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Adding vestibule floors to footprint
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Tanner Dant
(swampwise) - F
Adding vestibule floors to footprint on 03/20/2012 12:06:45 MDT Print View

I bought a TNF Rock 22 and was a little disappointed that the footprint does not cover the vestibules. So I'm considering adding some PU coated taffeta to the existing footprint so I don't have to put my gear in the dirt. Is there some reason I shouldn't do this? I heard that any rain that blows under the vestibule walls will get wicked under the tent and make it wet, but the tent has a fully sealed bathtub floor. Should that still be a concern?

Dustin Short
(upalachango) - MLife
Re: Adding vestibule floors to footprint on 03/20/2012 13:01:59 MDT Print View

Most tent floors aren't fully waterproof. They're decent but if you stand on a puddle, water will probably be forced through and dampen the inside. So adding a footprint helps mitigate that issue (along with damage protection) and extending the foot print reintroduces the issue by wicking moisture in.

Also the point of a vestibule is usually so that when you enter/exit a tent in rain, none of the rain gets into the tent body (lots of poorly designed vestibules unfortunately). So if you add a foot print, when you enter/exit it will trap rain and now your gear which you wanted to protect is floating in a puddle.

I would suggest just using a cheap/light polycro groundsheet. If it gets wet it's easy enough to shake off, it's light, versatile, and it'll be good for keeping dirt off your gear without much of the hassle that extending a groundsheet comes with.

Paul Johnson
(johncooper) - F

Locale: SoCal
Re: Re: Adding vestibule floors to footprint on 03/20/2012 14:53:06 MDT Print View


+1 to the polycryo recommendation. You can even add washer grommets on the polycryo, so it is held in place with the tent.

If you do add to the footprint to keep the vestibule space clean and tidy, this will work well in most conditions. If you are in rain or expect rain, you can simply fold the piece under the tent floor.

Tanner Dant
(swampwise) - F
RE: Vestibules on 03/21/2012 09:33:34 MDT Print View

I see the benefit in not sewing it to the footprint. Instead, I think I'll just get some coated taffeta and cut it to fit under the vestibule with some tieouts I can stake in at the corners of the tent. That way it remains removable so it's easy to clean and It doesn't wick or pool water under the tent. I'll also cut it 2 inches short the whole way around so It doesn't catch rain blowing under. Thanks for the wise words.

Sean Rhoades

Locale: WV
Re: RE: Vestibules on 03/26/2012 12:44:13 MDT Print View

I have a SD Clip flashlight 2 and wanted the same kind of thing for my vestibule. I used some leftover PU coated taffeta and sewed it into a 2 inch bathtub floor. I made four points for it to stake down with my existing stakes. Works good so far. Hope that helps.

Roger Dodger
(RogerDodger) - F

Locale: Wess Siide
use the REI plastic envelope as a partial vestibule footprint on 03/29/2012 22:18:20 MDT Print View

if you've ordered anything online from REI, it comes in a plastic mailer shipping bag, recycle number 4. cut the bag open with scissors to partially fit your vestibule. I understand wanting to keep your gear clean from floor dirt, but it's best to "carpet" the vestibule side area that is fenced in by the rainfly, not the open entrance. Keep in mind not to put a hot stove on that plastic bag.

the envelope weighs almost nothing. you can roll it up or fold it when done with camp. I prefer not to have it permanently attached to the tent or the footprint, because I can use for other things, like sitting on a tree log that is covered in tree sap.

Edited by RogerDodger on 03/29/2012 22:20:58 MDT.