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old cars
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ben wood

Locale: flatlands of MO
old cars on 03/23/2012 07:01:06 MDT Print View

So, I have this 1989 Toyota landcruiser that is really awesome, it goes anywhere and everywhere. It will fit my whole famliy, it does everything untill....

I sit here on I-70 waiting for the towtruck. LAME! F'n radiator blew at 75mph. I guess that's the price to pay for old cars with 194288 miles on the odometer. Not to mention I started a job 2 weeks ago that I had to call in to.

Adan Lopez
(Lopez) - F

Locale: San Gabriel Valley
Toyota on 03/23/2012 07:35:01 MDT Print View

Dude Ben, small price to pay for all the thousands of dollars it has saved you in payments. Bummer about having to call in though. Stick another radiator in that thing and get another 3yrs out of it. I love old cars! My Honda cost me $4k 5yrs ago, window won't roll down, ash tray missing, one blinker out, but the amount I've saved by staying out of the credit machine is huge.

K ....
(Kat_P) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Coast
Re: Toyota on 03/23/2012 07:44:38 MDT Print View

+1 to what Adan said.
Don't give up on the Toyota either, replace that radiator and could have another 100k to go.
Sorry about you being stuck, though.

Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
o snap on 03/23/2012 08:40:49 MDT Print View

Sorry homey! Glad you're alright and Nova and Emma weren't with you.

On a good note, it could be worse, like that time when the water pump hosing blew on us in KC and left us roadside fixing the thing in that sketchy hood with dudes urinating on the side of their vehicles in broad daylight with police patrolling. Gangsta!

Ike Jutkowitz
(Ike) - M

Locale: Central Michigan
re: old cars on 03/23/2012 08:48:54 MDT Print View

My very first car was an 87 Landcruiser (pre-fancification). Can't even guess how many times I slept in the back of that thing on road trips or at the trailhead on backpacking trips. I'm glad to have a more gas efficient car now, but I do miss the monster every now and again. Hope you're back on the road soon.

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: next cars on 03/23/2012 10:08:13 MDT Print View

Stick to a Japanese car. :)

Laurie Ann March
(Laurie_Ann) - F

Locale: Ontario, Canada
old on 03/23/2012 10:11:05 MDT Print View

We drove a 1989 Wrangler for years... she was butt-ugly but extremely reliable. The only reason we got rid of it... kids. So we ended up with a GrandAm (until Bryan had an accident). Now we are back to a Jeep - this time a 2004 Columbia Edition Liberty.

Here's the old Jeep during restoration (I think the canoe might have been worth more at the time - lol)... I sure miss that clunker.

Bry's Custom Jeep

and the Libby on a car camping trip...


Edited by Laurie_Ann on 03/23/2012 10:13:50 MDT.

ben wood

Locale: flatlands of MO
Re: old cars on 03/23/2012 11:15:45 MDT Print View

yeah back home now, trying to figure out if i can still get around this weekend.

anyhow...yeah i bought that thing for $3000, 6-7 years ago and have but maybe $1000 into it in parts (including tires). I really can't complain and would rather pay a mechanic than a loan company. i'm not getting rid of it anytime soon. I was just bored waiting on the side of the road so i thought i'd share my frustration.

Laurie Ann March
(Laurie_Ann) - F

Locale: Ontario, Canada
bored on 03/26/2012 11:02:14 MDT Print View

well glad we could keep you entertained... lol

that's how I feel about Libby... we did the new car thing and loan once. It was a 1991 Jetta Diesel. I don't think I'd do it again. Used is much better for us. Plus, the first scratch hurts

Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: old cars on 03/26/2012 11:25:19 MDT Print View

My first car was a 1955 Chevy Bel Air station wagon I bought for $125, and it was in good running condition.

My second car was a 1956 Chevy Bel Air I bought for $300, also in good running condition.

Here is what I have been driving since 2003, and have racked up over 180,000 miles with just one repair (a fuel pump), I do the required maintenance when due.

Niagara in 2005
About 60,000 miles have been towing our camper. Most trips are around 100 miles round trip.

Fleetwood Axle lift
To travel on remote dirt roads we installed a heavy duty axle and springs, and lifted the suspension on the trailer.

Boat and Truck
We often take our inflatable boat and camper. Camper is our base camp. Here we are getting ready to launch for a Colorado River trip.

Boat and Motor in Truck
Boat and motor in back of SUV. Boat is 10'6" and motor is a Nissan 9.9 HP 4-cycle.

edited to remove dangling dollar sign.

Edited by ngatel on 03/26/2012 13:10:07 MDT.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Re: Re: old cars on 03/26/2012 12:38:22 MDT Print View

"racked up over $180,000 miles with just one repair (a fuel pump)"

Dam, that is one expensive fuel pump.

Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: Re: Re: old cars on 03/26/2012 13:09:14 MDT Print View

Opps... that's what I get for posting while on a conference call. I'll fix it now, since I have an hour before the next call :)