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Are people receiving their Backcountry Boilers?
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Rakesh Malik

Locale: Cascadia
Are people receiving their Backcountry Boilers? on 03/19/2012 22:39:27 MDT Print View

If so, how long has it taken? I received a shipping notification from Devin on March 8th, with an ETA of 1-3 business days, and still haven't received the package. The package tracking page at is vacuous, and Devin hasn't replied to any of my e-mails (it's been a week since I e-mailed him, and I e-mailed him again tonight)... he has the address right, but I'm concerned that the package might have gotten lost in transit or something... anyone have any insight here?

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Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Are people receiving their Backcountry Boilers? on 03/19/2012 22:56:48 MDT Print View

When they print their shipping labels the ship confirmation is generated automatically. This does not mean that the Boiler has actually shipped. I have not received a reply to my inquiry either.

Hope he gets it all worked out soon.

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Rakesh Malik

Locale: Cascadia
Re: Re: Are people receiving their Backcountry Boilers? on 03/19/2012 23:58:02 MDT Print View

I was wondering about that. It would be nice if offered useful information on their tracking page :-/

j lan
(justaddfuel) - F

Locale: MN
Re: Are people receiving their Backcountry Boilers? on 03/20/2012 00:11:19 MDT Print View

I recieved my boiler about one month after the auto-generated email. Well worth the wait!

Benjamin Moryson
(hrXXL) - MLife

Locale: Germany
BCB on 03/20/2012 01:12:19 MDT Print View

I received my boiler 5 weeks after I have gotten the notification.

Brad Walker

Locale: SoCal
BCB on 03/20/2012 08:45:21 MDT Print View

Check the kickstarter page for an update from today. But yea, the tracking info is from when he created the label. Unless you never gave him your address it will ship today.

Rakesh Malik

Locale: Cascadia
Re: BCB on 03/20/2012 10:58:22 MDT Print View

I got an e-mail from Devin saying it's in today's post. I don't mind the wait, it was the not knowing whether or not it had shipped, and the concern that it might have been lost in transit.

I'm glad they're arriving... mine should apparently be here in a few days :)

Hikin' Jim
(hikin_jim) - MLife

Locale: Orange County, CA, USA
Re: Re: BCB on 03/20/2012 18:59:03 MDT Print View

By the way, if you didn't know, Rakesh has some nice work displayed in an article on Seattle Backpackers Magazine right now.

Adventures In Stoving

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