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Heavy Metal Lovin' Ultralighters
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Jeffs Eleven
(WoodenWizard) - F

Locale: Greater Mt Tabor
Re: High on Fire/ sleep on 03/16/2012 22:42:01 MDT Print View

@Nick isn the bass player from sleep the singer?

Sleep is cool and "stoner rock" (man I hate all the genres- rock, or metal in my book) but High on fire piques my interest fo sho! Thanks!

I think That there will always be a place for riff oriented metal.(sabbath-ish) you cant deny an open chord through a stack- or envelope filters on a bass. unless you CAN deny it- and then you are one who doest like metal.

Seeerously tho- nobody gave any love to my meshuggah offerings?!?! to be expected i guess, its one of those bands (love/hate)

Utube meshuggah rational gaze
or meshuggah shed
or meshuggah soul burn (ol school- well '95 anyway)

oh and if somebody puts some firkkin "jump in the fire' or something on her I'll smother you with cuben! Oh yeah, Nisely said it breathable- Xpac then!! Have at you! ;)

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Ben F
(tekhna) - F
Shining on 03/16/2012 23:42:41 MDT Print View

Death metal/jazz/prog. And one of the best things to happen to music.

Harald Hope

Locale: East Bay
ignore genres on 03/16/2012 23:55:05 MDT Print View

I just saw high on fire, they were great, in Oakland. Totally sold me, though their style isn't my first choice, but they were really good. Great attitude/energy, and a very solid 3 piece. That guitar player has a really great presence and the band played with huge respect for the audience, the respect was two way. Absolutely unrelenting attack on the groove, like pitbulls they just wont' let go until they were done, drained, then they walked off stage.

Om is the bass player from sleep, om is the first band I've heard in years that actually made me buy all their cds. A two piece, bass and drums. About as heavy as it gets, very intellectual, that guy knows his stuff, not a fake, very complicated material though. I missed their last shows in this area, I think they are doing a new cd, not sure, hopefully there will be a tour soon. I almost got to se them but had a really bad injury that made it impossible to stand for that long listening to anything, drag.

Having now seen high on fire, and heard most of om, it's easy to see why they had to part ways, very rare that the new projects are actually as good or better by the two core members who split, but I'd say that's the case here. Lucky for us they both decided to pursue their muses after leaving sleep.

Mammatus plays all too infrequently, but is a really great band, I saw them last year I think it was, they were excellent.

Since these bands don't tour a lot, go to and add them to your profile, then you'll get emailed when they are touring in your area. I missed them too often until I did that, too hard to track them any other way.

Recently saw yob, who had never impressed me that much in their recorded work, but live they were amazing, slipped between most of the current underground genres with ease, amazing stuff.

Cy Thoth's radio show, Firebunker, every thursday 2 to 6 pm pacific time on streams, I try not to miss it. Kfjc is getting more and more heavy shows. He always asks the musical and esoteric question, how heavy do you actually want to get today?

I stumbled onto the new stuff listening to streaming black metal, there was one guy out there somewhere who streamed really excellent stuff, but then he vanished, and no other streams were as good, but that was my first inkling that something new was going on, plus being amazed to hear that something good musically was actually coming out of norway, sung in norwegian.

I think the genres are more for the fans than the bands, to me when any of these bands rips it up live it's just music, and the best thing I've seen or heard in this decade in any genre of music. Well, except for roky erickson, who was heavy before heavy existed, in ways most people are lucky to just dream about.

The new underground metal is the only music I've heard in a while that actually rocks, is heavy, and totally original.

Hair metal was just a commercial phase based out of LA, they had, literally, stupid 'how to be a heavy metal guitar/singer etc' classes, was all show, no substance. Just male versions of valley girl airheads.

I'd basically given up on metal since metallica released their very well titled 'load', which is about the most accurate title for a release, though it's missing the last two words. But looking back on it, and listening to the new crop, they are going for it even more than before, I see no compromise. Well, there were a few good ones that had some moments before, Brujeria from Mexico, Sepultura from Brazil.

If you live in the sf bay area, check out Aquarius Records on Valencia, it's basically dedicated to underground metal of all sorts, and they have a computer listening station so you can check out tracks. Amazing record store, continuing a tradition of excellence and the cutting edge ongoing for now at least 30 plus years, maybe more if they were around in the 60s, don't know.

Yes I'd be happy if they'd drop the overly growly style, I actually want to hear what they have to say, but bands like om and mammatus are clear so it's not all the styles that do that.

Meshuga is a bit too cold and technical for my taste, I was turned on to them by a norwegian black/death metaller currently living in sweden I met online in a totally non related context, they were his favorite though so I thought I'd check them out. Math metal is it called? not my thing, need the groove, and the above bands all deliver that big time.

Major regret being out of touch with this music for most of the early 2000s, would have been great to see sleep, early high on fire, om, neurosis, mammatus, all happening here in my back yard.

Normally I hate music hiking, but I'v had a few moments with some of the above sources, om/mammatus watching the sun set over the pacific in point reyes comes to mind, but I'm leaving that stuff behind now, want to hear what nature has to say, birds, all that stuff.

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Ben F
(tekhna) - F
Deafheaven on 03/17/2012 00:37:43 MDT Print View

Nick Brown

Locale: Highland Park
HoF on 03/17/2012 03:01:41 MDT Print View

Barry, yeah, my bad. Matt Pike plays guitar in Sleep but doesn't sing. High on Fire are excellent live.

