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need help deciding water filtration
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Matt Wolfe
(dolfanmatt) - F
need help deciding water filtration on 02/07/2007 20:44:27 MST Print View

I am looking to buy a water filtration system. What i want is a filter that connects to a bladder? Reading on internet there use to be a gravity filter? that attaches to the bladder. I do not like tablets and want to avoid spending time pumping water through filter. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Matt in FL

paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
Re: need help deciding water filtration on 02/08/2007 03:52:29 MST Print View

The output of many filters (whether hand-pumped or gravity-fed) can be connected to a Platy (a Platypus) bladder or reservoir/bottle using what is called a filter link.

This can be in the form of a filter link cap, or just a properly sized double-ended barb fitting/adapter.

Here's a link to BPL On-Line Store Closeouts/Overstocks for BPL-members only - with an additional 20% off; the filter link should be offered for sale there *IF* they have any still available

Here's a link to PLG's (ProLiteGear) Hydration Accessories webpage. PLG is a good company to do business with, IMO.

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Kirk Beiser
(kab21) - F

Locale: Pic: Gun Lake, BWCA
ULA gravity filter on 02/08/2007 10:48:36 MST Print View

I just ordered the ULA Amigo gravity filter at and they also have a connector to platypus for sale. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but sometime in the next month hopefully. I think it has received favorable reviews in the past on BPL.

You could try a forum search on water/gravity filter because there have been some good discussions/reviews in the past on here.

I've only seen a complete gravity filter system available at ULA, but there might be others out there. I think there are also directions to make a gravity filter, but I don't have a link. I think the only difficult part would be sewing the silnylon bag and getting a good seal where the outlet hose goes thru. And of course selecting the appropriate water filter.


Scott Peterson
(scottalanp) - F

Locale: Northern California
Re: ULA gravity filter on 02/08/2007 11:42:53 MST Print View

Bill Forsnell has created a filter listed on this board somewhere. Search "Cuben" and "gravity filter" and it should pop up. There seems to be a ton of ways to create these and imagination is the only limit.

I used a silnylon water bag created by the folks at Dancing light gear (I think it was like $9 and constructed very well) holds 6 liters I think. I, like Bill, used a Katadyn filter without the housing placed in the bottom and connected via a hose connector and rubber washers. There is no need for a filter clearing device and I imagine it works a little faster than the ULA Amigo.

Gene .

Locale: New England
Re: Re: ULA gravity filter on 02/08/2007 12:42:03 MST Print View

Another way of bypassing the need for a Platy filter hookup device is to just make one. using a solid spare Platy cap you can drill out the center just a hair under the diameter of your filter line hose, insert this hose's end into the Platy cap and away you go!

Be careful with silt laden water, as this especially needs to settle out before pouring into your filter bag. Otherwise it can clog your filter faster than you might imagine....making the weight of a pump filter,, with a prefilter float seem SUL in comparison.