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smoking pipe
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Steven Hanlon
(asciibaron) - F

Locale: Mid Atlantic
smoking pipe on 03/26/2012 19:32:53 MDT Print View

i just recently picked up smoking pipe (tobacco) and am really enjoying it. still used to smoking cigars so i need to learn to slow down and to also gauge how much tobacco is left in the bowl.

so far i have smoked a traditional English blend, a Very Cherry blend, and a Black Cavendish. i really like the smell of the Cherry but the Cavendish burns so clean and smooth. my pipe is just some no name Milano i most likely over paid for, but i'm digging it.

who else smokes pipe?

Evan McCarthy
(evanrussia) - MLife

Locale: Mid-Atlantic
Re: smoking pipe on 03/26/2012 19:44:39 MDT Print View

I've been a pipe smoker since lighting up on my 18th birthday -- albeit intermittently. I love latakia tobacco blends the most. Check out the Frog Morton tobaccos from McClelland. Frog Morton on the Bayou is my favorite. Meerschaum pipes are fantastic and very light -- but be careful, they're fragile.

Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: Re: smoking pipe on 03/26/2012 20:46:50 MDT Print View

Do bongs count?

No... I don't use.

Matthew Black
Re: smoking pipe on 03/26/2012 21:02:13 MDT Print View

My father smoked a pipe for most of his adult life. I never took to it but smoked cigarettes for 22 years.

If I hadn't spent so long addicted to nicotine and felt that I could put it down anytime I liked I would enjoy a nice pipe now and again. The ritual of preparing and smoking the pipe is very soothing and it is generally very aromatic, compared to any other tobacco product.

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Keith Bassett

Locale: Pacific NW
Re: smoking pipe on 03/27/2012 13:11:44 MDT Print View

I love smoking my pipe when I am outdoors. Just about the only time I do it is when I am hiking, or occasionally after a day of yard work.

My brother is an avid pipe smoker, so I borrow some of his funky pipes from time to time. Some of those things are hundreds of dollars. I notice that most mid range pipes are a solid smoke, the cheap ones are not great, and the stupid expensive ones are unbelievably great. I however, stick with the mid range. Good to smoke and no regrets if you accidently chip them.

I have a nice savinelli with a cap for the bowl that I use when hiking, so that my pockets don't smell like old ash. :)

Since I bum tobacco off of him, sometimes I try odd stuff. Irish flake for instance. That is some strong stuff, but nice.

Like with cigars, if you go too quick on an empty stomach - you might regret it.

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Clayton Mauritzen
(GlacierRambler) - F

Locale: NW Montana
Re: Re: smoking pipe on 03/27/2012 13:28:31 MDT Print View

Big +1 on pipe smoking. One of my favorite activities. If you like cigars, leave the flavored tobaccos behind (they're usually the ones you find in bulk in tobacco shops, though some natural blends are in bulk as well). Latakia blends are my favorite. I've been so focused on lightening my pack lately that adding a few ounces for a pipe has yet to be done. Soon perhaps...

Keith Bassett

Locale: Pacific NW
The Frank Method on 03/27/2012 14:12:53 MDT Print View

Check out Youtube for the Frank Method of packing your pipe. It is good stuff. Here is a link to the first video. He is a german guy who developed a different method than the traditional one, and in my opinion it works way better.

Beginner mistakes to avoid. I had a crazy brother to help me avoid these, but this guy is on point.

David Thomas
(DavidinKenai) - MLife

Locale: North Woods. Far North.
Re: Re: Re: smoking pipe on 03/27/2012 15:15:20 MDT Print View

Even since a pleasant winter spent installing solar systems (hot water panels, not planets), I've liked the slightly acrid, slightly sweet smell of hot flux when sweating copper pipe.

Or is that not what you meant by smoking pipe?

Kendall Clement
(socalpacker) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
RE: "smoking pipe" on 03/27/2012 16:15:13 MDT Print View


. .
(RogerDodger) - F

Locale: (...)
... on 03/27/2012 17:09:11 MDT Print View


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Thayne N
(teethless) - MLife

Locale: Boston
rererere pipe smokinz on 03/27/2012 20:21:29 MDT Print View

I started smoking a pipe about 6 years ago while I was living in Boston. I got my first pipe at L.J. Peretti's, one of their cheapie house branded offerings. Since then I've added 6 more to the collection.