Craig, good call on Slayer. One of my all time favs. They are amazingly powerful live and super tight.

Craig Savage, Yes! on Ministry!

Matthew Perry
(bigfoot2) - F

Locale: Oregon
Steel Panther ROCKS! on 03/17/2012 06:53:14 MDT Print View

Come on, now! No love for the HAIR BANDS???
You gotta' admit how awesome Steel Panther is, even if you don't like them! I saw them in Vegas last fall and it was one of the best concerts i've ever been to. Yeah, they are a joke band, but are exceptionally solid musically and really do ROCK!
America's answer to Spinal Tap!
They even have their own VH1 Behind The Music:

Remember....Deth To All BUTT_Metal!


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Christopher Mills
(Hiker816) - MLife

Locale: Denver
Re: Heavy Metal Lovin' Ultralighters on 03/17/2012 13:10:59 MDT Print View

Ok, I'll play. My tastes run toward the metal side of prog-rock.

Animals as Leaders:

Canvas Solaris (which recently disbanded):

Two semi-reincarnations of Canvas Solaris include The Universe Divide:

And The Burden of Existence:

Of course, Dream Theater's first two albums, When Dream and Day Unite, and Images and Words, are still two of the best albums of all time.

Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
"Heavy Metal Lovin' Ultralighters" on 03/17/2012 13:28:48 MDT Print View


No offense man, but all those bands are lame. Glittered up pop rock.


Animals as Leaders, excellent! Tosin is amazing.

Ben F
(tekhna) - F
Re: "Heavy Metal Lovin' Ultralighters" on 03/17/2012 14:15:30 MDT Print View

Joke goes over Eugene's head.

Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
"Heavy Metal Lovin' Ultralighters" on 03/17/2012 14:50:43 MDT Print View

They usually do Ben.

Matthew Perry
(bigfoot2) - F

Locale: Oregon
Heavy Metal Lovin' Ultralighters on 03/17/2012 18:28:26 MDT Print View

NEW Re: "Heavy Metal Lovin' Ultralighters" on 03/17/2012 14:15:30 MDT Reply Report Post Print View

Joke goes over Eugene's head."

Sure did :)


Jeffs Eleven
(WoodenWizard) - F

Locale: Greater Mt Tabor
Animals As Leaders on 03/17/2012 22:29:13 MDT Print View


I found them like two months ago and love em. The drummer is pretty awesome (but his drum face is terrible! LOL) The rhythm guy is good enough to front most bands, but can't front AAL cause Tosin is SO ridiculous!

I like them a lot. Meshuggah is my favorite and AAL is similar IMO, just more melodic. Hopefully they come to NA sometime.

@Matt Perry- man! I'm glad you were joking about Steel Panther and stuff :)

Matthew Perry
(bigfoot2) - F

Locale: Oregon
Heavy Metal Lovin' Ultralighters--STEEL PANTHER Roasts Zakk Wylde!!!! on 03/19/2012 16:17:53 MDT Print View

"@Matt Perry- man! I'm glad you were joking about Steel Panther and stuff :)"----Barry

WHAT???? You've got to be crazy NOT to love those guys!!!! They got balls of steel, man! You wouldn't catch me trying to roast Zakk! That's just crazy!

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Thom Darrah
(thomdarrah) - MLife

Locale: Southern Oregon
Heavy Metal Lovin' Ultralighters on 03/24/2012 17:02:56 MDT Print View

Showing my age!

Hard driving Metallica's "Enter Sandman" live.

Metallica's "Master of Puppets", live 1989.

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Matthew Perry
(bigfoot2) - F

Locale: Oregon
Heavy Metal Lovin' Ultralighters on 03/25/2012 11:44:26 MDT Print View

Everyone says that Mettalica sold out with Enter Sandman. I think it was later, say....S&M or Re-Load....anything from 1996-2003. Yuck!! Allthough, i DID like their version of this (not as good as the Dubliner's original, but good):


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Christopher Mills
(Hiker816) - MLife

Locale: Denver
Re: Heavy Metal Lovin' Ultralighters / Animals as Leaders on 03/25/2012 11:53:16 MDT Print View

I see that Animals as Leaders announced some tour dates. June 6 in Denver. Any Denver area BPL'ers interested in going?

Ken Helwig
(kennyhel77) - MLife

Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Re: Re: Heavy Metal Lovin' Ultralighters / Animals as Leaders on 03/25/2012 15:31:13 MDT Print View

If you want to check out real heavy then you all should check out the band Sleep started from


Chris Banks
(CBanks) - F

Locale: WV
Re: High on Fire on 03/30/2012 18:43:42 MDT Print View

Yes. Caught High on Fire last year in concert. Mind...Splitting...ROCK!

Saw Karma to Burn last week. Another great band.

Craig W.
(xnomanx) - F - M
Om on 03/30/2012 19:28:59 MDT Print View

Here's a sick one. I want to run forever to this track.

I've been listening to a lot of this stoner/doom/sludge stuff lately.

James Darman
(crazycloud) - F

Locale: SoCal
DTFM on 03/31/2012 08:26:57 MDT Print View

Death To False Metal!! muhahaha

all time favorites:



High on Fire
Orange Goblin

forgotten kick@ metal


stoner favs:

Crooked Hook

CrAzYCLouD pct 2012