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"Left-Over" Mid
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Ben Wortman
(bwortman) - M

Locale: Nebraska
"Left-Over" Mid on 03/22/2012 20:13:20 MDT Print View

In my basement I have a box of all the scraps left over from previous shelter projects. I started thinking that I needed to use them up on a shelter I could use, or one that I could at least sell for the cost of the materials in it if I didn't like it. So I measured them all and tried to find one of the layouts I had in Google Sketchup that used the majority of them. I essentially was able to piece together a narrow pyramid similar to the Doumid, but a little longer and taller. So I have named it the "Leftover Mid"

It is 5' wide x 9'2" long and 62" tall when pitched tight to the ground.

Here is my super accurate cutting procedure. Marked the panels with a tape measure, and used the tape measure as a straight edge to mark the cut lines. I did not use cat cut edges.

I had 1 piece of silnylon 65"x15.5'and one 60"x9.5' It was rather difficult to get all of the panels to fit on the available fabric. For this I used Sketchup again. I drew the flat panels and transferred the panels on the shelter template to the flat fabric pieces I drew. I then kept rearranging them until I could get them all to fit.

Here is the final mid in storm mode.

Somethings that I did on this mid that are different from the typical mid construction is that I did not reinforce any of the tie out points. I basically took a long length of grossgrain webbing and ran it on the outside and back again on the inside and sewed it together with the flat felled seam of the sil between. I have been doing this for the last several mids I have made, and I have never had any issues. I even used this on the 25' wide 12' tall monster tipi I made a few years ago. I think this saves time not having to mess with sewing on reinforcing panels first.


The top cone is made of the fabric I salvaged from one of those fold up cloth camping chairs. I used Jerry Adam's technique of just starting a circle and gathering it at each seam. This was easier than what I used to do, which was to sew the reinforcement on the tip of each panel individually before piecing them together. While I don't think it has as nice of a finished look, I don't doubt that it is just as durable. I also added a top hang loop to be able to just use an overhanging branch.


The front doors can be tied back with the 2 gross grain webbing lengths I sewed onto each corner seam. I have found that this is a super easy and lightweight solution.


I still have to sew in some mid panel tie outs 1/2 way up the sides and seam seal it, but so far I am more than happy with how it turned out. There is loads of room for one person and 2 can fit if they had to. The weight so far is 16oz as seen. I figure after I apply a liberal amount of seam sealer and a few tie outs, I should be at about 18oz.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.




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jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
Re: "Left-Over" Mid on 03/22/2012 20:26:27 MDT Print View


I like the multi-color - sort of like the Black Diamond Mega Light

My half mid is actually two colors, but they're pretty close to the same, hardly tell

I too have stopped putting reinforcements for guy-outs, just sew on the flat felled seam, seams to work

The first circle reinforcement I did on the top was asymetrical. Still works fine. Susequently I have tried to make them more symetrical.

(KalebC) - F

Locale: South West
Great! on 03/22/2012 20:29:46 MDT Print View

That is a great shelter! Can you PM me the Dimensions of the pieces? I am hitting the myog wall but I think my next project will be a cuben mid. Great job and thanks for posting!

Ben Wortman
(bwortman) - M

Locale: Nebraska
template on 03/22/2012 20:46:12 MDT Print View

Do you have sketchup? I can email you the layout that has all the dimentions.

Anyone that wants the template shoot me a pm and I can email it to ya

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Brian UL

Locale: New England
Re: Great! on 03/22/2012 20:46:12 MDT Print View

Nice. I would love to your pattern as well.

Ben Wortman
(bwortman) - M

Locale: Nebraska
size on 03/22/2012 21:44:10 MDT Print View

Basically I used 2 different sized triangles. The wide sides were made with 2 right triangles each - 70 x 60 x 92 with 60 being the base. The 2 ends are 62 x 92 x 92.

Ozzy McKinney
(PorcupinePhobia) - F

Locale: PNW
nice on 03/22/2012 22:52:19 MDT Print View

looks awesome, pm sent on the sketchup file.

Ben Wortman
(bwortman) - M

Locale: Nebraska
For Sale on 06/11/2012 19:20:15 MDT Print View

I am selling this Mid to raise funds for another:



Michael Pappas
(Mpap89) - F

Locale: bay area
Cat curve deflection on 06/11/2012 20:41:58 MDT Print View

It looks like you used cat curves. How much deflection did you have on each edge?

Ben Wortman
(bwortman) - M

Locale: Nebraska
Straight on 06/11/2012 20:50:16 MDT Print View

Actually I used straight edges. I have never used cat curves on mids I have made. I think it is simpler that way, and I have not seen any negatives so far.


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