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The Sawyer Squeeze just got better
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(annapurna) - MLife
Re: cheap shipping on 05/23/2012 08:13:21 MDT Print View

The difference for me between and was 50 cents which still makes cheaper.

david delabaere

Locale: Northern VA
a bit of help on 05/23/2012 08:32:33 MDT Print View

This would be more for on the go than at camp, 1 or 2 people than a whole group.
I'd like to get a sawyer squeeze, and I have a steripen freedom with a few 34oz platypus (old and newer styler) and a 2L platypus.
Seems like I should get an evernew (looking at the 1.5L), turn it into a scoop and prefilter (have gold something coffee filter for the cap) that I can use with the steripen and the evernew as a dirty bag.

Are the threads on each side the same on the sawyer ? It seems like it'd be worthwhile to switch to the evernews (lately, I've noticed I'd like the cap to be attached anyway).

It'd be nice to pay less for the filter sold at walmart at $38, putting flow rate and weight aside I'm not seeing how useful it would be for me outside of making a gravity system ?

jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
Re: a bit of help on 05/23/2012 09:29:53 MDT Print View

The threads on both sides of the Sawyer Squeeze are the same (except the output is male, the input female).

I just took the cap off the Squeeze and screwed it onto the Sawyer 1 L bag.

Edited by retiredjerry on 05/23/2012 09:30:24 MDT.

Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
Walmart bottle filter on 05/23/2012 09:47:30 MDT Print View

@ David: "It'd be nice to pay less for the filter sold at walmart at $38, putting flow rate and weight aside I'm not seeing how useful it would be for me outside of making a gravity system ?"

The one sold in Walmart is part of a filter bottle: fill the bottle with (dirty) water, and sip clean water through the filter. My son has one that he uses and likes.

Jake D
(JakeDatc) - F

Locale: Bristol,RI
Re: Walmart bottle filter on 05/23/2012 10:07:20 MDT Print View

Filter can be taken out of the bottle and used as the old version of the Inline filter (need tiny hose clamps i believe) or you can freak people out and toss filter in the river and have your hose on the other end and drink right from it ;)

my Squeeze comes in the mail tomorrow :)

Scott Simcox
(Simco) - F - M

Locale: Nashville
Purging water from Squeeze on 05/23/2012 22:04:07 MDT Print View

I've noticed the Squeeze carries almost an ounce of water if you don't clean it out after using it.
Is there a good way to purge the water? I've just been blowing through the cap but I'm hoping I'm just overlooking an easier way.

jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
Re: Purging water from Squeeze on 05/24/2012 00:05:46 MDT Print View

I just shook it out

hold at arms length and swing vigorously

about 10 times

Matt Lang
(langcow) - F
Squeeze ordered on 05/25/2012 18:44:03 MDT Print View

Well, you'll all be happy to know that I ordered the Squeeze! Looking forward to testing it out next weekend :)

drowning in spam
(leaftye) - F

Locale: SoCal
Re: Re: Purging water from Squeeze on 05/25/2012 19:11:36 MDT Print View

I shake mine out in both directions as Jerry described, but it still retains water. If mine weighed 2.5 ounces when it was new, then it's retaining one ounce of water.

Nathan Moody
(atomick) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Oh, OK, fine, I'm in. on 05/25/2012 20:21:04 MDT Print View

Moving from the MSR Sweetwater - mostly due to the quality of its filter and small pore size - the Sawyer Squeeze has been a godsend. I've rigged it up with a single 1.5L Evernew dirty reservoir (+1 as a backup), a tornado tube, and 1L Smartwater bottles to drink/pour from. I use a bandana as a prefilter. Works great - after shaking out, the Squeeze weighs an average of 3.3 oz., which IMO is a wash considering my water carry is 3-4 pounds at the start of the day.

Hard to tell, but it seems faster than pumping, a fair bit easier, too. Without a long hose for pumping, about the only drawback is how close one needs to get to the water source, and the amount of movement it takes to reasonably fill the dirty reservoir. Petty nuisances considering the weight reduction.

I'm so hooked.

diego dean
Cleaning it out on 05/26/2012 05:48:14 MDT Print View

Hate to admit it but my squeeze hasnt been used in 10 months and i forgot to clean it out last time i used it. So its been sitting there growing who know what inside the bottle with dirty lake water. Any suggestions?

todd h
(funnymoney) - MLife

Locale: SE
Re: Cleaning it out on 05/26/2012 06:07:30 MDT Print View

Try running a 1:3 mix of Clorox:Water through it a time or two, then just a few liters of water. Will probably be ok, but your nose and tastebuds will be the best judge.

Linda Vassallo

Locale: Eastbay
Re: Flow Rate Faster with Squeeze filter vs. Inline filter??? on 05/27/2012 23:54:33 MDT Print View

Tony, I have performed my own unofficial flow tests comparing the old in-line filter with the new squeeze filter. The new filter is considerably faster.

Susan Papuga
(veganaloha) - M

Locale: USA
Filter advice versus tablet treatment on 05/28/2012 01:37:27 MDT Print View

Okay, so I'm on the fence on whether to switch to an inline filter system or not. My current set up is just a 2L Camelback Android (6.6 oz) and iodine two-part tablets (1.0 oz.). However, with the lighter filters that can be set up as an inline system and the high cost of iodine tablets or other purification pills, ie, Katdyn or Aquamira (chlorine), I'm re-thinking how I do water.

I bought a Platypus 2L hoser, which cuts the bag weight in half, but I'm on the fence about using an inline filter given the weight and that the ones I've seen only deal with cysts like giardia and crypto but not viruses, etc. I like how light the various tablet treatments are, but realistically after buying even a few dozen of any of the tablet products, that equals the price of the Sawyer or Frontier Pro filter options I've seen.