I enjoy a range of aromatics, but nothing over the top. My favorite is the Judges Mixture, a house blend from Leavitt and Pierce in Cambridge, MA. I have my buddy send me out care packages every once and a while.

I'm still trying to figure out the UL setup for this!

Steven Hanlon
(asciibaron) - F

Locale: Mid Atlantic
UL setup... on 03/27/2012 20:59:48 MDT Print View

a simple corncob and an ounce of tobacco in a ziploc. you can use a stick as a tamper :)

Matthew Archer
(koilife) - MLife

Locale: Colorado
A good pipe makes all things better on 04/13/2012 17:06:09 MDT Print View

Maybe I'm just a briar snob, but life is too short for corncobs.

My favorite three backpacking pipes are

1) a 28g Castello Sea Rock --- a straight with a smallish bowl.
2) a 32g Barbi --- a bent/duckbill apple with a smallish bowl that was fabulously expensive and *had* a stunningly beautiful straight grain right up until I accidently knocked it out of my mouth and sent it skidding down the sidewalk (you know that what can do you moment of stomach-dropping shock?); thankfully deep and ugly scratches don't change her almost surreal smoking quality!
3) a 48g Jacono --- "Danish" bent with an absolutely massive bowl, easily two hours worth of pure smoking pleasure.

I usually take two on trips so that I can "rest" them (insufficient resting results in hotter, poorer smoking). The Jacono only comes when I'm planning on longer, leisurely evenings.

My usual tamper/nail is only 5g. I used to use twigs, but got tired of sap overtones when lighting up.

Usual tobacco blends are balkans and orientals, and never, never, never a cased tobacco (I guess I'm a snob on two fronts!).

Edited by koilife on 04/13/2012 17:15:58 MDT.

Matthew Archer
(koilife) - MLife

Locale: Colorado
Pipe cleaners and LNT on 04/13/2012 17:14:22 MDT Print View

Moment of truth...

Who packs their used pipe cleaners out? (Makes for a ripe trash ziplock)

Burns them down and just packs out the metal stems?

Puts up with the gurgles and bitter aftertaste?

"Accidently disappears" them in a cathole or similar?

I'll admit to all of the first three (and the fourth is a matter between me and my confessor!). Mostly, I'm a burn and pack guy.

Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - M

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: Re: Re: smoking pipe on 04/13/2012 17:38:34 MDT Print View

Nick, I think the correct term is "water pipe". The people at the smoke shop get very offended if you call it a bong.

Matthew Archer
(koilife) - MLife

Locale: Colorado
"Tell them a hookah smoking caterpillar has given you the call" on 04/13/2012 23:14:13 MDT Print View

Go ask Alice when she was just small . . .

Jay Wilkerson
(Creachen) - MLife

Locale: East Bay
Smoking Pipe on 04/14/2012 01:29:35 MDT Print View

Hookah Gear

Edited by Creachen on 04/14/2012 01:31:17 MDT.

Terry Trimble
(socal-nomad) - F

Locale: North San Diego county
smoking pipe on 04/14/2012 13:45:15 MDT Print View

My brother was sponsored by Graffix when he was pro vert Rollerblader. He met the owners at a concert event he was doing a show with Matt Hoffman Vert show at the concert.

What was really funny was Graffix sent him a package of water pipes to my Mom's house where all my brother's mail and packages went when he was touring. She opened the package thought they were pretty vase's till my Dad got home told her what they were she smashed them on the garage floor.

Cody Lebow

Locale: Orange County
Re: smoking pipe on 04/14/2012 19:00:04 MDT Print View

I carved a little pipe out of olive burl after breaking my last backpacking pipe. Lined it with some Ti from Ti goat. Would never dare put tobacco in it though :)

Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - M

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: Re: smoking pipe on 04/14/2012 19:23:45 MDT Print View

Here is Fredde from Sweden making a pipe just using his knife.