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Stratospire 2 vs Haven Nettent
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Yang Lu
Stratospire 2 vs Haven Nettent on 03/15/2012 14:38:48 MDT Print View

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have experience with Tarptent Stratospire 2 and Six Moon Designs Haven Nettent? They seems similar. I'd like to know what are the differences between them and which one you prefer.

Haven Nettent plus a Tarp costs $350, which is also a bit more expensive than Stratospire 2.

Thank you very much!


Yang Lu
Re: Stratospire 2 vs Haven Nettent on 04/01/2012 13:09:30 MDT Print View

Sorry that I have to bump this once (and only once).

Here is what I observed:

The Stratospire 2 ($325, with stakes) is less expensive than Haven Nettent ($350 total but no stakes); Tarptent seems to have better return policy.

My theory is there got to be something good with Haven tent comparing to Stratospire 2; otherwise it won't be on the market. I have read many posts praising the Haven, but there is no direct comparison between those two.

Hope someone can share some ideas before I pull the trigger.

Many thanks.


George Geist
(geist) - M

Locale: Smoky Mountains
Re: Stratospire 2 vs Haven Nettent on 04/01/2012 17:00:47 MDT Print View

Hi Yang,

Henry and Ron both build build great tents. I don't think
you will go wrong with either one.

Couple of differences.
The doors on the Stratospire 2 are offset from each other
making it more natural for the two people to sleep facing
opposite directions i.e. heads at opposite ends.
The doors on the Haven are set up to make it more natural
for the two people to sleep with their heads at the same end.
So depending on your preference for sleeping arrangements...

The corner support poles give the Stratospire 2 more potential
headroom. But have the drawback of making the Stratospire
more fiddly trying to get it set up taut.

Again both are great tents. Oh and I have had very good return
service from SMD (as well as Tarptent).


Henry Shires
(07100) - F - M
Re: Re: Stratospire 2 vs Haven Nettent on 04/01/2012 17:26:50 MDT Print View

"But have the drawback of making the Stratospire more fiddly trying to get it set up taut."

With all due respect, I disagree (as well as your other point regarding sleeping direction--either end is fine). The presence of the strut support doesn't impact setup time or difficulty provided you follow the recommended procedure to stake the door sides first and then each strut supported end.


Yang Lu
Re: Re: Re: Stratospire 2 vs Haven Nettent on 04/01/2012 18:03:49 MDT Print View

Thanks George and Henry for the replis.

I guess those two tents are really similar. Do you know what is the weight of Stratospire 2 without stakes? It is not listed on Tarptents web site.

What about the space in vestibule? Are they also similar?

Dan Cherry
(risingsun) - F

Locale: Northern Arizona
My thoughts... on 04/01/2012 18:21:38 MDT Print View

I have no experience with the Haven, but I am a Stratospire 2 owner. I've never looked over the Haven particulars, but did so I could offer a response. First, the comment above about the offset doors is a non issue. My wife and I sleep with our heads on the same end and it is no problem entering or exiting from either side. Second, based on the mfrs measurements, the Stratospire 2 has 5 inches more interior height and 4 inches more interior width. Both of these are important to me as I am on the tall side so I appreciate the extra headroom. Also, my wife and I both own and use the large NeoAir pads, which are 25" wide each. These apparently wouldn't fit side by side in the Haven with its 48" width.

As for setup difficulties, I can't imagine either one is any different than the other once you've done it a time or two. Tautness was not an issue as its easy to adjust the stratospire once you have it erected. Of course, raising the poles a bit from inside the tarp is very easy to do, too. That will tighten it nicely.

Vestibules on the SS2 are huge. Can't speak for the Haven, but it appears the Haven's vesties have a smaller footprint based on a simple visual comparison of the drawings on each mfrs website.

Take my comments understanding that I have not done an in-person side-by-side crawl around inspection.

Edited by risingsun on 04/01/2012 18:29:51 MDT.

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Stratospire 2 vs Haven Nettent on 04/01/2012 18:35:37 MDT Print View

The weight of the supplied 6 stakes (2x 8' and 4x 6") is 70 g (2.47oz).

As much as you can have two sleeping on the same side of the SS2, sitting up works much better facing each other , so for example having a chat or playing cards works better that way.
In fact that is one of the points I like most in that tent and I think unique to TT (for a pole supported design)
I also happen to think that my way of setting it up is better, but that is debatable...
SS2 set up

Edited by Franco on 04/02/2012 16:09:14 MDT.

Derek Goffin

Locale: North of England
Stratospire 2 vs Haven Nettent on 04/02/2012 06:13:55 MDT Print View

I own neither, but I am interested in the Stratospire because it does not have the 2 flat rectangular roof slopes of the Haven. I used to have a tent like that and in a wind the rectangular panels flapped. I do not know that the Haven is like that but I would guess so. Henry's idea of offsetting the poles in the Stratospire makes the flat rectangles of those panels twist into triangles, then he cuts catenary curves. All in all I would predict the Stratospire to be better in wind.
I would also expect better headroom at the ends of the Stratospire inner because of the short poles in 2 corners.

Yang Lu
Re: Stratospire 2 vs Haven Nettent on 04/02/2012 09:42:57 MDT Print View

Thanks everyone for the replies.

Garth Collier
(garthc) - MLife

Locale: Singapore
Stratospire 2 vs Haven Nettent on 10/04/2012 04:32:59 MDT Print View

Hi Yang,

I have narrowed my search down to the same 2 final tents as you listed...SS2 and SMD HT.....and to be honest cant decide between them. Each has distinct benefits but they are both brilliant designs. This post is a little old but i would appreciate to know what you decided on and how the tent has performed for you?

I have come to the conclusion that i will most likely get both and become a tent junkie.

All the best.

Steven McAllister
(brooklynkayak) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic North East
100 nights in the old version of the Haven on 10/04/2012 05:38:18 MDT Print View

My wife and have probably slept in our old version Haven over 100 nights at this point.
It is not our only shelter, but the one my wife prefers. And since she is not much of a backpacker, we mostly use it for car camping and placed on tent platforms.

As far as the width goes, two 25" wide sleeping pads fit fine, even though the internal floor space is supposed to be 48" total.

Headroom is not an issue. I am 6' tall and have plenty of clearance when sitting up
The floor is long enough that we can keep all of our gear inside at the head and/or foot of the inner. No need to store anything in the vestibule, but will do that with muddy shoes and such.

A very tall person should have plenty of room laying down, but may have the bugnet resting on their head sitting up.

Too many similarities and I could be perfectly happy with either, double wall and double door means good ventilation(very important sometimes).

Both may seem difficult to setup at first, but experience changes that as with most tents.