quite a few miles) wide enough for me. So I moved to an Asics shoe.

In 2008 the Golites were less durable; they fixed that issue, and I had no problems with them doing a lot of miles in 2010. If they fit your feet well, I think they're a fine shoe. I just wish they had kept the original "last" (standard foot template on which the shoes are based).

Brett Valentine
(bvalentine002) - M
They run big on 04/06/2012 11:57:34 MDT Print View

I have a Surge Lite that I got from TheClymb. Mine seem to be about 1/2 or maybe 1 full size too big. With a badded sock, they fit great. Yes. They are light weight and I like the zero-drop feeling. All in all, they are definitely worth the $56 deal I got on them!

david delabaere

Locale: Northern VA
Timber Lite on 04/06/2012 17:21:35 MDT Print View

I have the Golite Timber lite which I liked.
Zero heel drop, lightweight "waterproof" boots with decent grip except on wet rocks.
It had toe box inserts but the default ones gave me plenty of room already so I believe they are pretty wide.

However they had a defect which I found out a 4-5 months later, the base of the tongue let water through - luckily it was during the summer.

Customer service and warranty was none existent. Sent three emails over a month (a fourth, the first email, was sent to the other golite company and got a response the same day) with no answers.

After the second email I called them and got through after two or three calls.
I was told to take it up with the store that sold it to me.
The second call they told me there was nothing they could do about it and that they didn't make it anymore , rather short and abrupt.
Both ignored me when I pointed out that others had the same problem.