So, I was thinking of ordering the Sawyer 3 way inline filter during the REI 20% sell, but then I came across a Frontier Pro Ultralight Multi-use Water Filter on sale in my local store, that says it is good for treating 50 gallons. So I picked one up.

However, before I open that package, and before the REI sale runs out, my question is if anybody is familiar with this Frontier Pro model and can tell me if this is good for basic water treatment or if the Sawyer 3 way inline filter would be better given weight, price and longevity. Pros vs. cons?

I did consider the Sawyer Squeeze, but since I like Using a hydration bladder and hose set-up, I was thinkng the 3 way would better suit my needs. Unless I'm wrong abvout the Squeeze not being as adaptable to an inline use or not...

Any feedback or suggestions?


Edited by veganaloha on 05/28/2012 01:40:05 MDT.

William Chilton
(WilliamC3) - MLife

Locale: Antakya
Re: Filter advice versus tablet treatment on 05/28/2012 03:57:54 MDT Print View

I believe the Frontier Pro is only good for cysts and some bacteria, so you'd still need purification tablets for viruses and the other bacteria.

Kent C.
(kent) - M

Locale: High Sierra
Squeeze/Frontier Pro/3-way on 05/28/2012 04:02:11 MDT Print View

Susan - I have used the Frontier Pro. For me, it has been far better than its Katadyn Hiker predecessor.

Keep in mind that the Frontier Pro is a 3.0 micron filter, so it is FAR larger than the 0.1 of the Squeeze. If all you want is to stop giardia and crypto it is up to the task.

It will not stop viruses, so you might want to use something additional (cheap household bleach works great). The FP does have a carbon filter in it and will completely remove the chlorine taste.

I just recently bought a Squeeze because of it's widely reported high flow rate (haven't tried it out yet, though). The FP does fine service if you don't mind having to add the pressure of a firm squeeze on a soft bottle or just suck pretty hard. I could keep doing this with my FP (I use it screwed onto an Evernew soft bottle), but I figured why, if it's supposedly so much easier with the Sawyer Squeeze?

One more thought - after 2 FPs the cost is a wash vs. the Squeeze (which, theoretically, you'll never have to replace).

Sorry, I don't have any knowledge of the Sawyer 3 way to help your decision.

If you missed it, check out pg. 3 of this thread, you can see a Squeeze set-up in-line with a bladder.

Finally, if you do end up with a Squeeze these might help:

edit: spelling

Edited by kent on 05/28/2012 04:09:27 MDT.

Susan Papuga
(veganaloha) - M

Locale: USA
Re: Squeeze/Frontier Pro/3-way on 05/28/2012 20:20:54 MDT Print View

Thanks guyz,

I ordered the Sawyer 3-way inline filter. From what I could tell from the online specs, the filter case and cartridge are the same between the 3-way and the Squeeze. I hope that is correct.

Also, I really don't need the water bags that come with the Squeeze, I plan on using it with a Platypus 2L Hoser and didn't want to fuss with the washer swap out to avoid leaks and finally, I didn't want to also have to buy the inline adapter set.

I probably should have asked more questions here before to avoid rushing to beat the clock on the REI sale deadline, so I appreciate those who helped answer my last minute questions.



Edited by veganaloha on 05/28/2012 20:23:44 MDT.

Tony Wong
(Valshar) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: Purging water from Squeeze on 05/29/2012 13:24:25 MDT Print View

How about simply sucking on the output end to siphon out as much as you can and then shake it out?

That is what I do with my Sawyer inline filter.


jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
Field use on 06/01/2012 11:17:38 MDT Print View

I used my new Sawyer Squeeze on a trip.

The Platypus bag sort of works. The problem is the thread pitch is different than the Sawyer. Platypus - maybe 4 mm. Sawyer - about 3 mm.

There's only a little more than 1 turn of thread on the Platypus, so it screws into the Sawyer filter. There's enough space between threads on the Sawyer.

But, water drips out from between filter and Platypus. You have to be careful not to let it drip into the clean water. It's better removing the washer from the squeeze. Maybe the 1/2 thickness washer would work better.

Since the threads are different, I'm afraid that the threads will strip on either the Platypus or Squeeze. It doesn't have a solid feel. When you screw in the Platypus, it screws for about 1 turn then it sort of snaps as the mismatched threads find some point of "fitting".

Another thing that concerns me is you have to squish on the Platypus to get the water to flow through the Squeeze. I'm afraid the bag will burst. And you have to get a tight seal between bag and filter which is difficult as already discussed.

I went backpacking with teenagers and they filled Platypus from pump filter and the Platypus burst. Of course, these were teenagers so they are anti-careful so probably non-issue.

A 2 liter and 1 liter bag came with Squeeze - 1.85 ounces. 4 liter Platypus - 2.65 ounces. I might take the two Sawyer bags instead, but I like having 4 liters of water, 3 isn't quite enough.

I also looked at a 2 liter soda bottle. 1.8 ounces. The screw thread is the same as the Squeeze. I might use this and the 2 liter Sawyer bag.

(Joomy) - M
Re: Re: Squeeze/Frontier Pro/3-way on 07/31/2012 01:25:36 MDT Print View

>Also, I really don't need the water bags that come with the Squeeze, I plan on using it with a Platypus 2L Hoser and didn't want to fuss with the washer swap out to avoid leaks and finally, I didn't want to also have to buy the inline adapter set.

I wanted to do this but I was worried that the flow rate through the small drink-style tubes won't be as high as with the squeeze filter itself. I think Tony Wong mentioned this possibility too.

I'd be interested to see how you go, if you could offer an update.