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24g Tyvek overmitt
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Velimir Kemec
(velimirkemec) - F
24g Tyvek overmitt on 03/12/2012 06:22:40 MDT Print View


Last weekend I made lightweight Tyvek overmitts that weigh in at 24g/pair. They were made according to Lance Marshall rain mitt pattern (thanks for sharing the pattern BTW) in size Large. I've used Tyvek (version with gray right side not sure but maybe housewrap) and 3M spray glue to bond them. I didn't spray the glue on, but rather used thin painting brush to apply the adherent which gives more control of where the glue hits the fabric. 3M glue gives very strong bond and if you want to pull the seams appart the Tyvek starts to delaminate (which is due to strong 3M glue I guess).

Anyway after I did test them on recent day hike I can say that they feel soft against the skin, layer easily on top of another mitt/glove and give realy good wind protection. I didn't test them in rain yet but under the running tap water they hold water at bay. They pack down tinny and breath pretty good! Most important they save tons of weight compare to OR paclite winter mitt and are cheap to make.

They take only half an hour to be cut/glued and need few hours for glue to dry and give realy strong bond (best left over night). They are good starting pont if you would like to start MYOG like me.

Tyvek overmitt

Would like to make these out of lighter weight Tyvek like 1443R but can't find any source of it here in Europe? Any cheap sources out there? Thanks.


John Arwood

Locale: Mountians of East Tennessee
Coating Tyvek 1443R on 03/12/2012 15:54:07 MDT Print View

Online custom kite building material suppliers often carry Tyvek 1443R. The 1443R Tyvek is water repellant, breathable, softer & much more flexable than Tyvek Housewrap. However, the softer side of the 1443R is not nearly as durable as Housewrap. The fibers tend to lift when abraided. Something I like about the 1443R is its ability to absorb & hold polyurethane coatings, such as those sold to renew old tent floors that have lost some or all of their coating. PolyCoat, by Aquaseal, is a brand that I have used sucsessfully. If you lightly paint the 1443R with the polyurethane it becomes much more durable & waterproof. After lightly coating, the 1443R weighs appox 1.4 oz per sq yard. You can coat the 1443R before or after assembly. I have used this material to make bivy bags that are waterproof on the bottom, ends & sides when coated, yet breathable & water repellant on top. I have also coated the light weight disposable 1443R overbooties, sold for industrial use. These make very light winter mukluks for around camp. So far the coating has lasted thru 6 years or so of occasional use.
I would suggest that if you glue 1443R seams, do hard side to hard side. The softer side will delaminate easily when bonded. If you sew the 1443R, use a long stich length, appox 8 per inch, & do not back stich at the ends of seams, but rather glue seam ends with something like Fray Check. Tyvek is prone to tearing when stiching over perferates the material. You can use the PolyCoat as a seam sealer if your project is sewn.

One of many kite supplies "Kite Studio" link:

One brand of polyurethane coating "PolyCoat" link:

"Dritz Fray Check" link:

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Velimir Kemec
(velimirkemec) - F
Re Tyvek 1443R on 03/14/2012 00:31:47 MDT Print View

Hi John!

Thanks for your feedback/knowledge about Tyvek type 1443R. I did reach some of the online kite builders to get the prices for Tyvek but the shipping is just to insane for such a light cloth so I'll stick
to what I have for now (do you by any chance have few yards of R1433 left you are willing to part with?).

By hard side to hard side you mean the shinny smooth side or more structured (in my case grey side) side's should be glued together. After I tested seam strenght on above mitts the fabric was easy to pull apart (i glued shiny white sides together) but on the peg sack I've made glueing grey sides together the bond is so much stronger and if you try to pull the seam apart fibers do lift but the seam stays strong?

I have Fedex mail tyvek envelope left from recent purchase in US is that the 1443R Tyvek type as it feels much lighter, softer and thinner to the tyvek I've worked with?

Thanks again,