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zoic brand clothing?
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Jaiden .
(jaiden) - F
zoic brand clothing? on 02/04/2007 07:33:15 MST Print View

Has anyone tried Zoic "sportwool" clothing?

Ronald Gaulden
(ch1cote) - F
Re: zoic brand clothing? on 02/06/2007 13:13:38 MST Print View

I haven not tried their sportwool but have a pair of bike shorts from them. Quality is good and wouldn't hesitate to try their sportwool — I actually saw some of that posted on SaC and almost bit the bullet if I didn't already own 3 pairs of wool t's.

Michael Freyman
(mfreyman) - MLife
... on 02/24/2007 16:42:06 MST Print View

anyone else have feedback? I am also interested in this ...

(mountainwalker) - MLife

Locale: SF Bay Area & New England
Zoic on 02/24/2007 16:52:55 MST Print View

I have not tried Zoic sportwool, but the best most comfortable biking/mountain biking stretch shorts I ever found, that could pass for regular shorts, are made by Zoic. The quality of those shorts is excellent.

I'm also interested in hearing about their sportwool.

On a related note, I keep waiting for someone to make a supple light fabric with merino wool on the inside and a thin, tight-weave wind-resistant but breathable nylon or poly layer on the outside, particularly for pants. Ibex Dash is the right idea, but I'd keep the wind-resistant material front and back, and not just on the front like in the current Dash.

larry savage
(pyeyo) - F

Locale: pacific northwest
Re: ... on 02/24/2007 17:24:07 MST Print View

Sportwool shows up a lot in cycling garments and other active aerobic sports. Bellweather, a cycling apparel company also uses sportwool. Its advantage in aerobic sports is the bi-fabric component moves sweat away quicker then wool garments, allows for a drier climate against the skin. Wool stores water at some level and speeds up the body's cooling mechanism but the synthetic fiber in sportwool moves the sweat away from the skin. You feel drier.
Sportwool excels in cycling, cross country skiing, fast snowshoeing but for more sedate pursuits I'ld stick with wool. When I ski you can visible see the frost forming on the outside of sportwool. Craft makes a blend of wool and synthetic with channels that I really like also but again it's for very active pursuits. Sportwool is a trademark fabric of woolmark and they recommend it for track,cricket, and golf so maybe I'm off mark about it being just for aerobic sports.