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Barefoot/Minimalist Backpacking
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Jake Morrison
(@BarefootJake) - F
Barefoot/Minimalist Backpacking on 03/28/2012 09:44:26 MDT Print View

I would like to hear some POSITIVE Feedback and your thoughts. On the subject of what you put on your Feet, Posture and Cadence being the Number 1 most important part of Ultralight Backpacking.

If we don't get the most on what we use the most. Then how efficient are we really as Humans?

Pack weight is actually number 4 of importance on my list. We must have a strong foundation in order build a strong Castle.

Here is a recent Guest Post I did on a friends Blog:

Please give it a read and lets discuss.

Jeremy Greene
(tippymcstagger) - F

Locale: North Texas
Re: Barefoot/Minimalist Backpacking on 03/28/2012 10:25:17 MDT Print View

I've been backpacking for a couple years with and without lightweight shoes because the many stiff shoes I've worn leave me feeling sore. I think the linked article is in danger of getting overly specific when discussing form. Every step I take is different as I pass over inconsistent ground. Different parts of my feet strike in different ways. I find a discussion of efficiency without agreed-upon quantitative measures difficult to put time into.