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a cute little bit about running
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Laurie Ann March
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Locale: Ontario, Canada
a cute little bit about running on 03/16/2012 09:23:40 MDT Print View

This is from today's blog post at Finding My Inner Me.

Today I am heading to the indoor track at the Wayne Gretzky Centre, here in Brantford. We invited my in-laws to join us as they are working on their walking fitness and wanted to check out the track. Last night I was reading a great advertisement for Nike and thought I would write my own version of what goes on in my head while I run at the track. This will serve as my motivation for today’s run.

Here it is…

JUST lock the Jeep door, walk across the parking lot. Hear the sound of road salt crunching underfoot. Glad I wore my street shoes. Move along the sidewalk, through the doors and up the stairs. Kaia is getting heavy. And squirmy. Should have let Bryan carry her. Ah, the track. Icy air. Sound of skates on the rink below. Shiver. Change footwear. Drink. What day is it? Which direction do I run? Here comes somebody. Clockwise. Walk. One lap. Speed up. Two laps. Getting warm. Take off outer layer. Brrr. Cold. Run. Slow down. Forgot to set lap timer. Run. Around the bend. Someone is in the little glass room enjoying coffee. I’d love a coffee. Mmm… coffee. Run. Pull up running pants. Note to self; buy a smaller size. Run. Calf cramps. Lactic acid? Deep breath. Run through it—it will go away. Check posture. Dodge little hockey players waiting for their games. So many of them. Score board. 10-minutes left in period. Around the bend. Hit lap button. Dream about learning to skate. Run. Lap button, don’t forget. Song changes. Toddler rolling a ball. Hop over it. Run. Run. Calves still cramping? No. Go figure. Walk. Are my laces still tied? Yes. Run. Buzzer. Weave through more hockey players. Forgot the lap button. Damn it. Drink. Hi Tobias. Bye Tobias. Wow, my son is fast! Little brat. Straighten up. Fix earbud. Hi Bryan. Show off! Wave to Kaia in stroller. She’s laughing. It’s bright in here. And cold. Is Kaia warm enough? Pull up pants again. Note to self; buy new running pants. Don’t forget to hit the lap button. Drink. Will this song ever end? Run. New song. Turn it up. Tempted to do the Waka Waka moves. Don’t, people are watching. Tall guy runs really fast. Pick up the pace. Check posture. Slow down to avoid hockey player. Get off the track kid. Who’s Tobias talking to? Former gym teacher, Ms. Hoo. OK. He’s safe. I should have remembered gum. Peppermint. Keep running. Just keep running. You are halfway there. So tired. Don’t be a baby! Suck it up. Cheers! Someone must have scored a goal. Run. You can do it! Don’t stop. Breathe. Hey Soul Sister. Don’t sing out loud. TREAD. What was I thinking? What would Dolvett say? Get out of your head! Do it. Scoreboard. 12-minutes. Don’t forget the lap button. Forgot the lap button. Don’t forget next time. Walk. Pull up pants—again. Really need to do something about that. Run. I have to pee. Buzzer. I am really doing this! More kids to dodge. Can’t you see I’m running here? Tall guy is stretching. He did that run fast. I’m hungry. Starving. What’s for dinner? Sweating. Legs are tired. Shut up brain. That lady reminds me of my former self. She’s doing something—good for her! She’s got a decent power walking pace. Did she just pass me? Run faster. Faster. Imagining race day. The finish line. Kristin and Mandi. Finally, last lap. Run. Push it. Okay, two more laps. Might as well. Make them count. Use that last bit of energy. Was that Tobias? Wonder how many times he’s lapped me! I’m strong. I’m fit. Hi Bryan. He wants to walk with me. Nice. His face is really red. Is mine that red? Wonder what his pace was. Breathe. Walk. Pull up pants. Walk a few more laps. Stretch. Need to work on flexibility. Yoga tomorrow? Oh, I’m finished. Maybe I beat my PR. I really am a runner. I did IT!

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